Yet Another Doctor Who Trailer

By Phil Plait | March 29, 2008 11:31 am

The BBC is certainly ramping up the excitement for my favorite show ever. This trailer just appeared, and once again I’m sure it’ll get taken down and reloaded and and and. This one’s more melodramatic than the others.

I’ll be in LA filming Skeptologists when the new season of Doctor Who premiers, so I want no spoilers, but lots of comments. :-)


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  1. Yoshi_3up

    That looks way more awesome than the other trailer.+

    Good luck with Skeptologists, Phil!

  2. I like the Usual Suspects reference at the end.

  3. Ryan Cassavaugh

    I saw Daleks! I’m really hoping for the return of the Yeti!

  4. dave

    Awesome. But it remains to be seen if Tennant can perform on the same level as Eccelston. Heck for me, it’s still hard to let go of Tom Baker. But that’s the nature of the series, and might even allow it to extend way beyond our deaths. As long as there is at least one Dalek left out there…

  5. Grand Lunar

    It seems we still get to see the Daleks!

    BTW, did it seem a bit coincidental that the surviving Dalek is named Caan? And didn’t the Doctor yell “Caaaaaaaaaaaaaan!” ?

    I wonder what role the Ood will have. Could this mean the “Beast” returns?

    Least we’re still seeing old villians show up.
    Beats the appearence of the Slitheen. Sorry, I mean the Raxicoricolphalipatorians.
    Did I get that right?

  6. Richard Gadsden

    Just seen this trailer before Match of the Day. Seriously cranking it up – that’s probably the #1 slot on a Saturday.

  7. Ragutis

    The Beast shouldn’t return. The Ood story is supposedly way in the past on their home planet and explores the origins of their becoming a servile race.

    If the rumours about the big baddie in the finale are correct, then the Dalek arc could be good, but I am getting tired of them. IMHO, they’re being way overused and that’s really lessening their impact. There’s so many other awesome races/monsters to bring back. Sea Devils and/or Silurians would be my pick.

    I’m curious about that ring on Donna’s finger…

    Yeah, good weekend coming up: BSG returns, Torchwood finale and DW Series 4 starts.

  8. Sergeant Zim

    I found an extraordinary video on YouTube, made by somebody who has a DEEP appreciation of the Doctor:

    It really is amazing.

  9. Julianne

    I LURVE Doctor Who, have done since I was four. If you love Dr Who, you should definately check out Torchwood, the spin-off also by Russell Davies.

  10. Ryan Cassavaugh

    I can’t believe I just now noticed that Doctor Who and Torchwood are anagrams. This is the kind of thing that usually jumos out at me. Both great shows though. Next: “Hot Rod O.C.” or “Th’ Cow Door”

  11. Ryan: The “Torchwood” anagram came about because that’s how they labeled the footage when they were filming the “first” (2005) series, so people wouldn’t see “Doctor Who” and go bananas, or pilfer ’em, or anything like that.

    Then, as these things tend to do, it took on a life of its own…

  12. Charles

    While Doctor Who’s new season is exciting, the urgency to watch it is only a couple of magnitudes lower than Friday night’s S4 premiere of Battlestar Galactica.

  13. Doc

    I saw both Daleksand the Ood. It looks like there are Sontarans in there as well – marching armies of guys with domed heads – unless they’re those aliens from Martha’s first episode back again.


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