Live Launch videocast NOW

By Phil Plait | March 11, 2008 12:19 am

On is a live videocast of the Shuttle launch. I’ve embedded the stream below.

This stream will be live for the whole mission, which is pretty cool.

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  1. Darren

    yea that was cool. i came in randomly five minutes before launch not knowing it was going down. thanks.

  2. WTL

    Beautiful launch. Thanks for the video stream – I would have missed it otherwise.

  3. Wendy

    Hi phil! i’m from Singapore and an avid reader of your blog. its 2.32pm here now and its great watching the launch while its pitch dark on that side of the world. (though day launch is kinda better as we can see the tint earth from space as the shuttle launch..) way too cool.. and wishes endeavor a safe and rewarding trip.

  4. The Barber of Civility

    WOW! I just happened to be up at 2AM EDT and was mucking around the Internet. I checked your page, saw the live link, clicked RUN, and damned if I didn’t see the liftoff at that second! I thought it was taped, but it was live. Cool!

    I watched until orbit was possible on one engine. I’ll go back now and watch a little more before going back to bed.

  5. The Barber of Civility

    There were 225 or so people logged in to the stream. I wonder how many were yours?

  6. «bønez_brigade»

    NASA’s direct feed streamed way better, and w/o all the n00b comments on the screen.

  7. Michael Lonergan

    That was awesome. I caught it on NASA TV and then CNN’s coverage. CNN is actually live. NASA TV is about 1 minute delayed.

  8. Justin

    I got to see the launch from Germany(on TV of course)! I wish it was dark outside though…I wonder if I could have seen the rockets flare…for lack of a better word. I doubt it since Im in Germany…but it would have been cool to see.

  9. Kol

    Chugged half a liter of Red Bull so I could be in on this one.

    Although my family is asleep, I can feel the world cheering!

    über win!

  10. Buzz Parsec

    I think I saw the flash photography of the external tank after it was jettisoned. (Just west-northwest of Boston, MA.) I went outside about 5 minutes after launch and watched the southeast horizon. About 2:36 to 2:37, I saw a bright light low in the southeast traveling north or north east (slowly rising as it went north.) After about 15 seconds, it went out, and then flashed brightly for a second or two at about 5 second intervals before disappearing completely. The flashes were bright orange. My first thought was “What the heck??”, then I thought it must be a plane, but a plane usually has steady as well as flashing lights, and doesn’t disappear completely. So I went back inside, and realized the time I saw the flashes was right after tank sep. It was much brighter than I expected, about 1st or 2nd magnitude, judging by the stars.


  11. More impressive than the NASA feed is this quasi-amateur video from the KSC press site.

  12. Michelle

    YEaaaaaaaaaaaaaa… If I said I missed the launch because I was SLEEPING would you guys be surprised?

  13. TierOneGirl

    I was asleep, but computers is my first period of the day, so I’m here now. Yay Endeavour!

  14. Kol

    Wait, wait….

    You guys get me all excited like this and then you fall ASLEEP right when stuff is happening?!

    That is just so…



  15. gopher65

    Gogo Mr. Dexter!

  16. Just woke up… we went to the KSC visitors’ center last night to watch the launch. Most impressive… well, except for the thick layer of clouds over Central Florida. We got to see the false dawn and the giant plume of flame and then… just as it cleared the tree line it disappeared behind a wall of cloud. Couldn’t even see the glow any longer. Sigh… We stood just to the right of the astronaut memorial wall, about halfway up the ramp.

    However, that being said, ’twas my first launch viewing and I was still very excited and happy to just be there. Our crappy video of the launch is on my blog. Not much to see but the light show. I think I got a slightly better view through my binocs than hubby did through the camera.

    Go Endeavour!

  17. TierOneGirl

    Kol, cut me some slack, I’m only fifteen.

  18. Paul A.

    I was wondering at what point in the launch can I feel the shuttle has made it safely into orbit? As I watched last night’s launch I think it might be around 10 minutes, but I wonder what event called out by the astronauts or ground control says they made and I can relax. I still get nervous around “go for throttle up.”

  19. Astronomer

    Phil why don’t you grow up and correct your mistakes instead of deleting my comments …

    I’ve been going through your posts and well your really making some minor mistakes!
    Are you sure your an astronomer? you should know the facts. Your post here has some wrong info and your video about the asteroid .. well you made some distance related mistakes .

    Also some other tidbits like when you were explaining some important facts well.. are you sure your an astronomer? your info is very wrong on alot of your posts.

    your degrading astronomy . Maybe you should not be in the debunking astronomy business.

  20. Rusti

    Phil’s information is wrong astronomer??

    Phil is such a nincompoop he has no idea of what science really is , he makes constant mistakes that an astronomer should know . he is a retarded idiot pretending to be important , he doesn’t even work !!


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