We already have one skinny guy on the TARDIS

By Phil Plait | May 12, 2008 4:38 pm

Comedy Central has an interesting table up: which Presidential candidate would make the best companion for Doctor Who*? Turns out, in their opinion, it depends on the Doctor.

McCain gets three nods, while Obama gets four, including being on board with David Tennant. I dunno. I’d like to see Nader complaining about the unsafe features of the TARDIS (no safety belts?), or John Edwards survive a typical crash landing without one hair out of place. Of course, Clinton would ignore all of the Doctor’s advice (the Time Lord is an expert after all).

But McCain? Part of the charm of the show is that the Doctor is older than everyone else.

*Link is semi-NSFW.

Tip o’ the Sontaran spacesuit helmet to BABloggee dj empirical.

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Comments (25)

  1. JackC

    “Of course, Clinton would ignore all of the Doctor’s advice (he is an expert after all).”

    I don’t think – though I am not really certain – that the “he” part of the Clinton group is really considered a ‘candidate” this time around.

    But then, we may be time traveling. I never was much for the Dr.


  2. Sili

    But the Doctor is (almost always) male.

  3. davidlpf

    Go back eight years invite Bush for a trip just don’t tell him it is a oneway trip.

    About the he part of Clintons, has Hillary thought about having Bill around the Whitehouse with a lot of time his hands remember he did a lot more just work when he was president.

  4. JackC, the “he” in that sentence refers to the Doctor, not Bill Clinton. I’ll edit it to make it clearer.

  5. taiki

    No safety equipment on the TARDIS? hardly! What else is an interspace/time shield for?

  6. MandyDax

    Actually, Hilary is kind of like Donna, but without any of the humanity, humility, or respect for other people and the truth.

  7. billseyeview

    I would have to disagree with McCain as a good companion for the first Doctor. He had a fondness for the young people, and I think he would have really enjoyed having someone as smart as Obama on the TARDIS. Also the Doctor would have to keep an eye on McCain making sure he was not sniffing around Susan to much, we know John likes them young.

  8. I like the idea of The Doctor – an one of them! – travelling through time with Bill Clinton. Multitemporal party! Drinking, carousing and “dancing” – lots of dancing. Suddenly The Doctor is looking all sorts of reponsible!

  9. davidlpf

    We at Timelords against time travelling drunk, strongly urge you not to drink while operating a TARDIS.

  10. billseyeview

    The fourth Doctor and Bill Clinton. The Doctor just needs to keep an eye on his scarf, and question any unexpiianed that may appear on it. LOL

  11. billseyeview

    Ace could become McCain’s Sec. of Defense.

  12. davidlpf
  13. McCain: Most likely to be a Dalek agent.

  14. davidlpf

    Cheney is the master, the man sized safe in his office is his TARDIS.

  15. billseyeview

    McCain is really a Sontaran, and quick someone find the tube in the back of his neck?

    Cheney is not the Master, the Master had brains, Cheney is more like the Black Guardian.

  16. JB of Brisbane

    What need has one of safety equipment when one can just reverse the polarity of the neutron flow?

  17. Older than anybody else? So you’re saying Ron Paul is the Doctor?

  18. Grand Lunar

    I can see Hillary Clinton as the top canidate for the Doctor’s companion, mostly because his current run of companions have been females (yes, I know there have been exceptions).

    What the real question is is how long will the Doctor put up with her?
    For her sake, I hope she would learn a thing or two.

  19. Farb

    I think CHELSEA would make the best companion.

    I’m pretty sure all the Doctors would agree.

  20. Fizzle

    I have to disagree with what they say about Doctor# 8 the movie its self wasn’t that good but his Doctor was quite good. That and the movie wasn’t made by Fox it just aired on Fox it was made by the BBC and Paramount.

  21. Thethyme

    None of them would make a good companion… a companion has to really care about people and be capable of self sacrifice, do you think the Doctor would allow any of these people on the Tardis? They are not companions they are all Harriet Jones in disguise.

  22. “Of course, Clinton would ignore all of the Doctor’s advice (the Time Lord is an expert after all)”

    That actually makes her a very viable companion, because I think one of their prime jobs _is_ to ignore the Doctor’s advice…so that they can get into some sort of trouble the Doctor needs to rescue them from.

    I mean, look. Rose ignored advice up to and including almost destroying time and space a couple of times – and lasted three seasons (and only isn’t still there because the actress wanted to move on) while becoming the love of the Doctor’s (very, very long) life.

    Meanwhile, Martha was intelligent, followed advice – up to and including doing what was required to _save_ all of time and space – and barely lasted a season as the Doctor’s “rebound” companion.

    Thus, Hillary could end up the next Sarah Jane Smith!

  23. Jack Harkness (or rather the character using the pseudonym Jack Harkness) is now older than the Doctor.

  24. Well, Kucinich could bring his alien encounter experience to the table. 😉

  25. Nader’s a great choice because he’s already been in sci-fi! A future society of humans in Greg Bear’s novel “Eon” has a “Naderite” political party and often speak of the greatly revered “good man Nader”

    Also, there’s time-travel and… get this… THE SPACESHIP IS LARGER ON THE INSIDE THAN THE OUTSIDE!


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