London England BA Meetup! Now with more Randi!

By Phil Plait | April 10, 2008 12:00 pm

So next week I fly to Jolly Old to begin an adventure which includes going down to the bowels of the Earth and poking around the Large Hadron Collider. No hadrons will be harmed during this trip, but I will be making videos with the officially sexy scientist Brian Cox, his unofficially sexy wife Gia, and a few others.

We figured, why not take a chance to meet up with folks in England in a pub? And so we will: on April 17th, from 6:30 to 10:30, we will glom onto a meetup and use it to meet BA fans and others from the UK! The details are all online.

But wait, there’s more: James Randi hisself will be joining us! He’ll be in England on unrelated business, but seeing as how I was sitting next to him yesterday while he’s here in Boulder, I asked if he could join us, and he said yes.


So here’s your chance to meet quite a few science and skeptic types. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if Brian can be there or not, but don’t let that stop you (he’s married anyway, remember?).

While I’m there, I’ll be doing some other things as well, but we’re not set in stone on what yet. I’ll have more info on all that as it solidifies.


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  1. Crux Australis

    Cool, this was posted as I was reading the previous post, so I am 18.25 hours ahead of you. I’d come up with some witty time-travel related comment, like “stay off the southern motorway, there’ll be a pile-up there at 3 on Thursday afternoon”, but it wouldn’t make much sense since you’re on a different continent. I don’t even know which continent I’m on, sitting right on the indo-australian and pacific plates boundary.

  2. Aw, nobody ever comes to Markham. Stupid England!

  3. Quiet_Desperation

    If Randi starts in about spoon bending, please throw one at him. You can tell him it’s from me.

  4. Ginger Yellow

    Aaargh. Why does it have to be a Thursday? That’s press night! Any chance of a two day binge?

  5. Gib

    I’m seeing Randi on the Saturday. Are you coming to that Phil ?

    That event’s booked out, so I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of people turn up for this one. Standing room only I’m sure! See you there.

  6. Yoshi_3up

    “But wait, there’s more: James Randi hisself will be joining us! He’ll be in England on unrelated business, but seeing as how I was sitting next to him yesterday while he’s here in Boulder, I asked if he could join us, and he said yes.”

    I hate to be such a grammar freak, but I think it’s “himself”. 😉

  7. Kimpatsu

    And here I am, a Londonr in Tokyo so I won’t be making this one. Say “Hi” to Randi from me (we met in Tokyo last year), and raise a glass to my absence…

  8. vbloke

    I’ll see you there – I believe I owe you a drink

  9. swizzlenuts

    Awesome, this is about a 20-30 minute walk from my place. I’m pretty excited already!

  10. swizzlenuts

    I can’t figure out how to edit, so I’ll just make another comment.

    I hope the pub has some proper ales, so you guys don’t have to stick to the usual mass produced lagers. :)

  11. Scott Halls

    I am trying to free some time up at work, so I can make it down to London. If I can, I will be there.

  12. Scott Halls

    Also trying to find somewhere local to stay in the area, any ideas?

  13. I’ll be there. Yey!

    Scott – give us an idea of budget!


  14. Maugrim

    That’s about 15 minutes away from my place of work, and about the time I usually knock off, to boot. Now I’ll just need to get over my extreme social ineptness and actually find my way there! If you see a nervous-looking guy with glasses and hearing aids, it’s probably me.

  15. Scott Halls

    I’m not too worried about price, as long as it’s not half the LHC budget it should be OK :)

    I’m going to look online this afternoon, so should be able to sort something out.

    Hopefully see everyone next week.


  16. Malcolm

    I hope to be there next week

  17. I like this place which is ~20 minutes walk away and in the university district. hotel. Alternatively, the London School of Economics rents out student rooms during the holidays (which this is) which is the best budget accommodation in town

  18. Danny

    Now why does all the cool stuff happen in london, Its smelly & Busy!

    Come to Liverpool instead its kinda busy And not that smelly and the people are grrreat, you could hold a Meet up Nr Jodrell Bank there’s plenty of pubs nr there!!!


    I will live in hope that something cool will come to my neck of the woods in my lifetime

  19. defectiverobot

    I really, really hate you.

  20. defectiverobot

    Oh man, it blocked my brackets! Let’s try this again…

    <envious>I really, really hate you.<jealous>

  21. defectiverobot

    That’s better!

  22. madge

    Phil, Chris, Randi and Brian (possibly) in the same room and I CAN’T BE THERE! No way to get down to London ,and back, from Yorkshire. I could spit!

  23. MedTek(sandra)

    Gird your liver, Phil. See you Thursday! (I can’t wait!)

  24. M@

    Hi everyone.

    I’m Matt from Nature Network, the host for these drinks. I’m really looking forward to meeting Phil and readers of this blog. Not to mention James Randi.

    About the pub. It’s a good old-fashioned boozer with a selection of real ales. Prices are typical of London. Expect to pay about £2.50 for a beer.

    Note: the gathering is in the UPSTAIRS bar. It holds around 50 people. If things get too busy, there’s a nice patio area outside.

    We hold these drinks every month or two for London scientists to mingle – no talks, no agenda, just lots of enquiring minds in one pub.

    Anyone who wants a free drink – register on Nature Network, and bring a print-out of your profile.

    See you Thursday.

    Matt Brown


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