Want: Part 6

By Phil Plait | April 30, 2008 1:00 pm

Oh man. After an intensely Doctor Whoish week in the UK (I’ll squee about that in a later post) what do I find out? I can get a Dalek helmet that changes your voice!

Even better, this same company has a USB-powered TARDIS can cooler! WANTWANTWANT.

You’d think it would hold a bigger can, though.

Tip[ o’ the sonic screwdriver to Kevin Jung.


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  1. ioresult

    For a cooling device to ba that small, I suppose it uses thermoelectric cooling. I hear those device are very current-hungry. You may need a dedicated powered hub for this.

  2. Rowsdower

    Don’t get this confused with your TARDIS USB hub.

  3. Mark

    “You‚Äôd think it would hold a bigger can, though.”

    The cans are bigger on the inside, of course.

  4. Gnat

    The helmet is already sold out! Man, that would make a GREAT Halloween outfit!

  5. ioresult

    There’s a great article on USB cooling devices here: http://www.everythingusb.com/mini_usb_fridge_12625.html

  6. You dress like a DAAAAAAHLEKKKK!

  7. Thethyme

    There is a great Tardis coin bank and it can hold about $70 well atleast that is typical of the change I put in it. The best part is it makes the Tardis sound effect when you close the door after you deposit the change!

  8. WANT!

    I already have a TARDIS USB hub; when you stick a device in the blue light on top flashes and it makes the “TARDIS Arrival sound”. Coolness.

    And my boss has a life-size inflatable Dalek. Life is good.

  9. Ness

    No, you see, that’s a fully functional mini-fridge. There’s actually a whole 24 pack in there, and the hand is pulling one of them out. ūüėõ

  10. aiabx

    Oh, come on. A voice changer? Who needs it? Raise your hand anyone who hasn’t done a Dalek-voice “Exterminate” in the last week *without* any electronic enhancement.

  11. AJ

    I was just looking at Dr Who toys on thinkgeek, and had my best idea of the week.

    I need to buy the sonic screwdriver, and put the guts of my car’s remote lock in it. Just imagine sonically (un)locking your car door Doctor-style every morning.

  12. Sili

    Ah – someone’s already pointed out the ridiculous waste of energy of that cancooler.

    Might one be able to interest you in a Jinxlet to go with your Whomorabilia?

  13. PrimaCausa

    BA –
    If you promise to wear that helmet in one of your future YouTube videos, I’ll actually buy you one ūüėČ

  14. davidlpf

    Berry any job openings in your company I have feeling I would fit right in.

  15. Nicole

    AJ…. Best. Idea. EVAR! (Luckily I have two sonic screwdrivers, but unluckily not two remote car keys… no room for error.)

  16. Blu-Ray-Ven

    phil just open up your wallet and you can havehavehave

  17. That helmet looks like so much fun! It is so very you Phil.

  18. JB of Brisbane

    Let me know if someone ever makes Bessie or the Whomobile in 1:18 diecast… if they haven’t already.

  19. madge

    Oh and just in case you were wondering I am clutching my David Tennant action figure as I type this, while drinking outa my Dr Who mug, playing with my RC Dalek and fondling my Sonic Screwdriver : )

  20. Sue Mitchell

    A friend of mine, Dale Who?, has the whole Dalek – named Gareth T. Dalek. He could double for Russell T. too. :-)

  21. Wow, madge, how many hands do you have? lol.

  22. madge

    I had an Adipose help with the sonic screwdriver and an Ood lent a tentacle here and there ; )

  23. Joe Meils

    I love the helmet! Not exactly to scale, but I can forsee having endless fun building the midsection and the “bumpy skirt” to go with it… I hope they get their production up to speed before Halloween.

  24. Matt

    All right, I bought the can-cooling Tardis for my wife. She’s an enormous Dr. Who geek and she’s certain to like this. And *she* imitates the “Exterminate” voice at least once a week.

  25. Old Trekkie

    I have a Tardis bank from PBS for joining years ago when they used to show Dr. Who. Sits in my sewing room that is completely decorated in Dr. Who, Star Trek, & Star Wars stuff, toys & posters. My grankids think it’s cool, but my husband makes me close the door when his boss comes to dinner!

  26. Ronn Blankenship

    Just be sure that you spell it clearly on your order form with an “A” rather than a “U” or instead of a police call box you may receive a Porta-Potty‚ĄĘ with a blinking light on top . . .

  27. sprocket

    A neighbour made a dalek last year for the village carnival. Great fun. He designed the gun- based on a CO2 fire extinguisher, and I did the voice- a 30Hz ring modulator and clipping. His young son had great fun terrorising the carnival crowd.


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