My whole life revolves around the Sun

By Phil Plait | November 14, 2007 10:56 pm

I find myself agreeing with Lardfork.

Who doesn’t?

Buy your own! BTW I am not affiliated with Lardfork in any way. I just think heliocentrism rawks.


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  1. Mark Martin

    I’m a barycentrist myself.

  2. Evan

    Damn. I wish I had extra spending money right now. I want.

  3. Jack

    Nerds called.. they want their clothes back.

  4. I’m a geocentrist! 😉

  5. zeb

    Fools! There is no center! I guess that makes me an a-centrist.

  6. gopher

    I’m more of an ego-centrist myself.

    BTW, how do we get off the BA’s god-awful-all-encompassing-over-hyphenated spam filter list? If it just blocks off large blocks of IPs, then is there an exception list?

  7. Graham

    My opinion of orbit and of climate are both heliocentric.

  8. Thomas Siefert

    Now now, tell the truth please. The Earth and Sun orbits around a common focal point, so technically…. Ah…. that will never look good on a T-shirt… :-)

  9. Tim G

    I love it too.

    It is truly pathetic that the shirt is a weird type of inside joke.

    quiz show video

  10. bjswift

    Hey, how’d you get a yellow one? That color must not be available anymore… :(

  11. I don’t know… I kind of enjoy a flat earth being the center of the universe while resting upon an endless pillar of turtles.

  12. J. D. Mack

    But isn’t the sun, and by extension the Earth, revolving around the black hole in the center of our galaxy? What would be the word for that – Holecentrist?

    J. D.

  13. Dan

    A while ago (I think it was on his birthday), Wil Wheaton wrote a bit about how many miles he’s traveled through space in his thirty-some-odd-years on this rock orbiting the sun. It was pretty funny and amazing, and if I was a little more ambitious, I suppose I’d go dig around for the entry, but I’m a lazy man.

  14. Michelle

    Heliocentrism is a lie.

  15. Rav Winston

    Well, I got the Schroedinger T-Shirt. Just cos I’m THAT sort of geek.

    …Besides, I couldn’t find the yellow Heliocentric shirt….

  16. I do like the Schrodinger t-shirt. Unfortunately, I have too many goofy shirts and not enough opportunity to wear them as is.

  17. Doc

    But since all motion is relative, doesn’t that mean I’m the center of the universe?

  18. yd

    Tim G, Wow. Just wow. I have to hope the audience was all voting that way just to screw with him…

  19. Ted

    I’m egocentric.

  20. Chris

    “But since all motion is relative, doesn’t that mean I’m the center of the universe?”

    You’re not from my point of reference.

  21. Another Chris

    *Ahem*, Phil, is that a ladies shirt? That seems to be the only version available in “banana” on the order page.

    I’m glade you feel secure enough in your….testosteronehood to wear it. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

    I am reminded of Michael’s “unisex” suit on The Office. 😉

  22. Tim G

    Michelle said, “Heliocentrism is a lie.”

    Now that’s a good T-shirt idea as well.

  23. Tim G

    Come to think of it, “Heliocentrism is a lie.” would be a good thing
    to say to anyone wearing one of those yellow shirts.

  24. Chip

    The thing about the Schrodinger shirt is if you throw it in the washing machine, it will disintegrate or come out clean, dry and folded. Maybe.

  25. Quiet_Desperation

    Heliocentric is a good band name.

    I don’t think I can buy from a site that uses the word “wimmin” more than once. Seriously. Stop that. Or I’ll start using “menettes”.


    Do they have testosterone hoodies?

  26. I’m also non-centrist. I don’t think “centers” exist.

  27. Hey! Thanks for the link.

    Yellow should be an option- if it isn’t, then Spreadshirt might have stopped offering it. I’ll double check that tonight.

    I’ll also toss a few “menettes” in there too.

  28. Sergeant Zim

    Personally, I believe in the eventual heat-death of the universe – – – I’m a Kelvinist.

  29. Troy

    Skeptical Inquirer published a periodic table that had criticisms to atomic theory similar to the ones creationists use on evolutionary theory. That would also make a good T-shirt.

  30. Volunteer Heliochromologist

    It would have to be yellow!! Does it come in white???

  31. Chip

    Based on gravitational lensing the cosmos is likely “ventriloquistcentric”. Data appears to be coming from point A but is actually coming from point B which is being affected by point C….

  32. christopher scott

    i am officially buying this for myself once christmas comes around.


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