Want: Part II

By Phil Plait | November 5, 2007 2:11 pm

Too too cool.

I love creative people.

[UPDATE (March 2012): In the meantime since I posted this originally, my lovely wife bought me this lamp, because she is teh awesome.]

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  1. Doc

    Way cool! It would perfectly fit the decor of my workroom.

    The designer’s site has a link to a youtube vido on attention blindness that is pretty funky too.

  2. Y’know, I’ll agree with you on this one (I’m not much of a Doctor Who fan, so the previous “Want” post elicited a shrug and a ‘to each their own.’). This is indeed pretty cool… so long as you aren’t showing us your hidden alien conspiracist side. ūüėČ

  3. John A

    What about this model of the Sun’s corona in 3D? http://www.crystalnebulae.co.uk/sunsculpture.html

  4. Oooo. That’s pretty cool too.

  5. Edward C

    How many dollars is 39.95 pounds?
    It is a very stunning piece of glass, buy a bit
    above my budget.

  6. $83.17 for those wondering, at least according to Google.

  7. Chip

    Have a look at some of these very cool classic ships by scrolling down the list at the Builder Science store via this EBay link:


  8. Crux Australis

    Those crystal sculptures of the Sun and MW are so so so cool! My birthday’s this month…

  9. Sili

    I saw the attention blindness video too. Disturbing …

  10. blizno

    “What about this model of the Sun√Ę‚ā¨‚ĄĘs corona in 3D? http://www.crystalnebulae.co.uk/sunsculpture.html


  11. Michelle

    That’s totally awesome!

    Must… resist… need… to… REPLICATE!

  12. Crux Australis
  13. Quiet Desperation

    My desires are a bit larger, I guess.




    I have as yet been unable to convince the city of Prague to sell. :(

    I’m a bit of a clock fancier. The *only* thing I coveted in the Newport Mansions tour was some of the totally wicked clocks they had. The movements themselves were works of art.

    One of my big plans for retirement is to build big, elaborate astronomical clocks, but with more of a modern style.

  14. Mena

    It would be $77.85 Canadian but GST would be added.

  15. OK, Dr. P., if you “want” that, then there’s a book coming out next summer (other than yours, of course) that you’ll really get weak-kneed over.

    – Jack

  16. Just Al

    As a former fine-scale modeler, I am disappointed at the lack of detail. The whole cow? Everyone, and I mean everyone, knows aliens only take the tongues and anuses…ani…whatever.

    Plus, I don’t see any crop circle.

    And finally, the real failure: This doesn’t look like any hubcap I’ve ever seen.

    [Sigh] Let’s hope they get one thing right, at least, in that it leaves a “depression” wherever you put it.

    Hmmmm, now that I’m thinking about it, I’d probably pay for a decent animated model of Wowbagger’s ship.

  17. Troy

    Beef, it’s what’s for dinner.

  18. Darth Robo

    I’ll take one crystal UFO thingee and one bovine abduction to go. :)

    Does ordering take out burger count as a bovine abduction?


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