A toast to cosmology

By Phil Plait | February 14, 2008 9:00 am

Now, rye didn’t I think of this? Update: If that link doesn’t work, the page is cached here.

Oh well. Crusty as I am, all I’d get out of it are a bunch of crumby burnt offerings, anyway.

Tip o’ the chef’s hat to Derek from Skepticality.

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Comments (14)

  1. DennyMo

    Link worked fine for me. I also loved the guy’s bit about the imminent damage to the internet due to Ron Paul dropping out of the race…

  2. Weird. I see it as being gone now too. I updated the entry just in case.

  3. Aerimus

    Very funny. I laughed by buns off.

  4. Mark Martin

    I’m having no trouble at all with the page.

  5. Dan

    Best article ever!!!

    Those atheists see weird things everywhere!!

    Next they’ll start seeing Phil Plait’s face on a dog’s butt!!

  6. Mark Martin

    It’d be better than seeing a dog’s butt on Phil’s face.

  7. Dan

    Hahaha… Good one!! I hope the BA doesn’t mind us making fun of him like that!

    Ohh well, I’ll just buy his book and I’m sure he’ll forgive us! ūüėČ

  8. Phine

    I think i saw the Cosmos in a slice of pizza once…..or it might just have been the arrangement of the pepperoni topping….Bad Lunch? !1!

  9. Michael Lonergan

    Good one! I saw the Face on Mars in a chocolate chip cookie once.

    Did you catch Dr. Neil Degrasse (Sp) Tyson on Colbert last night. Colbert is now an Astrophysicist.

  10. JackC

    I toast your having posted this, butter don’t see anything myself. Doughnut what is supposed to be there.


  11. Doc

    I saw Cosmos once while eating a piece of pizza. Does that count?

  12. I caught a glimpse of the cosmic background radiation in my refried beans and enchiladas at lunch today. It was a fleeting glimpse of the infinite in my tex-mex until the cheese melted a little bit more. I’m now keeping an eye out for something akin to the Ultra Deep Field image in a taco shell.

  13. k9_kaos

    That’s not the Big Bang! That’s Isaac Crouton. Or is it Sir Bread Hoyle?


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