The Six Million Visit Man

By Phil Plait | January 24, 2008 9:00 am

At some point yesterday during The Incredible BA Site Slamming, this little blog passed the 6,000,000 visit mark since I installed the counter in May 2005. I’ve had over 9,000,000 pages viewed as well. Not bad for 976 days!

I passed 3,000,000 last June, so things are speeding up. I expect to have infinite visits by 2012.

As far as what happened on Wednesday, I had two articles (this one and this one) both on the front page of (1400+ Diggs between them!), an unprecedented event in BA history. The server does fine when one page is Dugg, but two is beyond mortal servers. A typical day might see 20-25,000 visitors, but on January 22/23 I had 130,000. So you can see the issue. I will look into doing what I can to tune up the server so it doesn’t get so bogged down again. I love being on Digg, but I hate it when people can’t to get to the site! I couldn’t even get in to post, comment, or update.

What a day! But I love you guys for clicking those Digg buttons.

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Comments (27)

  1. David

    Just for the record, you were also quoted on the BBC yesterday thoroughly debunking the “life on mars” photo at

  2. Mark Martin

    “…things are speeding up. I expect to have infinite visits by 2012.”

    This sounds uncomfortably close to Tipler’s Omega Point theorem in his book “The Physics Of Immortality”. Mmmm- crackpot stew!

  3. Sigma

    You were also mentioned in the Fox News story that was on their front page as the headline during the “down time”,2933,324800,00.html

  4. Revmonkeyboy

    Congrats Phil,

    I am pleased to hear about the popularity of any site that pushes the good stuff—-Reality! Perhaps you can get Mr. Randi to conjure you a new server. I am sure there has to be one somewhere in those sleeves.

  5. Laguna2

    Which is still the #9 of the most read articles on Fox…

  6. Overstroming

    Six million visitors, wow! Well done BA. Thanks for a great site and keep up the good work. (At least until we’re all wiped out by that asteroid) ūüėČ


  7. MarshallDog

    “A typical day might see 20-25,000 visitors…” You sure know how to make 21 visitors sound like a lot.

  8. Gareth (bujin)

    Oh what a shock.

    BBC once again fail to print my comment on the Life on Mars article. I guess they don’t want to hear rational arguments anymore and are only interested in ratings.

    Mind you, I did start the comment by saying I was disappointed that the BBC stooped so low as to pick up on this non-story, so maybe they didn’t like that – they can’t take criticism!

  9. Odd… I could’ve sworn I read this blog post yesterday… am I going crazy?

  10. Kaptain K

    Dugg?? Are you sure it shouldn’t be Digged?

  11. Michael Lonergan

    :) I thought I was doing good on my personal blog with 500 views! Most of those hit 2 topics, the pic on Mars, and the Texas UFO’s.

  12. Impium Orexis

    2012 is the year that your server will achieve self awareness and take control of all other computers on the planet, after which it will wage a war against all mankind.

  13. tenacious

    Congratulations! You deserve it because you entertain and illuminate on so many different levels. I know it’s a real chore to keep this thing moving forward, and you’ve done it with real flair. I’ve certainly directed my share of visitors to your site over the years, and as long as you keep the quality and passion flowing I’ll continue to do so.

    Here’s to the next six million!

    Also, I would personally like to read more about obscure bands that you stumble across from time-to-time. The open-comment post you had where your readers got to suggest bands was okay, but I discovered that many of them sounded too cookie-cutter-ish. Just using this post to make my public request. :o)

    Thanks for keeping us in-the-know, Phil!

  14. Seamyst– nope, you’re not crazy. At least not about that. I set the post up to go live in the morning, but forgot to set the date ahead a day, so it got sent out before I meant it to. :-)

    Funny thing: the sitemeter is only on the blog, and not the rest of the site, which gets roughly the same traffic. It doesn’t usually get the huge spikes the blog does, but I’m guessing it’s had 4 million visits in the same time period. Today APOD has linked to a static page, so it’s getting slammed too. :)

  15. Mike J.

    my wife and I laughed our butts off during and after watching this “explanation”…

    I don’t know where to begin, or what to say in retort—- dude you’re a swell guy, but man are you guys WRONG!

    1+2=3 LOL ROTFLMAO, if that’s what helps you guys sleep at night, great!

    OMG, im laughing so freakin hard!

    you do realize all your arguments are starting to get hilariously absurd.

    Have a nice day, watch out for tu24, and the other unnamed object close behind ;^) see you on the other side, don’t worry, i’ll try to plead your case…

  16. Justin

    “I expect to have infinite visits by 2012.”

    Does this have anything to do with Hmm…it’s all coming together now…this might also be connected to how I posted links to your site on the 2012 forums…maybe the world really is going to end! Or “something bad” may happen…possibly (as described to me when I dared to question any of their beliefs on the forum…) <–join in if you want. Though there’s not much sense in arguing with them, seing as how they admitedly don’t know what they’re talking about.

  17. Not impressed

    BFD. Local real estate websites do that sort of traffic in a day. Maybe two.

    Chill. You’re not that big.

  18. MandyDax

    I couldn’t force myself to register at that ridiculous site, since one of the registration questions was “What year does the Mayan calendar end?” which almost certainly presupposes my belief in their rubbish. However, I did read your topic and was less than mollified by that last entry by Rob. Feel free to cut and paste this into that forum if you like.

    (It got too long to put here, so I put in on my LJ and linked it.)

  19. John Phillips, FCD

    Not impressed: you are comparing a sceptic and science site’s traffic with commercial real estate sites, yeah, that makes sense. It’s all relative as Einstein might have said :)

    Mike J: What are you on? Perhaps you need to adjust your meds.

    What is it with all the negativity.

    Well done Phil, keep up the good work, it’s sorely needed.

  20. Impium Orexis

    Very nice post, MandyDax. Well done.

  21. Well done Phil

    Wish I had those figures reaching my site…ahem…below :-)

    Continued success.

  22. Wow, 6 MILLLION! Amazing.

    I dream of 1 million when I’ll get 1 million

  23. Justin

    That’s awesome! I’ll go ahead and link to it, and I’m sure they will ban me or something…oh well, no real loss there.

  24. Justin

    Yep, I’ve been banned.

  25. Monty

    1. I don’t think you’ve been banned. I just read your comment with you saying you were.
    2. Hundreds of thousands of kilometers=pretty frickin’ big, like twice the distance of the moon big. TU24 will miss, we’ll all be fine until the next fashionable disaster comes along to needlessly scare us.
    3. Stop talking like a 13-year-old girl in a chatroom. I got annoying real fast.

  26. Tever

    there goes the conceited a-hole glorifying himself

  27. Justin

    Uh, Monty, not sure if you actually read anything, but I was posting on the 2012 forum against the idea that the world is going to end in 2012, nothing to do with tu24. And I posted here to say I was banned on the 2012 forum for posting scientific ideas that disprove their pseudo-scientific theories.


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