Dragon*Con 2008

By Phil Plait | February 27, 2008 11:30 am

In 2006, I attended the science fiction/fantasy/comic book convention Dragon*Con, along with 30,000 of my closest friends.

It was a blast.

So I applied to be a guest at D*C 2008, and they accepted me! Woohah!

D*C really is vastly ginormously huge, with an expected attendance this year of 40,000. Yes, 4×104 fans. The guest list is already awesome, even this early: Adam Baldwin (JAYNE! from FIREFLY!), James Randi, James Hong (Lo Pan from Big Trouble in Little China, the best movie ever made, ever), and lots more to come. Pamela Gay and Fraser Cain will be there too, and there’s a whole thread on skepticism.

Hawesome. Totally and completely. So if you’re in Atlanta at the end of August, you should go. But get tickets now! They go fast, and the hotels (four of them) are probably already booked. Yes, it’s that ginormous.

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  1. Tom

    It’s always struck me how much more popular sci-fi cons are compared to ‘real’ space cons.

    I guess the fiction is more pleasant…

  2. Finally. Someone else who understands what a masterpiece Big Trouble in Little China is.

    Also, I’m kind of jealous about D*C. I wish I could go.

  3. Skeptics coming to my home town of Atlanta?! I now have more of a reason to try to make it to D*Con.

  4. It’s always struck me how much more popular sci-fi cons are compared to ‘real’ space cons.

    I guess the fiction is more pleasant…

    Actually, I go to Dragon*Con and spend all my time at the science track, with occasional detours into other things that interest me. I’ve been the last two years and never actually went to a single sci-fi panel.

    What D*Con is really about are the parties. They are truly legendary.

  5. firemancarl

    Woot! Big Trouble is a fantastic movie! Ohhh a Chinese girl with green eyes!

  6. Mister Earl

    Seconded, John. Big Trouble in Little China is one of those classics that’s always fresh when you watch it. Love it.

  7. Jim

    Sounds like fun, I wish I could make it. Will you be attending the World SF con? It’s in your back yard, Denver Aug 6-10.

  8. I can’t attend the WorldCon, ironically: I’ll be in the Galapagos. :-)

  9. NGC 3314

    Cool. I just noticed that Your Own Self, Randi His Own Self, and Pamela Her Own Self were on the list a few days ago. Now if they fall for my nefarious plot again this year, I’ll try to do the live astronomy thing once more. We had one clear night doing remote imaging with a 36-inch telescope last year; the crowd had a better class of requests than usual. Dwarf companions to Andromeda, the Einstein Cross, bits of the Veil Nebula, moons of Uranus. Ah – images are at http://madscientist.org.uk/kitpic.html. There’s a finite chance we could also get to a 60-cm instrument in Chile this time.

  10. Tom


    I’m glad to hear about the science panels. How well attended are they? I’ve given science talks at my local Balticon, and there are typically 10-20 people present.

  11. Helioprogenus

    I used to live on the same street as James Hong and I have to say, there isn’t a nicer guy around. Not often talkative, but there never was a dull moment. Why can’t these conventions ever take place in Hawaii? Well, that’s the price you pay for living in a place free of snow and ice (unless you’re up Mauna Kea, but even then, you can always drive an hour for some sun and surf).

  12. Aerimus

    I remember attending one of the panels in ’06 with you and skepitcality. That was my first year at the con, as I’ve always been prevented by my manager, who forced me to stay at work so that he could go. I’m hoping to get the money together this year to attend. Staying up until 10:00 am playing are you a werewolf down in the board gaming area is quite addictive.

    And don’t get your hopes up on Baldwin attending. He’s back out the last two years in a row at the last minute. At least in ’06 Tudyk showed up, which was very cool.

    Hope to see you there. Maybe this year they won’t have the FUBARed layout that they had set up last year.

  13. Doc

    Ahhh! “Big Trouble in Little China” – the secret sequel to “Bukaroo Banzai”. Love ’em both.

    As usual, I won’t be going to Dragon*Con (been to a few in the distant past). I’m already going to Gen Con (also huge, also in August) and probably Pennsic as well (huge but not quite as huge as the others, also in August), and there’s a limit to my vacation and time travel capabilities.

    Do they still sell the “Apocalypse Cow” t-shirts?

  14. BA,

    Can’t wait to meet you at Dragon*Con. I promise I’ll watch Big Trouble in Little China before then as many have recommended it to me.

    @ Aerimus,

    It’s even odds on whether Adam Baldwin will make it to D*C or not. He did go in ’06 or ’05, I believe. He’s got steady work with “Chuck” now, which is picked up for another season, so he should hopefully be able to work around that scheduling-wise. I really hope so.

    There’s always a solid Browncoat contingent since Firefly came out. Last year, Mark Sheppard (Badger) and Ron Glass (Book) represented for Firefly.

    Looks like only other Firefly-related guests right now are Keith RA DeCandido (wrote novelization) and Jamie Chambers/Margaret Weiss (did the RPG game). I’d love to see Jewel Staite added to the docket, especially with her Stargate Atlantis stuff now being a regular gig.

  15. Ah, I remember now. It was ’05. I was at D*C in ’06, the first year he cancelled. Hung out exclusively in the podcasting track, had my mind blown by George Hrab. It was a good weekend.

  16. Actually, the best movie ever made was “Journey to the Center of the Earth” (1959, James Mason, Pat Boone, Arlene Dahl).

  17. Aerimus

    Yeah, he was there is ’05 ’cause I remember everyone talking about it before the con (I hang out with a bunch of role player geeks). I got to go in ’06 as a thank you from my wife, and I was psyched about the t6he guest list before he cancel.

    I didn’t get around to doing anything firefly related last year. Instead my highlight was working the Venture Bros. fan table and meeting Doc Hammer.

  18. Ive never made it to Dragon*Con, unfortunately. I hear it’s a good time, though. I’m sure you’ll blog about it for those of us who cannot make it :-)

  19. I remember once debating some friends over which was the all-time best Kurt Russel movie: Big Trouble in Little China, or The Thing.
    Tough choice, and I no longer remember which side I took.

  20. Big Trouble in Little China. Definitely.

  21. drow

    as much as i love scifi cons, and as much as i’d dearly love to meet all the guests, if i have to be in atlanta in august, i’ll be in the bathroom noming pills and slitting my wrists.

  22. Pete


    DC has great science track attendance. Last year it was SRO for the 4-5 that I attended, including the Smackdown of science vs ghostbusters. Loads of fun. Also great was the GeekGroup’s singing Tesla Coils…..a must-see in person if you get the chance.

  23. YAY! Can’t wait to meet you!


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