Coast to Coast AM interview tonight at 22:00 Pacific

By Phil Plait | April 24, 2008 7:00 pm

I just found out I’ll be on the radio show Coast to Coast AM tonight at 22:00 or thereabouts Pacific Time (05:00 UT Friday morning). We’ll be chatting about the Hubble images I wrote about this morning, and I’m sure I’ll get a plug in for the book, too.

Update: Well, that was fast! There must be a lot of news tonight. Still, it’s always fun to be on.

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  1. Yoshi_3up

    Ah, 2 AM for me. I have to get up early tomorrow. Aww.

  2. Yoshi_3up

    And besides, I don’t even know if I could hear it live from the web, or something.

  3. Justin

    I love that you take the time to do shows like Coast to Coast. Noory and Bell are some of the worst enablers of woo around but they get some points for having you on the show (In fact they brought you to my attention in the first place, but then again I am your not your average listener).

    Good luck and don’t forget to ask George if he has seen any of David Icke’s lizard people around recently. Unless of course you are one of the lizard people. Do you shape-shift?

  4. Ampersand

    For those who plan to stream this (and don’t want to subscribe) go to

    I always forget whether I can use HTML in these comments, so no link.

  5. Ampersand

    Ooooo, automatic linkage.
    Very nice, BA, very nice.

  6. Greg in Austin

    I don’t think I can handle listening to C2C long enough without my head exploding. Perhaps if someone can record just your portion of the show, maybe some people’s brains can be spared. ūüėČ


  7. I’m on first, when George reads the news, so you won’t have to listen to Linda Moulton Howe if you don’t want to. ūüėČ I’m on in an hour and a half.

  8. Chip

    Van de Graaff Generator on? Check!
    “Jacob‚Äôs Ladder” Electric Plasma Generator on? Check!
    Zoetrope activated? Check!
    Copal Globe Electrostatic Generator running? Check!
    Charge Sphere activated? Check!

    All ready for Coast to Coast AM! ūüėÄ

  9. Identity 4

    Multitrack Recorder on computer? Check!

    Will host it on my site in a bit….

  10. Identity 4

    Ok…here we go. Sorry I missed the first few seconds of it.. :( Turns out I have wicked slow reflexes and Ableton Live has too many buttons.

    Here is what i have tho…

  11. drew terry

    Coast to Coast? That’s funny.

    From C2C web site:

    Appearing briefly at the start of the show, astronomer Phil Plait commented on the new Hubble photos. For more, see his blog entry.

    Questions on “Crackpot/Woo-Woo” criteria:

    1. It’s good for Phil to be on C2C even though it is total crackpot/woo-woo?

    2. How are C2C listeners supposed to know Phil is not crackpot/woo-woo?

    3. Are there any other guests like Phil (i.e. anti-crackpot/woo-woo)?

    4. If so, how do we know who the anti-crackpot/woo-woos are?

    5. Since C2C is “All Crackpot/Woo-Woo” except for Phil (and whomever else, I don’t know):

    a. it is more likely more listeners will assume Phil IS crackpot/woo-woo than not;

    b. then by crackpot/woo-woo association, they won’t buy Phil’s book?

    6. Educate people to know “Crackpot/Woo-Woo” true Crackpot/Woo-Woo artists from the merely wannabe “Crackpot/Woo-Woo” imitators?

    If the bogus “Crackpot/Woo-Woo” could be identified, then the general population could self-crackpot; and scientists could spend time on science, instead of debunking the “Crackpot/Woo-Woo” artists imitators.

  12. I did not have advance knowledge of the broadcast when I heard George Noory introduce you. I think he was delighted to have you if only for a short time. His voice and enthusiasm really perked up. Remember, he spends his career dealing with crackpots. I’m a fan of C2C. It is great to fall asleep to. But I remember one night a caller asked him how he dealt with crackpots all the time. And I believe Mr. Noory answered honestly. He said he was giving a forum to ideas, one of which might pan out to be correct but that providing the forum did not mean his endorsement of these ideas.


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