Doctor Who… and Satan?

By Phil Plait | March 26, 2008 12:30 pm

A British man is selling his entire collection of Doctor Who collectibles because he has come to the epiphany that the good Doctor is the work of the devil.

Now far be it for me to make fun of someone’s religion… but if your religion is telling you Doctor Who is evil, you’re doing it wrong.

Anyway, the good news is that he’s selling all his stuff on eBay, but the bad news is the article doesn’t say when. My schedule coming up is a bit full (more on that later) so I doubt I’ll be able to keep up with this. If a BABLoggee out there gets wind that the stuff is online, please let me know. He has a full-size TARDIS! Squeee! I’m sure it’ll be way too pricey for me, but an astronomer can dream…

Tip o’ the sonic screwdriver to Rav Winston.

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  1. Fantastic!

    It has nothing to do with bipolar disorder or alcoholism. It’s all the devil and the doctor!

    Didn’t they do that episode already?

  2. Wayne

    Reading the article, I don’t think he’s actually saying that the character of Dr. Who is evil, but that “materialistic obsession” is evil, which is not an entirely unreasonable idea. People can have unhealthy obsessions with just about anything, and while it may be necessary for them to rid themselves of the objects of obsession, it doesn’t mean the items or what they represent are bad in of themselves. If he actually believed that the items themselves were inherently bad, he would more likely destroy them than sell them. Don’t be so quick to jump on the “look at the crazy Christian” bandwagon that you miss seeing a man valiantly trying to rid himself of an addiction.

  3. Wayne, you may be right, but this man sounds like someone who will himself jump on to a bandwagon easily enough. Addictive personalities latch onto things with a fervor, which is how this sounds… like he’s swapping one addiction for another.

  4. Quiet_Desperation

    When I was 15 and waiting for a bus, a homeless Jesus freak saw my Led Zeppelin T-Shirt and went off on a rant about how he used to be a drummer, but threw away his drums and rock albums when he found the Lord. He also said how Zeppelin was satanic.

    I asked him to point out what in Zeppelin’s music was satanic, and he backpedaled to “rock and roll in general.”

    I also asked him when Jesus was going to make him not have to live on the street anymore. Cruel? Maybe.

    I was with two friends, and we considered subjecting him to a completely justified pantsing, but the bus arrived. Also, we were afraid to touch any part of him. Yikes!

  5. Wayne

    I tend to agree about his personality, I guess it remains to be seen which addiction is more destructive for him (although I can guess what many on this forum will say).

    Off topic, but I just saw the news release about the high levels of organic material in the Enceladus geyser measured by Cassini. Looking forward to reading your reaction to that.

  6. Darren Moore

    Oh lord, I was born there! Oh the shameof it all! Hmm, there is a phrase from around that part of the country which possibly sums up the gentleman concerened. It goes something along the lines of “yep, every village should have one” .

    A doffing of the yokle cap to;

  7. Oh damn. Don’t tell Orac.

  8. If religious delusion tells someone to sell his stuff to me for cheap, I think I can make a small exception in my war on religious delusion. With that in mind…

    YES! Doctor Who is Satan! Also, don’t forget that Jesus hates rich people!

  9. Jim Seymour

    It appears to be a bit of bad reporting. In the comments section, a person who seems to be the subject of the article says the following:

    I do not remember using the word “evil” and never said Dr Who was evil. My obsession with it was very unhealthy and I loved Dr Who more than I loved God. The reverse is now true. The things I loved did not make me happy, only God has done that.

    Aside from the delusion that is religion, he seems fairly level-headed to me.

  10. I read that article, and when I saw this:
    He said: “God delivered me from the evil that is Dr Who, materialism and alcoholism.

    It made me think of this:

  11. Jason Hanford-Smith

    And by “fantastic timing” I mean I just posted that… just now… at about this time.

  12. csrster

    He’s delivering himself from evil … by handing it on to other people for cash?

  13. Overall, it’s hard to complain. This guy’s God delusion has caused him to sell Dr. Who artifacts to other Dr. Who fans who might want them.

    Many other people’s God delusions cause them to go kill people.

    In the great, grand scheme of things, it really could be worse.

  14. Turns out there’s an eBay user called “umboman” who is located in the UK and who has some religious content on his “My eBay” page.

    Since that is the name used in the comments section of the article from the guy who seems to be the subject, I’m guess they are one and the same.

    If so, his items will appear here:

    Nothing yet, but check back every few days…

  15. Mod

    If God saved him from materialism why is he selling this stuff for presumably thousands of pounds? Sounds like a cunning ebayvertising ploy to me.

    If he was a man of God, he wouldn’t have gone to the papers, he’d have anonymously donated the stuff to a charity who could do a charity auction to raise money for the needy.

    “Take heed that ye do not your alms before men, to be seen of them: otherwise ye have no reward of your Father which is in heaven. Therefore when thou doest [thine] alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, that they may have glory of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. But when thou doest alms, let not thy left hand know what thy right hand doeth: That thine alms may be in secret: and thy Father which seeth in secret himself shall reward thee openly.”

    Matthew 6:1-4 – It’s a pretty famous direct quote allegedly from Jesus

  16. Michael Lonergan

    This is really sad, but not unheard of. When I underwent my religious conversion in 1984, I got rid of all of my secular music, sci-fi novels (many of them from ACC), and anything to do with Star Wars. Unlike this fellow, I threw mine in the trash. I have regretted it ever since, and think how sad it is that people fall into this delusion. I pity him, but want his stuff!

  17. Doug

    “He has a full-size TARDIS!”

    What does “full-size” mean when you’re talking about a TARDIS? Inside dimensions or outside dimensions?

  18. Michael Lonergan

    “I do not remember using the word “evil” and never said Dr Who was evil. My obsession with it was very unhealthy and I loved Dr Who more than I loved God. The reverse is now true. The things I loved did not make me happy, only God has done that.”

    I can respect that. But, why can’t he balance out his love for God, with a healthy balance of loving other things? I guess that’s the question for me. Is his love for God merely an unhealthy obsession?

    (Now that I am no longer religious, I have a truck-load of Chick tracts I want to unload – they’re priceless! OK just kidding. If I did have them, there’s no way I’d get rid of those! Collectors will pay huge bucks for those things! :) )

  19. honeythunder

    “…if your religion is telling you Doctor Who is evil, you’re doing it wrong.”


    I hope he’s selling a ton of books. I have gaps in my library!

    (I could see if he was claiming that RTD was the devil due to the overwhelming “shippiness” of the recent batch of companions, but as was seen in last seasons finale – the Doctor is closer to Jesus than Satan. *grumble grumble grumble* I’ll stop now, before I punch my keyboard out of fangirlish wangst.)

    I would keep a watchful eye on ebay, but if I do, I’ll end up buying stuff, I just know it! 😉

  20. Zaphodn

    I think the Daleks are making him do this so they can buy his TARDIS
    and take over the Universe!

  21. MandyDax

    Did you see the comment from amethyst of Westbury? They say that their autistic child’s interest in DW has helped him: “Dr Who has transformed my childs life.If it wasnt for his obsession with it, he would be locked in a silent world still.”

    That’s so the Doctor. :)

    The guy’s a bit unhinged anyway. Bi-polar, alcoholic, OCD, sounds like. I understand that these things are mental disorders, and they’re ones that make the person avoid seeking real help, but at the same time impressionable. It’s really sad that he’s giving up something he loves that he knows is fiction for something else that he thinks is real. :(

  22. davidlpf

    And me without a credit card.

  23. KC

    Ah . . . But the Valeyard is very evil – and one of the Doctors. So at least one of the Doctors is evil.

  24. Matthew J. Barlow

    KCon 26 Mar 2008 at 4:25 pm wrote

    “Ah . . . But the Valeyard is very evil – and one of the Doctors. So at least one of the Doctors is evil.”

    But did not the sixth Doctor hurl himself willingly into the Rani’s tractor beam, and thus end that life so he may avoid becoming the Valeyard?

    Verily, let it be said that no Time Lord have greater love than he who lays down his current regeneration for the cosmos!

  25. Um, is he planning to donate the proceeds to a worthy cause? Heaven forbid he should use the cash to acquire more evil possessions.

  26. Heather

    New Who is a complete load of balderdash. But evil. No.

  27. ShavenYak

    Wait a second….

    Dr. Who defeated Satan (or, at least, a good facsimile thereof) in the second season of the new series. When Jesus was accused of using demonic power to cast out demons, he said that was ridiculous, because “a kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.” Therefore, Doctor Who cannot possibly be evil. QED.

  28. Stephen

    Wow. Weird. Doctor Who and Satan are both songs by Orbital. And don’t make me tell you how the name of that band relates to this web site.

  29. Chris C.

    7,000 GBP on Dr Who stuff?

    That bespeaks an unhealthy obsession. Who cares why he’s giving it up? At least a religion will get him out of the house and talking to people.

    By the way, what makes a replica of an old police box a Tardis per se?

  30. KC

    Well, first it has to be bigger on the inside than on the outside . . .

  31. Grant

    So I’m reading this post to my wife and I get to the part about the full size TARDIS. And my wife gives me this quizzical look and says, “You can’t have a full size TARDIS.”
    I took me full 5 seconds of blathering before I realized what she was saying.

    I love my wife. <3

  32. Grand Lunar

    I wonder if the guy selling this stuff missed the episode where the Doctor DEFEATED Satan. With help from a black hole, of course. 😉

  33. MisterFweem

    If Dr. Who is inspired by Satan, ol’ Scratch must be a boring fellow indeed.

  34. MisterFweem

    Or, if not boring, be a schizoid of:

    1)The Hero
    2) The Hero’s Sidekick
    3) The spunky, idiotic comic relief guy (or gal) who is WAY more annoying than funny.

    Now the war between Dr. Who fans and detractors begins. . .

  35. Protesilaus

    I say if he was a real Christian, he would have burnt his collectables in the Christian tradition.

  36. Paul Schofield

    Dr Who gets time travel tips from Satan.

    The full episode is on Youtube (odds are C4 will take it down soon, but as of writing there are three versions). The ending is extremely freaky, but then that is Darren Brown for you. He is an avowed sceptic, who waxes lyrical about Dawkins in his own book, and who just happens to be one of the most accomplished mind readers and hypnotists out there.

    If you haven’t already seen his Messiah series, you should. It is one of the best sceptical programs ever, mostly because he several times better at the psychic and religious tricks than the ‘genuine’ article.


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