New Carnival of Space

By Phil Plait | March 13, 2008 3:00 pm

Miss Frye over at Observations at Missy’s Window is hosting the latest Carnival of Space. I’ve had a somewhat busy week, and forgot to send her one of my own posts, but if you’re here it means you probably read ’em all anyway. But head on over there and take a gander; as usual there’s lots of good stuff there, and you might find a new blog or two to stick into your feed reader.

And if you like it, show her the love on Digg.

Also, Cassini made it through the water plumes of Enceladus yesterday, and has returned lots of images. I’ll talk about those later.

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Comments (7)

  1. Yoshi_3up
  2. Michelle

    Browsing through the Cassini raw images…

    All I can say is… Damn. That’s one helluva beautiful view. Hard to believe it’s real.

  3. Chas

    Looking at the raw data photo from NASA — just to the right of the terminator, there are two features that look like semi-circular grooves, with a semi-straight line under them…..

    With a little imagination, it looks like …


  4. Three-image mosaic released using images taken during yesterday’s Enceladus flyby:

  5. Ken

    Link if html is required

    Damn they shrink fast. Im glad I read about the feather and the hammer today, I’d never heard of that. Cool to see.

  6. Melusine

    Thanks for the reminder. CICLOPS’s high resolution mosaic is very nice too. I tend to rate many of the images as a 10…I suppose they need a scale of: cool, very cool, extremely cool, and out of this world stunning.

  7. How come the Carnival of Space is listed as a discontinued carnival at ?


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