More on the spy satellite

By Phil Plait | January 28, 2008 7:54 pm

Sorry I didn’t blog much today, but apparently I am allergic to Florida, and knocked out a bit.

Anyway, Leonard David at the LiveScience blog has some info on the spy satellite that is going to re-enter in a few weeks. It’s not much more than rumor, but it’s interesting.


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  1. Hello from Romania, 5 am local time.

    First landed here via the BBC Bigfoot on Mars story… and wow!!! great blog.

    It looks like a very good season for BA, especially as the quality of science reporting in the media is reaching new levels of stupidity.

    I enjoyed a lot the whole fuss about 2007 TU24, and this new … “apocalyptic danger from outer space” (USA-193) assures me that February will not be boring for a single second.

    I wish it could crash in the pristine white emptiness of Antarctica… and then we would have another race for space… junk.

  2. Michael Lonergan

    Hmmmm, what happens if this thing wakes up a giant sleeping monster? It could happen. After all that is apparently what woke up a certain movie monster recently. We all know that Hollywood movies have a basis in reality. I’m going to my bunker just in case.

  3. Michael Lonergan

    BTW, BA, how can I get my name to link to my blog?

  4. Chip

    Thanks for posting danezia.
    I like your country’s music, especially Romica Puceanu, Toni Iordache and Gabi Lunca. (All old artists from the 60s and 70s.) Also classical masters, such as Geroges Enescu.

    As for this spy satellite reentry – the chances of it hitting water are high but Leonard David’s blog raises some concerns about pollution.

    And speaking of satellites, has anyone ever seen the Noss Triads? I did once. Its really spooky to see three satellites in formation.

  5. gopher65

    Michael Lonergan, just type in the full URL of your website (or blog or whatever) into the place that says “Website” just under the “Name” and “Mail (hidden)” fields of the place where you type your replies to this blog.

  6. OK, thanks Gopher. I think I tried that earlier but it said it was spam. I’ll try again.

  7. Michael Lonergan

    Gopher, tried that and it keeps saying marked as spam.

  8. Will the government release more information about this satellite as time goes by? I can’t see why they would not release such information as the expected date of “arrival”, and other such information that would allow us to be prepared. Also, does the fact that it was in a Polar Orbit increase the odds of it hitting land?

    BTW, I’m such a n00b, I figured out how to link my name. Some people should never be allowed within 20 feet of teh intertoobs.

  9. anomalous4

    @ Michael Lonergan – the one in your 9:15 pm post worked fine for me.

    We now return you to your regularly scheduled the-sky-is-falling already in progress. I have an asteroid to catch.

  10. madge

    Asteroids, satellites, UFO’s….I’ll be hiding in the cupboard under stairs and I’m not coming out till I see evidence of intelligent life on this planet. (outside of this blog that is :)

  11. Dear Phil,

    Is there any way that my comments can be “safe-listed” so they don’t have to go through the spam moderation process anymore (which was entirely undeserved, btw)?

    I plan on being a regular reader/commenter here, after finding BA via TU24 drama, and it makes me e-sad that I’m flagged as a spammer. =(

  12. Michael Lonergan

    Hey Rachel, that’s happening to me too! I think I’ve been a good boy!

  13. MaDeR

    I think that system is more vary about new users and more eagerly marks them as spam (especially with linking)…


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