Want: Part V, lunar furniture edition

By Phil Plait | April 11, 2008 4:00 pm

Oh man, and here I am looking for something in which to keep my meteorite collection!

It’s actually more of a piece of art, with only 24 made. Bummer.

Tip o’ the shop goggles to Amanda.


Comments (11)

  1. davidlpf

    It is more like the BA getting his stories from the forum day.

  2. You still can’t see Tycho City, New Berlin..

  3. Ginger Yellow

    You could probably make one yourself pretty easily. Get some high res images and find a printer who’ll put them onto vinyl. Then just stick it onto any old container.

  4. So find a hi-res moon photo you like, get a ginormous poster made from it at http://www.yottaprint.com/wallmurals.html, buy yourself an IKEA sideboard and decoupage that sucker!

    And blog the results!

  5. quasidog

    Wow, that is really impressive, it just catches the eye right away. I really like the 3D effect it has. Even though it has corners, it gives me the impression of a real moon. Nice find. I want one! >:/

  6. Michelle

    My GOD that’s beautiful… how does it glow? This can’t be standard glow-in-the-dark stuff.

  7. James

    vinyl Printing is your friend here.

    I so wish I could have been the first one to say this. Still, great minds…

  8. The image of the Moon here is that of the nearside (the side of the Moon that continually faces Earth because both planets are synchonously-locked), however, does this mean that if I look inside the cabinet I should be able to see the farside? Hmmm…guess not :-)

    Only 24 made? Why didn’t they make 28 — one for each day of the Moon’s monthly rotation about its axis and the same for its orbital revolution about Earth :-)

    John — http://www.moonposter.ie
    Moon News — http://www.moonposter.ie/news.htm
    Moon Missions — http://www.moonposter.ie/missions.htm

  9. overstroming

    You should leave some space in the back of it for your Floyd collection…

  10. Thomas Siefert

    More things you want BA, I saw one of these in a shop today: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ1K3XK3dxM

    When you get to London, insist that you be taken to a Sainsbury supermarket where they are available. :-)

  11. That’s really cool. :) I also saw some cool solar-powered garden stakes for your plants in the shape and colours of the planets, Jupiter, Earth, and Venus if I remember correctly that glow at night at the Animal Rescue Site store. I was going to buy some but decided to wait till my garden was done first. If you wanted to see them they’re at http://www.theanimalrescuesite.com and then you click Store.


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