Kiki at TVWeek

By Phil Plait | April 21, 2008 1:00 pm

Hey, my Skeptologist cohost Kiki Sanford was profiled in TV Week. Cool.

P.S. I am giving a talk in a few minutes in the UK, and may not be around to blog again today (it’s in a pub). But I have the big LHC post coming up, so stay tuned!


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  1. Derek

    Very cool profile.

    Good luck to both you, Phil, and Kirsten. On everything.

  2. Nic

    Nooooo!!! I missed you in the pub! I work in London but live out of town. Unfortunately I was sick today and not in London, :(
    I do hope it went when and you enjoyed the company of my fellow Brits.


  3. LZ

    *Dr Who Spoiler alert – albeit very minor*

    Completely off-topic, but I thought you’d be interested. I was at a talk tonight in Liverpool given by Richard Dawkins in which he was asked about his role in the forthcoming Dr Who ep.

    His reply was along the lines of that whilst he wasn’t a viewer of the show on its initial runs (I assume he means back in the 60’s, 70′ & 80’s) since he married Lalla he’s watched all her episodes on DVD and has become quite a fan. He said he’s interviewed by a news-anchor type person and has a couple of lines dealing with an alternate universe, or some such.

    That’s about it.

  4. Mattias

    Thanks for the talk tonight!

    Hope I´ll meet some moon hoax skeptic to try my new set of debunk skills on.

  5. Frogmarch

    look forward to your Large HiC! post. :shifty:

  6. Thomas Siefert

    Just got home from the pub, Great stuff Phil.

  7. Mark Martin

    In a pub? Instead of “talk”, don’t you really mean “drunken rant”?

  8. Doug Ellison

    It wasn’t too drunk – and it was a PACKED pub. Probably the best astro-based talk I’ve seen. The crowd loved Phil, he was playing them beautifully. His final closing question answer was like some Skeptics rallying call that put Henry V’s St Crispens day monologue to shame! And just so he doesn’t run short for the flight home – I got him a mini toblerone :) Great to meet Gia as well – just as charming as Phil reports. Skeptics in the Pub is my new favorite night out. Pity it involved a 2 hr train journey home – but it’s worth it!

  9. simonson

    thanks for the talk last night Phil, a real treat!

  10. Jim

    I to attended the talk, very entertaining and coherent, and one of the best question and answer sessions we’ve had. Well done, we need more folks who communicate science so well.

  11. Thanks for a great evening Phil, it was a real pleasure to meet you. Now if I can just tick off Rebecca, Randi and Dawkins from my list I’ll be a very happy man.

  12. Tom G

    Great talk, Phil, and thanks for signing my ‘Bad Astronomy’ book so amusingly! This was my first visit to a Skeptics in the Pub session but it won’t be my last.


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