AAS #15: Travisty of Astronomy

By Phil Plait | January 10, 2008 4:13 pm

Yeah, you know Travis Rector: he makes pretty pictures. In fact, in my opinion, he made the prettiest picture of 2007! He also put together the image of Jupiter you see here.

He is a master of astronomical photography, and has the very enviable job of taking images off of various professional telescopes and creating the epic beauty we’ve now come to expect from astronomy.

As it happens, he was in the press room at the American Astronomical Society a few minutes, and mentioned he has a gallery of his images! W00t!

I surfed through it, and he has a great selection of fantastic images of astronomical objects, as well as panoramas of more earthly delights as well (check out the shadow of Kitt Peak at sunset).

You can also subscribe to his site so that you’ll get a notice via email when he updates it. So go there and poke around; you’ll be very glad you did.

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Comments (9)

  1. Michael Lonergan

    Those images are spectacular.

  2. Gary Ansorge

    I really shouldn’t go to those cool sites you reference when I’m at work. They take FOREVER to load on this piece of antiquated(ten years old) jetsam with it’s 56 k modem.

    But it was a cool site. Tanks, phil,,,

    GAry 7

  3. YinYang0564

    Probably the wrong place for this comment, but. In several of your latest posts, I have been noticing a large number of typos. You’re busy, gotta get the posts out. I don’t mind typos. The info is great, but thought I would mention it.

  4. Gary Ansorge, I should not go too. Just because I won’t get back to work! I just keep on reading until I realize I gotta go home..

  5. George King

    Gorgeous pix. I just discovered your website while doing a Google on another topic, a quasi-scientific query.

    George King
    Clayton, Ga
    In the Southern Appalachians

  6. Yeah, I’m cranking them out, and this one had a bad link, but I fixed it. :)

  7. Mikel Nix

    Dern Vern, these pix rival (if not surpass) the ahhh, STUFF I have been downloading at SPACE.com… Am I permitted to say that? While SPACE.com is very colorful and the images (I don’t really like the word, ‘pix’ – I can’t say it twice in the same paragraph) are Fischer-Priced at us by the hundreds, the information and opinions there are just plain silly. I no longer believe in mainstream science – When the scientist becomes unteachable, the scientist becomes something less than scientific – and ultimately, becomes his/her own worst enemy.
    Oh, and Yin Yang, you should probably brush up on your own grammer…see??? ūüėČ

  8. Grumpy

    Rector is also an engaging lecturer, as I discovered last semester. Between him and Andy Puckett’s work on this month’s asteroid encounter with Mars, Anchorage is looking like a bright spot for space guys.


  9. Great images, I must admit I read this post because me and Travis share the same last name, plus it’s on the Bad Astronomy blog which I LOVE! Glad I clicked.


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