X-Files movie trailer!

By Phil Plait | May 12, 2008 2:29 pm

The X-files movie trailer is up on YouTube, c/o Gia:

W00t! It looks great! Gia, who posted it, has a couple of screencaps, too. Gillian Anderson is still teh hawt, even maybe more so now. I loved that she was called "the thinking man’s sex symbol" back when the show was on. Even though the actress herself has a touch of the woo, Dana Scully was all science and a scorcher because of it. [Swooning sigh]. Obviously, Gia agrees.

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  1. PerryG

    I had no idea Billy Connolly was in it… I wholeheartedly second your w00t!

  2. Gillian Anderson is still teh hawt

    Good gravy, you’re right! :)

  3. I’ve always thought Scully was hawt! And I’m a straight female. lol. I’m looking forward to the new X-Files movie :-)

  4. Michael Lonergan
  5. gia

    I think Scully is the only woman that makes otherwise straight women go just a little bit lezza. :)

    Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh!!! I’m so excited for this film! And I’m working on it! Can you imagine HOW EXCITING THAT IS???!!!!

  6. Daffy

    The last movie was so completely without any redeeming qualities at all, someone will have to work hard to convince me to waste money on this one. I even stopped watching the series after the last one.

  7. ThomasJeffersonJr

    Mr. Bad Astronomer, I know what an attractive woman can do to
    most males in terms of them losing whatever rationality and intellect
    they might otherwise possess, but how can you support anything
    to do with The X-Files?

    The series made it clear that it always fell on the side of the
    supernatural, superstition, mythology, monsters, ghouls,
    bug-eyed alients, etc. Scully’s rational explanations were
    always trounced by the “hero”, Fox Mulder, whose seemingly
    crazy explanations always turned out to be the right ones,
    at least in the X-Files Universe.

    So I am not stopping you or anyone else from going ga-ga
    over Scully, but this endorsement of a series that rested solidly
    on the side of fantasy and horror is a bit concerning.

  8. stopgap


    Frohike flirts with Scully.

  9. You might have something there Gia! I *wish* I could imagine how exciting your job must be. lol.

  10. Kevin

    “So I am not stopping you or anyone else from going ga-ga
    over Scully, but this endorsement of a series that rested solidly
    on the side of fantasy and horror is a bit concerning.”

    Do you also complain about the old Warner Brothers cartoons, where Wile E. Coyote runs off the end of a cliff, and doesn’t fall until he looks down and realizes the ground isn’t there any more?

  11. TJJr, because it’s a story. I know the difference between fact and fiction, and I like stories. If people take is as nonfiction, well, they probably have a predisposition to do so.

  12. RL

    I can’t wait to see this movie. The chemistry between Mulder and Scully was amazing in the old series. Mulder wanted to believe and Scully would make him work for it. Until it came to cases dealing with religion and then it was the other way around. The old series had a great way of pulling you into the story arc and teasing you just enough to bring you back. At every season finale I KNEW they wouldn’t give me the secrets I wanted to know but I would get pulled in anyway and hate/love the torture. The last season(s) was disappointing when Duchovany left for a while. The new agents while good never had that chemistry. The thing with a movie is that it can be hard to do that sort of thing (chemistry, mystery) in only two hours.

    I’ll try to avoid any spoliers until I see the movie but it won’t be easy.

    And Gillian Anderson is hot!

  13. Crux Australis

    Looks cool, but I couldn’t figure out what it was about? Someone trapped in the ice?

  14. Ken

    Science can’t explain everything. Sure you have rational explanations for some things, but aren’t they just sometimes convenient excuses for the failures of science? The theory of evolution is just a theory, and there is so much you don’t understand. Supernatural explanations are quite plausible if you stop hiding from the truth.

    Or so shows like X-Files, Supernatural etc teach me. Haha, stupid scientists. Don’t they know that if you put a gold wire in front of a microphone you can record ghosts? If you use infra-red you can see them, and you can measure the local EM…blah blah. I think you get the point.
    Not that I think X-Files should be discontinued or anything. Just that as a crusader against bad science and false skepticism, I would’ve thought you’d understand the effects of shows like X-Files and CSI on the general population? When I was 12, X-files was all the rage and I couldn’t convince my peers that cold fusion etc didnt exist and hadnt been invented (Xfiles fans tended to end up subscribed to magazines and stuff that only makes the hole deeper). X-Files is to young minds as Expelled! is to older ones. It creates the gaps.

    BUt yeh, Scully is hot.

  15. CRAZEEE!


  16. Andrew

    I noticed a cylon in there. I wonder how distracting that will be. I hate it when I’m watching a movie and an actor who I know from something else shows up and all I can think about is what they were in before.

  17. Miranda

    Andrew, I saw the cylon too and I hear what you’re saying.

    As for the anti-x-files folks, I honestly can’t remember an episode that concluded with some bold statement about Mulder being right about aliens and paranormal activity. Almost everything ended up being explanable in some way (not always Scully’s way, mind you).

    But then again, my favourite episodes were the stand-alone ones without the gov’t conspiracy and alien abduction sub-plots. Like the circus freak episode. So good! And the one with the guy with the tail (okay, I’m bad at episode names). So what if the tail-guy could also shape-shift his appearance? It was so entertaining!! And never once tried to convince you that shape-shifting dudes sporting tails were living amongst us by the hundreds. What a great show :)

  18. ThomasJeffersonJr, you realise that the show is a dramatisation of real FBI cases don’t you?

  19. and there I was thinking the x-files was a documentary!

  20. defectiverobot

    Oh BA, hate to break it to you, but Scully found religion later in the show. Or rediscovered religion, as it were. That’s part of the reason I stopped watching: the critical eye disappeared. The woo was real. Ugh.

  21. Teri

    Cylon = Leoben Conoy. It’s Canadian actor Callum Keith Rennie. He’s appeared in two previous X-Files episodes, and – trivia – was originally offered the role of Krychek.

    Andrew said: “I hate it when I‚Äôm watching a movie and an actor who I know from something else shows up and all I can think about is what they were in before.”

    Then Canadian television would make your head explode. It’s the same 20 actors. We get used to it:).

  22. defectiverobot


    It was Rennie’s appearance in BG that, ironically, was the distraction. I took one look at him and shouted, “Hey, the new Ray Vecchio is a cylon!”

  23. dharmadove

    Nice to seeing another X-Files movie come out. I liked like the first one (just watched it again last week on DVD), for the hard core it filled in a few blanks. The TV show kind of died a sad death thanks to the relocation to LA, crappy writing / plots not to mention the loss of Duchoveny. Some of the best drama and humor on TV in the ’90’s was on the X-Files. When the show was announced I was thinking “just what we need, a crappy show about an FBI agent investigating the paranormal”. Then when I saw the first episode I was hooked. Friday night and the X-Files became an family event event in our house. I was intrigued by the story threads that linked with the popular UFO conspiracies, urban legends, folk tales, the humor, Scully / Milldars and my favorite of all Gillian Anderson…

  24. Tod

    Old fart here: So what exactly is a “teh hawt?” That’s a serious question and I hope for a reasonably serious answer.

    A larger question is why I keep seeing the characters t-e-h in the BA’s posts.

  25. Ken


    You realise that “Black oil” and “the syndicate” and humanoid tapeworms…and..and…


  26. Grand Lunar

    “If people take it as nonfiction, well, they probably have a predisposition to do so.”

    This is what worries me; just how many WILL take the notion in X-Files as non-fiction?

    Of course, perhaps the most that’ll happen is Gillian Anderson will have hoards of new fanboys (and as can be seen here, maybe some fangirls) to fight off. ūüėÄ

  27. BILL7718


    “teh” is internet slang for “the”. There’s a good article on it here:


    “teh hawt” is common internet slang translating directly as “the hot”, but meaning simply “super hot”.

  28. Wow! She is even hawtter than before! Something about redheads with brains that get me all a twitter…….

    I was a die hard X-Files viewer when the series was on, and can’t wait to see this one!

  29. Kullat Nunu

    I noticed a cylon in there.

    Took about one millisecond to notice the Leoben there.

    I wonder how distracting that will be.


    I hate it when I’m watching a movie and an actor who I know from something else shows up and all I can think about is what they were in before.

    That is extremely irritating. I also hate that it’s almost guaranteed that if I watch two or more recent movies at least one of the main actors appears in more than one movie.

  30. Tod

    @ BILL7718
    thanks for the response. I’d hardly call it a clarification since it is not obvious to me that “teh” in any way makes any difference when one is using the word “the.” I’ll go read the article you pointed me to but before that let me make one attempt to understand just what purpose is served on this forum by introducing supposed hip and or teenage pseudo-slang words in otherwise extremely intelligent and well thought out articles? I understand the use of the word “stoopid” to emphasize something stupid, but “teh?” Childish nonsense that runs counter to the normal tenor of adult conversation hereabouts.

    “hawt” I’ll concede but it still annoys me…

  31. sequacious me

    I’m reading everyone’s comments and not seeing one comment why women watche the show……David Duchovny of course!

    The only reason to watch X-Files…….Can’t wait to see XFiles2!


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