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By Phil Plait | February 11, 2008 12:00 pm

Man, I love me some Ironic Sans. Scientist valentines! Brilliant!

He has inspired me to create my own:

Feel free to send it to a skeptic you love… especially if you’re trying to woo them.

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  1. Melusine

    Those are great – especially yours. You definitely have a punning skill. I guess no one will be sending that Valentine to Hoagland, poor guy.

  2. Very nice, Phil. The “Let’s face it…” is brilliant.

  3. But there is a fundamental flaw. To believe in the spirit of Valentine’s Day is to cast off any scientific inquiry.

    A true scientists and skeptic denies the existence of any celebration of the day. To me, it’s just February 14th. I make no other importance to the date.

    Well, except that it’s my friend Rachel’s birthday. Other than that…

  4. gia

    I made one, too! It’s got the sexiest scientist ever… except for my husband, of course (*ahem*).

  5. Mena

    Love them all too, but I think that I’ll be sending Gia’s to my husband on Thursday. He’s a major Feynman fan, plus it’s very funny. Thanks Gia!

  6. KaiYeves

    Ed, Edd and Eddy had a few like that a few years back. Tesla saying “You electrify me.”, and Darwin saying “Naturally, I select you.”
    My mom says I have a lame sense of humor.

  7. ABR

    How about these:

    Maxwell — You are the light of my life.

    Heisenberg — I think I love you (this should have a voice chip so it will play the Partridge Family song)

    Schroedinger — ?…I don’t know whether I love you or not…

    Shelford — I love you. But not too much and not too little.

  8. ABR

    Rats! The “?” should have been the Greek letter psi. Oh, well, I tried.

  9. I have also joined in with a valentine. Sorry about this but … Click here if you dare. ūüėÄ

  10. Dave-o

    You must have heared about the “new evidences” of life on Mars:

  11. These are GREAT! My pre-schooler is handing these out in his class this Thursday…

  12. Chip

    I was very lucky yesterday to have the opportunity to talk for a bit with composer Jimmy Webb, (“Up, Up, and Away,” “By the Time I Get to Phoenix,” “Wichita Lineman,” “Galveston,” “MacArthur Park”.)

    He wrote a terrific song for Thelma Houston titled “Everybody Gets To Go To The Moon!” It’s one of the most optimistic love songs I’ve heard, and is just right for Valentine’s Day, but also right for this blog because, beyond the happy optimism, the song also captures an air of positive feelings about the future through its allusions to astronauts and the Apollo landings.

  13. KaiYeves

    “I have also joined in with a valentine. Sorry about this but ‚Ķ Click here if you dare.”
    I wish I could send a valentine TO Spirit and Oppy.

  14. Those are cool… Alas, I don’t think my wife is going to “get” any of those. My bad for marrying a “non-science-people-person”, but then nerdy women are hard to find ūüėČ

  15. Yoshi_3up

    The background needs a little bit of editing. But, even with that, your card ia excellent in all possible ways.

  16. cynthia

    Excellent, B.A.! And I’ve liked the ones in the comments, as well.

  17. If you go to my website, in the corner is a picture of fibroblast cells (like in the dermis of your skin) in culture (on a plastic dish) forming a heart shape. For real, this student found it in the cell culture class I teach ON VALENTINE’S DAY 2006!

  18. For a real valentine’s treat, take a look either at my site, most recent post, or the wired youtube channel and see induced pluripotent stem cells that have been directed to become cardiac muscle cells in a culture dish actually beating!! This is very, very cool!

    Oh, iPS cells were once adult skin cells that were changed by adding a few new genes (genetic engineering) to revert back to an embryonic stem cell-like state. Then we convince them to become cardiac (heart) cells.


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