An alternate view on the spy satellite

By Phil Plait | February 22, 2008 11:30 am

Evidently my use of dumb toys to model satellites has inspired at least one young man.

My sense of humor baffles me. I have seen a lot of videos in this genre that made me want to hunt down the maker and slap them, but this one cracked me up.


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  1. B Critelli
  2. BeeLeaver

    Truly, you do have a rather odd sense of humour…but why was I laughing???


  3. Thomas Siefert

    I thought it was completely stupid until he said “potassium” and I was on the floor laughing 😀

  4. Dennis

    His dad was right

  5. bigjohn

    I’m going to work on my imagination so I can be just like Brad! I probably better eat lots of potassium. too, if I’m to succeed like he has.

  6. tacitus

    I guess the cultural divide between British and American humo(u)r is just too great in this particular case…


  7. Blu-Ray-Ven

    another youtube waste of time

  8. Hee. He has good timing, knows when to stop, and doesn’t let on that he’s joking. These technical things make a lot of difference.

  9. Gotta admit I was a little worried at first. But when he mentioned his dad, I started laughing and didn’t quit.

  10. Umm… Phil. Could I please have those 3:30 minutes of my life back? Please?

  11. I wonder what was the first thing he choose for the missile…..although I have a suspicion…
    very funny

  12. Kirk

    Uh-oh! You don’t wanat to encourage this type of behavior or you’ll get flooded with “creative” videos. His Mom may want him to use his imagination but his dad may have hit closer to the mark.


  13. Celtic_Evolution

    Don’t listen to these philistines, Phil! I’m with you… THAT was HI-larious!

    Remember, as Steve Martin once said, comedy is not pretty!

  14. Danomite

    It would have been funnier if he had used the missile like object in his mom’s room.

  15. Cello Man

    “The satelitte was up there, with Koreans on it. And they were like, googadaboogadagoogadaboogada!”

    I was smiling up until then, but I lost it at that point.

  16. Stanza
  17. JASkets

    Hey, it made me chuckle at 3:30 on a Friday afternoon. Always a good thing.

  18. tacitus

    I prefer this one to BA’s myself:

    About 100 times funnier IMHO.

  19. Michael Lonergan

    That was funny. I found something for my missile in my mother’s bedroom, but she made me put it back. I hit the floor then.

  20. Brack the Barbarian

    O come on now Tacitus! I live on your side of the pond too and I found it very funny. Proof at long last that there is American humour (humor?) after all, It’s actually not all boring and pretentious like ‘Friends’ and ‘Sex in the City’. Perhaps we could persuade the scriptwriters to go on stike again!!

  21. Curtis P

    Sorry Phil, but Brad’s video was better than yours.

  22. Mark, Doh!

    I had an appointment to get my eyeballs shaved, and I missed it for this?

  23. Clair
  24. tacitus

    It’s actually not all boring and pretentious like ‘Friends’…

    Oooh, my very English niece would have your guts for garters if she heard you saying things like that.


  25. Kaptain K

    My first thought: “Hello, central casting? We need a dork!

  26. Hey everyone, thanks for watching. Also thank you to Bad Astronomy for posting this video. Remember to use your imagination and eat plenty of potassium. It’s the breakfast of champions.

  27. bahivdiba

    I giggled… I don’t usually do that.

  28. Tim G

    So that’s why we blew it up. Koreans got to it and were learning sensitive state secrets.

  29. My mother use to have one of those in her bedroom, too. They do make excellent pretend-rockets.

  30. Davidlpf

    2) his father was right

  31. Tim G

    He could have bought a dildo just for the video. Later, he could return it
    for a full refund by claiming it wasn’t satisfying enough.

  32. davidlpf

    Tim G thanks now I have a mental picture of the dead parrot sketch from monty python and instead of a parrot it is defective gadget.

  33. Tim G


    He should get a full refund, as long as the gadget doesn’t stink.

    By the way, most of the youtube comments are as pathetic as the ones about Stephen Colbert.

  34. defectiverobot

    That was so damned funny I have tears in my eyes!


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