Green Eggs and Who

By Phil Plait | March 4, 2008 2:17 am

I saw a commercial for an upcoming movie last night, and thought, I could make a Doctor Who cartoon of that!

Too late.

Oh well. Click to see the whole strip. My idea would have been funnier, but I have to give kudos to the pun at the end. Still, no one will top this one any time soon I think.


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  1. Derek

    I assume this would be one of the comic ideas you mentioned in the live Q&A.

  2. BB

    Ooooh. I read Sluggy regularly so I saw that one when it was put up yesterday but didn’t get the joke until now. Thanks BA

  3. Shouldn’t that be “Green Eggs and Whom?”

  4. Aerimus

    There were a couple of us who were referencing this comic in the comments of yesterday’s “Blink” post.

    Sluggy is a great strip. Abrams was at DragonCon Last year. I so wanted to get the new book and get him to sign it, but I was too broke, had just enough to register and pay for my room. By the time I did get money, he was gone.

    Too bad Death from the Skies won’t be out until after you vist DragonCon this year…

  5. Aerimus

    checking something…

  6. that particular two-part strip of “Home on the Strange” is saved on my desktop and if i could, i’d make a pair of posters out of them and hang them on the wall… i’ve long ago stopped baiting door knocking evangelists (i’ve also stopped answering the door to them) but this is still my theology: my Time Lord and Savior. sadly, HotS seems to have finished up.

  7. Aerimus


    Prehaps it is because you post the same thing, verbatim, without really saying anything, such as point out errors. People have done that in the past, and BA has been excellent at correcting them, and admitting to it too!

    Oops. Wait. I forgot one of the most important parts of posting comments to the web, “Don’t feed the trolls.”

  8. Aerimus

    Wow, I can’t wait for Astronomer to repost his twice deleted post again. Then my retort will come before his post, and I can be all like “See, I’m psychic!” That’ll be great publicity for my book detailing how the Mayans knew about the impending GRB from WR104 and how that event is the end of the Mayan 2012 calendar. Sales will go through the roof!

  9. Doc

    Tangentially related to Dragon*Con, the word on the gamer blog scene is that Gary Gygax has passed away.

  10. Aerimus


    Yeah, I’m just now seeing it on the AP wire too.

  11. From the title, I thought you might be linking to my Doctor Who / Doctor Seuss / Cat Macro post from a couple months ago…

  12. StevoR

    So BA what was your joke then? Identical, or as I gather somewhat different?


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