Carnival of Space 41

By Phil Plait | February 15, 2008 11:30 am

The newest, and heftiest yet, Carnival of Space is being hosted by New Frontiers.

I’ve noticed that when I post about the new Carnival, it doesn’t seem like too many people comment; it’s historically the category of my posts that gets the fewest comments. I’m curious: is that because few people actually care about the Carnival, or it’s not a comment-worthy kind of post, or that you make any comments on the relevant host’s blog?

The CoS is actually a great event; it collects all the best space and astronomy posts of the week and puts them in one place for your reading pleasure. I’ve found several astronomy blogs on the CoS that I now read regularly, so there are tons of reasons to check in. Go read it!


Comments (7)

  1. Anonymous
  2. Michael Lonergan

    I always check out the Carnival! I bookmark many of the blogs. Thanks

  3. mike

    all of the above, except the */ no comment */

  4. Helioprogenus

    I think part of it is just the sheer amount of blogs to tread through on the blogsphere. The carnival of space is great and all, but we only have 24 hours in a day, and the amount of information sifting is pretty much infinite. Plus, those of us struggling through full time jobs, have to factor in time for that, plus families, plus a whole mess of other things (like galaxy analysis on the galaxy zoo site). At the moment, it’s hard enough keeping track of all the personal e-mails, work related e-mails, certain blogs like this one, and an unmentionable one that involves spineless sea creatures. Not to mention developing news (for those of us without televisions), etc, and yeah, sometimes, the time to sit and comment on the carnival threads can be reassessed to more practical things like actually reading some of the other blogs.

  5. Well, it is just a pointer, as you say.

    For me, the carnivals are on the edge of my interest: they are good for picking up on blogs I hadn’t come across, but mostly I have already read the posts I want to by the time they roll around.

    That’s partly also because they are Carnivals of *Space*, which is not the same as astronomy – Fraser Cain’s Astrosphere posts fit my interests more exactly. The only space blog I like is Space Cynics.

  6. I’ve never thought about backtracking 2 links to leave a comment on an aggregation that someone else did most of the work on. In other words, while I appreciate the reminder, I’ve always thought of it as just a routine announcement.

    Anyway, thanks for the reminders. :-)

  7. If you wish to do an experiment, you can link the Accretionary Wedge carnival when it swings through my blog in a week and a half, and we can compare traffic.


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