My New Year’s Resolution

By Phil Plait | January 2, 2008 1:04 pm

About one arcminute, with my glasses on.


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  1. Red Note

    I laughed, I admit it.

  2. BanzaiZAP

    Geez, Phil. That’s just plain terrible.

    I’ll be using it myself later today…

  3. Hahahaha! That’s priceless!

  4. Quiet_Desperation

    Pfff.. I’d kill to have an arcminute *with* my glasses.

  5. Thad Hatchett

    Have to admit it took me a second, it’s been a long day. But then, I too laughed.

  6. Jim

    Damn – I had to go look it up, and then I laughed. Nicely done!

  7. GK

    I don’t get it. It’s going to be a long year.

  8. Iain T

    First lol of the year – kudos, sir :)

  9. Chip

    Smeared to 1.5 arcseconds without my glasses.

  10. Okay, as of my last eye exam two and a half years ago, that’s my eyesight as is, no glasses or contact lenses.

    I think it’s worsened very slightly since then.

  11. Nice!

    Along the same lines, I guess my resolution is 1680×1050, but I’m trying to get down to 1024×768.

  12. Michael Lonergan

    I get it! It took ten minutes of going, “Huh?” Plus looking it up. Arcsecond, resolution, glasses! HA! That BA. So funny……

  13. bigjohn

    Gosh, Phil, that’s not a very long time.

  14. David

    This is the worst, and best, joke I’ve heard all year.

  15. Rav Winston

    LOL Frell me. All I can think of is Spike Jones and his City Slickers’ rendition of “New Year’s Resolution.”

  16. Doc

    Dang, BA! According to Wikipedia your vision is excellent.

    With my freakin’ astigmatism I suspect I’d only resolve an arcminute.

  17. Doc

    Nevermind. I got to get my glasses fixed. I’d swear when I first read the post it said “arcsecond”

  18. aiabx

    That’s a real kneeslapper, Phil. Come closer so you can be kneed and slapped.

  19. bigjohn

    I just noticed that Phil had the cojones to tag this “resolution” under humor.

  20. I’d say that your resolution is entierly seeing dependant.

  21. Wayne

    Best laugh I’ve had all year. Now, to find an opportunity to use it in casual conversation…

  22. mn



    Phil, leave comedy to the professionals, geek humor is rarely worth the journey.

  23. Jeffersonian
  24. MercuryBlue

    mn: Geek humor is ALWAYS worth the journey.

    Okay, granted this is a really lame pun, but still. The geekery more than makes up for the lameness.

  25. Thomas Siefert

    Very funny honey…. don’t forget to buy milk when you go down to the shop.

  26. Mike Torr

    I laughed so hard I nearly woke my sleeping son. Thanks.

    And LONG LIVE PUNS! It bothers me when people say “groan” as if puns are a lower form of humour. There is nothing wrong with them. I can think of much lower forms of humour – just visit some of the sicker joke websites around and you’ll see what I mean…

    I think the fact that my five-year-old finds puns very funny (when he understands them) might tell us that an adult aversion to them could be the result of exposure to peer pressure.

    Or maybe it just means they are childish. Who cares? I like ’em!

  27. gopher65

    *headslap* *grin*

    Mike Torr: I think that most people groan at puns because most of them are stupid, cliché, and cheesy. But occasionally someone comes up with a great one that makes me laugh:).

  28. Cory Albrecht
  29. How long have you been waiting to use that joke? (ugh)

  30. How ironic is it that when I make a joke about eyesight, people misread it?

    I thought of the joke last night, so there.

  31. Sean

    Congratulations, BA. That’s the first pun I’ve ever confessed to laughing at.

  32. I have a deep appreciation for nerd/medical humor. Bravo, Phil!


  33. lpgeorge123

    You make me happy.

  34. Bill Nettles

    Who made your glasses, Fresnel or Fraunhofer?

  35. bad Jim

    Phil, that can’t be the first time an astronomer was tempted to make an off-the-wall reply to a query concerning resolution.

  36. Sergeant Zim

    I gotta give it to you, Dr. BA, it takes someone with real vision to make a joke like that…

  37. Andrew

    Ouch. I don’t know if I should laugh or cry.

  38. Tim G

    There’s a couple of 1920 X 1200 27.5″ viewable monitors I’ve been considering.

  39. Carey

    I agree that puns are very high humor and can work well – especially with geek humor. Anyone remember Richard Wiseman at TAM 5 saying he didn’t hold much with Freud, because his theories aren’t testicle? I’m still waiting for an opportunity to use that.

    I think I can use this one at work if I reference monitor resolution. No one here knows much about visual acuity, but everyone’s got a monitor.

    “Any New Year’s resolutions Carey?”

    “Well I was thinking about going to 1280 x 1024 so I can fit the whole remittance report on my screen.”

    Priceless. I’ll give you credit Phil.

  40. Robert Madewell

    Huh?. . . . . . . . . . . Oh yeah! Ha Ha! Took me a few seconds. Non-astro ppl would never have got that one.

  41. PK

    Hahaha. Long live the puns!

  42. Wore glasses for 40 years

    have you considered Lasik surgery?

  43. Kim

    LOL – it took a second, but then it hit.

    Nothing like a good giggle in the morning! : D

  44. what luck finding your blog, completely random. thank you for reawakening some tacit knowledge (after looking it all up) which aligns with some astronomy based software i’ve been researching for 4 yrs. having just received astigmatism lenses from santa and contemplating my first telescope to integrate beyond meades ‘mysky’ and the starrynight iphone app that was a good and useful pun for me. optics, math and astronomy … see learning can be fun :)

  45. Good one, Phil!

    Happy New Year to you and yours.

  46. PG

    Yeah, my wife asked me for my New Year’s Resolution, and I answered, “about 0.01 arc seconds”. She didn’t get it.


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