Want: Part IV

By Phil Plait | January 31, 2008 12:00 pm

Chris Lintott is a UK astronomer, cohost of Sky at Night, blogger, Galaxy Zoo cofounder, and cool guy. He dealt with the dumb Martian Bigfoot stuff too, but he went a step — or tread — farther. He made a t-shirt.

Yes, want.


Comments (16)

  1. Michelle

    Ha. It’s nice. But maybe the design lacks a bit.

  2. Navneeth

    Me says Spirit is a cardboard box on three soda cans.

  3. I’ve ordered mine :) Love it!

  4. Elizabeth

    I need that shirt!! I mentioned my supervisor in a previous post, (I know it’s redundant, but I spend 8 hours a day with the kook.) but he went on and on for an entire week about the Mars Bigfoot. . . He went as far as to colorize it, make his own stereograph and make me view it to try to convince me that there really is a female bigfoot chillin on a rock on Mars. *sigh* I need bigger doses of sanity to counteract what I put up with at work. . .

  5. wisnij

    Everybody wants a rock to wind a pseudoscience theory around.

  6. Boba Fett

    It’s a floor wax! It’s a dessert topping!!

  7. Jeff G.

    I kinda like the minimalist nature to the whole thing….

  8. John H.

    I was just wondering what Richard C. Hoaxland has said about the Martian Bigfoot?
    Has anyone heard from him on this subject?
    I’ll bet it’s a real hoot.

  9. OtherRob

    I agree with Jeff G. I like the design.

  10. Michael Lonergan

    Bahhh… I like the idea but the design lacks something. I think if there was an actual picture of the rock, most people would know what it’s about.

  11. The problem is that this might be one of those “forgotten in six months” bits of pseudoscience. After that, you need to start a band called “Spirit Says It’s a Rock”; otherwise, the T-shirt will be meaningless.


  12. Melusine

    I like its simplicity and it could generate conversations – people would ask me what the heck it means. I’m a sap for the rovers, and it’s in red and black, no less. Done deal.

  13. Philippe

    It’s so geeky, it’s almost beyond cool!!

    Maybe, even, Martian night cool!


  14. Shoeshine Boy

    The logo looks more like Sojourner than Spirit, but I still like it.

  15. KaiYeves

    I monkeyed with the picture in Windows Paint so it says “Spirit Rocks”. If I had Photoshop, maybe I could add “And it looks at them, too.”


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