I am put in my place on YouTube

By Phil Plait | January 28, 2008 9:08 pm

With the passage of 2007 TU24 now just hours away, and no epic disasters yet happening on Earth, I guess we are all safe now.

… or are we? Unfortunately, YouTube user IronmanAustralia has uncovered the true nature of the video I posted last week.

Well, there you have it. If only he had set it to pretentious music, then it would be useable as is by the doomcryers.

Oh– IronmanAustralia– the black helicopters will be visiting you shortly.


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  1. Hoezo manipulatie!bijAstroblogs | January 29, 2008
  1. Joseph

    Haha! Not the best editing, but that doesn’t matter. Quite amusing, though I’m very glad you made your initial video. Good stuff!

  2. zeb

    “The asteroid is/40 TIMES THE DIAMETER OF EARTH!”

    That part killed me. I actually had forgotten about TU24. Oh well. Feunny stuff.

  3. Richard

    That is probably one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

  4. Brian M.

    “There are a whole bunch of astronomers like Fraser Cain, […] like Neil Tyson. These are the lowest form of life there is.”

    I laughed the hardest during this part because of how well it contradicted the actual video. Good stuff.

  5. Michael Lonergan

    Absolutely priceless!

  6. Rowsdower

    I was laughing so hard I was pounding my desk with my fist. WELL DONE!

  7. Sergio

    What the heck is wrong with people??…Seriously!!….There are people out there that are affected by these kind of things and these people think its joke….People losing sleep and probably hopw in some cases…..These doomsayers should be beat serioiusly!!…Anyways who the heck started that tu-24 site??..any names??

  8. I knew there was a secret message in the original video.

  9. Cory Meyer

    Oh noes! It’s that time! Goodbye world!

  10. I’m the lowest form of life? That’s cold Phil… very cold.

  11. Ken G

    Near misses of both Earth and Mars just days apart? Coincidence? I hardly think so. Folks, somebody, who isn’t sure which planet we’re on, is shooting at us. If you’re not willing to shoot back, at least give me the clearance to do so…

  12. I am dying here. Can barely see the screen through the tears of laughter. 100,000miles across! Slam! The jerky edits are just perfect.

    Phil, we always knew you were part of the conspiracy! But then a part of my paycheck comes from NASA so maybe I am too…

  13. Impium Orexis

    That’s fantastic! I was in stitches.

  14. Brad

    It reminded me of the Simpson’s episode where Homer is on TV and you can see the clock moving wildly back and forth with the edits to make him out to be evil.

    Anyway, great cut…

  15. Brad, that’s funny- I made the same comment on the video’s YouTube page!

  16. Brad

    Too fast on the draw: that’s supposed to be “The Simpsons.”

  17. Illucian

    That was far too amusing!

    Hey, just as a heads-up: APOD linked to you in the 1/29 image, which is the full panorama of the Mars shot by Spirit with “Bigfoot.”

  18. Ookla the Fireman

    Phil, besides being all doomed and such, I’m worried that ARC LAMP behind you near the wall is going to ignite that newspaper clipping.

    Be careful, we want you to see TU-twenty-whatever, and the end of the world.

  19. Illucian, I noticed. Whenever they link to me I get extra hits, and my sitemeter starts spinning. :-) Thanks for letting me know though!

  20. Lucas

    Hahaha! That was freaking brilliant!

  21. Monsteroids


    Is this bad. Its apparently like this for 6 hours.

  22. At 01/28/2008 07:28:50 UT this picture was taken

    At 01/29/2008 05:40:36 UT this picture was taken http://www2.nict.go.jp/y/y223/simulation/realtime/images/test_6.20080129054036.jpg

    notice the difference, any opinion on this Phil?

    the magnetosphere is changing alot currently and fast.

  23. also those morons at TU24.org are trying to increase fear by putting there stupid image to 3/3 Threat Meter or whatever.

  24. Thomas Siefert

    You are right about the pretentious music.
    When is Bruckheimer going to call these people and tell them that he wants his music back?

  25. wotthe7734

    =BWAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAA= Only two hours until that bad boy hits us, and I’m the luckiest person in the whole world: I’m gonna be dead from the ROFLz well before that!

  26. Mike, the differences don’t look too big to me. But the thing to do is to compare the same time interval between two pictures taken a few days ago. This link has a list going back a few days. I checked it from the earliest ones, and the differences between tow images look about the same to me.

    Remember too, these are simulations based on observations, and not the actual maps of the field itself.

  27. madge



  28. Janine

    Almost as good as the Richard Dawkins edits. Oh. Wait. Those were not jokes. Nevermind.

  29. Monsteroids

    Wait… Whats everyone yellin’ about? Whats the diff between

    2007 TU24 – departing


    2008 AF3 – departed

    2008 BW2 – departed

    2008 AU28 – departed

    Did I miss something?

  30. Sergio

    Hows everyone feeling???

  31. thanks for the info Phil.

  32. Wayne


    The thing to remember about the magnetosphere is that the dynamics are driven by the Solar Wind (lower right graphs). You’ll notice a big increase in the SW density in the second image, which is driving the higher dynamic pressure seen. The reversals in Bz (the “up-down” component of the Interplanetary Magnetic Field) also has a major effect on the magnetospheric configuration due to the interconnection of field lines on the day side.

    PS. The video edit is hilarious. I want to show everyone the original now just so I can show them this one.

  33. Sergio

    hows everyone doing?

  34. Monsteroids

    Oh, another thing. Check your compasses to make sure North is ok, the Earthquakes are/is just my roomate snoring(he reeks, I’m surprised the power of his stench hasn’t sent the asteroid flying off somewhere else) and theres no lightning, firestorms, etc. yet. So far this nua guy is wrong.

  35. Brian

    Wait! Did it already happen?

    They say it’s likely to snow here tonight. Clearly the fault of TU24.

    I note that the link to the TU24.org FAQ still says “coming soon”. They’d better jump on that.

  36. Philip


  37. Richard

    So is it safe to assume if nothing has happened yet it’s all fine? Because even though you’ve completely proven everything will be okay….I still get nervous.

  38. Banoon

    What Richard said. I’m still scared.

  39. Cid

    I’m getting nervous because people keep showing these images of the magnetosphere changing, and fast, even if it’s a prediction. Should we be worried. It’s almost Midnight. I wish there were more answers.

  40. Joshua

    Now if anything weird happens in the next day, people are going to blame TU24.

    I think i have a cavity.

  41. Richard

    Well it’s basically here. And nothing has happened. I still have perfect cell phone reception, my power is on, there isn’t a giant plasma baby outside my house, and I’m breathing.

    So…I think everything is alright.

    I was kind of hoping to surf that Giant Tsunami. But hey, life is full of disappointments. I can’t believe I was ever worried about this. ^_^

  42. Michael Lonergan

    wah! I think I give up on these here intertoobs. Sorry BA, I’m trying to link to my blog by posting my address, but I think I’m spamming you. Ooops!

  43. Monsteroids

    3 mins dudes. Are you in your bombshelters? Lucky… I don`t have one.

  44. Monsteroids

    3 minutess dudes. Are you in your bomb shelters? Lucky… I don’t have one.


  45. Bishop916

    Welp T-minus 2 minutes and counting.
    I suppose this is it for signing off.

    Good luck and God speed.

  46. bjswift

    Brilliant! I only wish I’d seen Paris…

  47. Cid


  48. Bishop916

    OMG all of the oxygen in the atmosphere has just ignited.
    DAMN yous TU24! (*shakes fist)

    Oh nm, that was a bit of acid reflux.
    My apologies.

    Guess I shouldn’t have drained the accounts and gone on another EOTW bender.
    Tommorow is going to be hell.


  49. Michael Lonergan

    I don’t know, I did feel something, as if a billion voices all cried out, and then were silent (Close paraphrase of Luke Skywalker in S>W.)

  50. Gareth (bujin)

    Oh my god! There it goes! Aaaaaaaargh! It’s gonna hit us! It’s gonna………………..

  51. Cid

    You had time to ……… before the asteroid impacted you? It’s like the guy from Monty Python.

    “The Castle ARRGGGGHHHHH”

  52. Bishop916

    LOL the boards over at TU24.com are oddly quiet being that the site was dedicated to this thing going off.
    The latest doom and gloom predictions include minor cell phone and telecommunication disturbances.

    Heh, I get that when I go into wal-mart.

  53. Monsteroids

    I guess it got lost. Geez I had a sign up and everything. Why didn’t it come?

  54. Stripe7

    That was hilarious!

  55. Gareth (bujin)

    @Cid: I did also put the word “” at the end of it, but it didn’t appear. Silly bleedin’ HTML! :oD

  56. Gareth (bujin)

    Silly SILLY html!!! Does it work with the code thingies?



  57. Kira

    The Crack-pots got scared for nothing. Hey, its about 15 Minutes since it got it’s closest to us and we’re still alive.

  58. Gareth (bujin)

    There ya go! :oD

  59. Cid

    You know they are saying “Oh well…the effects won’t be immediate!” So a couple days will have to pass before they say “Okay…we worried for nothing”

  60. That was hilarious. 😀


    What? It passed already? Too bad.. I was looking forward to some fireworks.

  61. Bishop916

    All of the pressure and magnetic field readings are dropping.
    they are calling it the ‘calm before the storm’ – there is a separate thread for signs to watch for with your pets reactions to the magnetosphere changes.

    If I wake up dead I’ll know what happened!

    Until next time BA & Co.
    It’s been a fun ride.

  62. Kira

    ‘calm before the storm’

    I laughed.

    They cannot comprehend that they may in the slightest chance be ABSOLUTELY WRONG.

  63. glaze

    The tu24.org site that you recalled also edits posts and the only admin on the site (named nua) have to validate and approve every post and thread that is posted there. That is one heck of a credibility source.

  64. Nigel Depledge

    That was hilarious!! Thanks, Phil, for embedding it.

    BTW, 08:33 UT came and went, and I didn’t notice anything.

    Oh no, wait!! It started … drizzling. A bit. Just as predicted … by the Met Office.

  65. Roo

    I know it has already passed, but for some reason I’m still nervous. I don’t know why. Anyways, thank you for your videos. I’ve only recently started visiting this site.

  66. Banoon

    We won’t know for sure until a few days, but right now we’re all safe

  67. Richard

    I’m pretty sure some of what they were talking about “The disturbances” would have taken affect immediately. Like electrical disturbances. It’s been an hour and a half and again perfect reception for everything,and the weather is great.

    I’m not a scientist though. And we all know Phil is in the bomb shelter right now so he won’t be able to answer our questions (Joking of course.)

  68. Peter B

    Banoon said: “We won’t know for sure until a few days, but right now we’re all safe”

    What do you mean “we won’t know for sure”? What’s there not to be sure about?

  69. TSPreben

    Hi people.

    You do understand that the video is made only for fun. The video is not trying to support the theory that you are an insider Phil, but to make fun of those that believes so, and show how easy it is to make a video like that. And some of the people watching that video is actually believing the person posting it, and his intention was to make fun of those who believe. Haha.. ^^,

    This is what the video poster have stated:
    QUOTE from YouTube:
    —- “Disclaimer: This video is a good-natured joke at the expense of Phil Plait, and not a product of the Bad Astronomer. It is not endorsed by, or officially representative of Phil Plait’s opinions or website.

    Get the real video – and the real story – at:


    Or at Phil’s Bad Astronomy blog:


    And if you think this is in any way real, you need your freakin’ head examined. (less)” —-

  70. IRONMANAustralia

    Nice try Phil. I anticipated your black helicopters and am now transmitting from a secret bunker, (don’t try to trace my IP Address, it’s being bounced around the world a dozen ways, and encrypted in a manner your feeble mind couldn’t begin to comprehend).

    Meanwhile, I’ve put my massive intellect to work reinterpreting events up to this point, and managed to figure out what you and your NASA masters have REALLY been up to.

    Your videos were a CIA smoke screen – a double-bluff. An XK-Red-27 technique.

    While successfully distracting the world from your true purpose, you have obviously been using the HAARP Array to syphon the vast quantity of negative ions from Asteroid 2007 TU24 for your weapons research and weather control experiments.

    You even had me fooled, and a little confused, when the world was not plunged into geological chaos – but I put two and two together and now it all makes sense.

    You are messing with a destructive cosmic power you don’t understand – stop your insane experiments before it’s too late! Isn’t the hole that thing put in the Ozone Layer enough to convince you of the dangerous game you warmongering scientists are playing with the entire planet?


  71. Banoon

    @Peter B: Nevermind. @_@

  72. Michael Lonergan

    I bet somebody feels really silly right now (TU 24). I just tried getting onto their site. It’s not even loading!

  73. IAmMarauder

    I just went to the TU42.org site, and the forums are pretty flaky. Lots of database errors happening. Of course, this may have something to do with it:
    Currently browsing the TU24.org forums: 1171 guests, 8 members, 0 anonymous members…

    Hope they have a good deal with their hosting company.

  74. madge

    Is it safe to come out from the under-stairs-cupboard now?
    No effects? No effects? what are you people talking about. I BROKE A GODDAMNED NAIL! Ok so it’s not quite the cataclismic event I was promised but still. SHEESH!

  75. David G

    Now that was funny!

    Ok, IronMan Austrailia is really …. Wil Wheaton

    Please, excuse me while I find a much bigger grounding wire for my heavy duty Tin-Foil hat!

  76. Laugh if you want, but the doomsayers you’ve all been scoffing at turned out to be right!!! Last night I experienced a static discharge when I touched the doorknob to the bathroom. That obviously happened because of TU24’s close pass.

  77. Michael Lonergan

    And I have hemorrhoids, which is a real asteroid problem

  78. Michael: Technically speaking, it’s an assteroid problem.

  79. Michelle

    ack! It’s so evil to make me laugh so much in the morning!!!

  80. Michael Lonergan

    Just did something evil myself. I registered at TU24. There are some strange goings on over there! One guy claims an Asteroid hit Guatemala this morning, but CNN pulled the story!

  81. Michelle

    UWAHAHHA. I just went to the TU24 website.

    Risk alert: Level 1: Extremely high risk of electromagnetic disturbance. Natural disasters, firestorms, *other unknown effects*

    CURSE YOU, ASTEROID! You and your other unknown effects that can be the escape door for any qwack out there!

    My allergies are insane this morning. I. BLAME. THIS. ON. YOUUUU, SPACEROCK!

    Tsh. Now I have to go to work. Why isn’t it destroyed by an earthquake yet?

  82. That was an awesome video!

  83. Yoshi_3up

    Nice one, IronmanAustralia. Seems that Phil had fun on this vid.

    The asteroid just went at his closest point, and nothing happened. Yesterday, the Weather guy predicted Rain in all Argentina. That’s what is hapenning. Nothing Else.
    OH NO! CHUBUT IS HAVING REALLY STRONG WINDS! Oh wait, that happens every year. Never mind.


    I’ve heard SOME rumors (Which I can’t actually confirm), that the Internet Vigilante, Anonymous, is working on taking tu24.org down. They get pissed off when people start lying.

  84. Yoshi_3up

    Sorry to double post, but I want to put this up as well:

    From Tu24.org:

    “For as long as TU24 is near Earth’s magnetosphere there is a possibility of disturbance. This website is not (and was never) about impact. If you’re wondering why “nothing happened” you’re counting your chickens too soon.”

    Come on. That happened because of the strong rains that happens in summer ALL YEARS. If they say ANYTHING about this on their website, I swear I’ll be crushing some heads by now.

    Too bad the even couldn’t be seen in the South Hemisphere.

    By the way, tu24.org’s forums are down

  85. has

    “By the way, tu24.org’s forums are down”

    EM disturbance, obviously.

  86. Yoshi_3up



  87. M.J.Barlow

    Michael Lonergan wrote “I don’t know, I did feel something, as if a billion voices all cried out, and then were silent (Close paraphrase of Luke Skywalker in S>W.)”

    It was Obi-Wan Kenobi who said that!
    Sorry, but up till now this thread hasn’t been geeky enough for my taste.

    Back on to topic, that YouTube clip was superb.

    Every time I hear the doomsayers, I can’t help but think of the 1961 sketch from ‘Beyond The Fringe’

  88. Michelle

    “For as long as TU24 is near Earth’s magnetosphere there is a possibility of disturbance. This website is not (and was never) about impact. If you’re wondering why “nothing happened” you’re counting your chickens too soon.”

    Damned asteroids, always geared with a huge window for anything to happen.

    If this keeps going they’re gonna say that if your car won’t start this morning, it’s TU24’s fault. Not the bitter cold. Nooo. Wait. Maybe the bitter cold is TU24’s fault.

  89. The only thing that video is missing is you saying at the end “And people ask me, ‘Have you ever met an MHB*?'” (Claps hands, laughs hysterically.)

    *MHB = Moon Hoax Believer

  90. Bearfan121

    So i heard you leik giant space rockz?

  91. skidoo

    Pretty funny. I’d wondered what happened to IronMan ever since he disappeared from the back alleys of the SGU. Now I see he’s been hard at work on his underground bunker.

  92. mika7367

    Uh! yeah,ok ,so to change the subject a little.What do the credits at Seti@Home do for me,(my apologies Phil I’ve not had a chance to look it up yet). But I belong to the BA Team,I’ve also been out of commission for a while with work constraints.Let’s leave all this BS behind us and get on with real science ???.

  93. Edward C

    Great video. BTW, why were all those people up at those ungodly hours?
    Afraid, or what?

  94. mika7367

    The reason all the doomsayer web sites are down is because they all went to hide under their beds and don’t have the guts to come out and smell the flowers.LOL!

  95. the magnetosphere is changing alot currently and fast.

    “a lot” is two words, just for reference.

    The magnetosphere looks ok to me. I pay a lot of attention to geomagnetism and space weather because it directly affects my amateur radio hobby. I don’t see any issues of note.

    According to http://www.wm7d.net as of 1206 UTC:

    Current Solar Flux report:
    SFI: 71 A-index: 3 K-Index: 2

    That’s all nice and normal. K-index of 2 indicates a very very very very very minor perturbation of the geomagnetic field from quiescent (1). A-index of 3 means the geomagnetic field has been quiescent for 8-24 hours. Solar Flux Index (SFI) of 71 means it’s a slow day on the Sun, and is a normal value for a solar minimum such as we are in right now.

    The aurora is currently very small, indicative of pretty much nothing happening: http://www.skynews.ca/pages/aurora.html

    NOAA has no alerts of geomagnetic storms: http://www.swpc.noaa.gov/ftpdir/forecasts/ALTS.txt And before the woo-woos say it’s a conspiracy not to report, look up to what I said about amateur radio… when the magnetosphere weirds out it has detectable effects that anyone with a radio around the world can notice. You can’t just not tell people and expect nobody to figure it out.

  96. There’s a BA team on SETI@home? I didn’t know that. I participate in SETI, Einstein and ClimatePrediction.

  97. Doc

    There was supposed to be an earth-shattering “KABOOM!” …

    Did I miss it?

  98. Yoshi_3up

    I hear a strong humming noise in my ears… IT’S OBVIOUSLY RELATED TO TU24!!!!!ONEHUNDREDANDONE

  99. mika7367

    Yeah there is,Its just that when you join Seti@Home (i.e.a screen saver that uses your computer to analyze heaps of data when you’re not using it)They will ask you which team you want to belong to.I may be wrong but when I saw the BA Team I automatically clicked on that,Maybe Phil can shed more light on this.

  100. alfaniner

    Nice animated ending to the video also!

  101. Michael Lonergan

    Well we did get a foot of snow overnight in Vancouver. The whole city is in a panic, and practically shut down!

  102. Michael Lonergan

    Uh oh, Phil, I’m in your servers bad books I think. I accidentally spammed you several times after trying to post my website.

  103. OneHotJupiter

    THAT was one of the Funniest videos I’ve seen in a long time , I laughed myself half to death!

  104. Joseph

    Wow was the Bad Astronomer pwned?!

  105. Michael Lonergan

    Yoshi, “All TU 24’s servers are down.”
    Has, no not an EM disturbance, more like poetic justice….

  106. chris H

    omg i was laughing so hard my gut hurt and i had to lay on the floor, i couldent stop

    thyanx for the great sence of humor doc and to the person who made the vid

  107. Monty

    I think your evil NASA paymasters should use their limitless funds to get you a better studio.

  108. Daniel

    That so beats the Tom Cruise video.

  109. You can’t imagine how much I laughed out loud with this video.

    So well… nothing happened and I had to do my two exams today. Damn you 2007 TU24!


  110. IRONMANAustralia

    Ha. That reminds me of the TISM song, “Greg! The Stop Sign”:

    “Some time in the next ten thousand years
    A comet’s gonna wipe out all trace of Man –
    I’m banking on it coming before
    My end of year exam”


  111. Michael Lonergan

    IRONMAN, when I was a Christian, I used to use the same excuse, except it wasn’t a comet I was waiting for, it was the rapture. “I don’t need to study for that test. Jesus will come before I write it!”

  112. Pat

    TU24 is coming for your / Sweet Can / Phil Plait also wants your / Sweet Can /

  113. John Phillips, FCD

    IronmanAustralia: Pure comedy gold, I still can’t stop laughing every time I think of it. It is the funniest thing I have seen in a very long time and I had to watch it multiple times because I kept missing bits through laughing so much.

  114. IRONMANAustralia

    Well, I can’t take all the credit. Phil’s enthusiastic and animated manner of speaking are what really makes it funny, so I was laughing just as much when I was making it.

    Some of the best parts were just the serendipitous result of removing unwanted sections of the original video, and hooking the two ends together to make a sentence, like, “40 times the diameter of the Earth”, so the comedy pretty much writes itself.

    Personally, my favourite part was the “lowest form of life” cut, so I got a real laugh out of Fraser Cain’s reaction. And I’m glad these guys have such a forgiving sense of humour.

  115. brian

    Why does it say that the video has been removed due to terms of use violation?!

  116. Ironclaw

    The video’s been removed from YouTube ‘due to terms of use violation.’ Can anyone upload it somewhere?


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