Where has the BA Book been, Part XIII: so Suez me

By Phil Plait | March 19, 2008 5:30 pm

BABloggee Tom Epps may hold a record: he has carried his copy of the BA book to more than 65 countries! Here he is holding it while his ship, the USNS Arctic, crossed the Suez Canal:

This begs the question: once he crossed into the red Sea, did he part with it?

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  1. billsmithaz

    > once he crossed into the red Sea, did he part with it?

    Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow. Ow.


  2. Isn’t this Part XIII?

    Torchwood Institute tribute was Part XII.

    It wouldn’t be important, unless you were purposely avoiding 13…

  3. Michael Lonergan

    That’s so BAd

  4. hale_bopp

    You need a real job again so you don’t have time to sit around thinking these up all day :)

  5. davidlpf

    Hope he does part with the book.

  6. davidlpf

    so in the red sea is it E=m*sea^2.

  7. That joke was all wet.

  8. Jeffersonian

    ha ha,
    a cecil b demille reference!

    That canal is so cool. A group of men once dreamed of a short cut do save going all the way around Africa. Not only did they succeed,
    a)they did it in 18 freaking 69!!
    b)huge ships can do the traverse
    c)Suez backwards is……

  9. Bigfoot

    For my part, all I can do is sea red …

  10. Dave Hall

    I hope Arctic was transiting the canal rather than crossing it–otherwise it was going to be a short trip. Maybe less than 300 feet.

  11. Inertially Guided

    Part with it? Heck no–the BA book is an invaluable reference out here in the battle with ship-board ignorance and foolishness! Why, just the other day one of the bridge watchstanders asked if I “believe” that men have been to the moon! (Whenever someone says the B-word in a question, it usually means they are looking for an argument…)


    Tom Epps
    USNS Arctic
    Persian Gulf

  12. Mike Torr

    I saw the Suez canal only last night while watching “Lawrence Of Arabia”. What an amazing construction project it was!

    And no, it doesn’t “beg” the question. It raises it. :) *

    * Yes, I’m a pedant.

    Q: The Pedants’ Revolt was started by…?
    A: Which Tyler.

  13. Radwaste

    Ahem. More than 65 would be… 66?

  14. Grand Lunar

    Makes me regret not having a camera in my time in the service.
    I could’ve provided a similar image, from the Enterprise.
    Oh well.

  15. JackC

    And it is with that photo that I suddenly realise that my son, having been part of the VERY FIRST fleet of NATO ships (USS Normandy CG-60) to circumnavigate Africa, most likely did not have his copy of BA along.


    His CO sent out a presentation regarding the cruise before it occurred with the final slide saying only “Any Questions?”

    I had one.

    CAN I GO TOO????


  16. Inertially Guided

    Jack C;
    I was in ‘Normandy’ from ’94 to ’96…a great ship to cruise in! Wish your son well for me.

    Tom Epps
    USNS Arctic
    Persian Gulf

    USS Moinester FF-1097 1981-85
    USS Peterson DD-969 1986-91
    CinCUSNaveur UK 1991-94
    USS Normandy CG-60 1994-96
    USS Clark FFG-11 1996-98
    NAS Sigonella Sicily 2001-03
    ComSecondFlt Norfolk 2003-05
    USNS Arctic T-AOE 8 2005-Present…

    …and the Adventure is just beginning!

  17. OsakaGuy

    Good job Mike. Fellow pedant here. This link is good:


    C’mon BA, help us stop this unstoppable language evolution! (It’s worth a try…)

  18. Darling, the pun was awful enough, but must you also contribute to the wanton destruction of the English language with the misuse of “begging the question?” Please!

  19. And I now see that I’m not the first to comment on it. Well, I hope you’ve learned your lesson.

  20. JackC

    I was going to complain about the “begging the question …” thing too – but….

    @Inertially… Will do! I can’t see any collar devices, so can’t tell what you do – but he is currently an ET and back in Norfolk now – but man, that cruise he just took was awesome – compared to mine (I am old CG-11 sailor – also ET – from way back – a CG at least!)

    He missed that volcano off the coast of Yemen though – having just handed Flag over to the Brisbane. He was in Madagascar at the time.

    Me – I had all westpac stuff – with my one exception being USNS Mizar on which I was able to visit England. I love England – but in the scheme of things – Big Whoop.

    The Arctic is a big ship. How many military aboard? I kind of miss my MSC days.


  21. Inertially Guided

    No collar devices or chevrons–I retired from the Navy back in 2003! Now I’m a Merchant Mariner (Able Seaman) and having a ball in my new career with MSC (they pay me to say that).

    Always glad to chat with another cruiser sailor! ‘Arctic’ has a “mil det” of forty Navy and one Army (yes, he is our own “Army of One”), along with 140 Civmars–later this year the Navy gang will check-off leaving US to run the show. All part of the Nav’s re-capitalization or somesuch.

    Anyway, she’s a big, stable platform–which works for me as I observe from the 01 level with my RFT!


  22. Radwaste

    Tom, greetings from the EPCP of SSN 681 and SSBN627(G) – like myself, a nuc no longer in service. I’m delighted to see a sailor who loves his job. Carry on!

  23. mangaeater

    greetings, this is JackC’s son in the navy. I am indeed currently stationed on the USS Normandy and i was just wondering where the Arctic was homeported (if there is such a thing.)


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