Hello? Are you a skeptic?

By Phil Plait | May 13, 2008 3:20 pm

What the heck is a skeptic ring tone?

I don’t know, but someone advertising on MySpace does. I went to check my page, and saw this:

What would this sound like? Randi harumphing? The Skeptologists theme song?

Ironically, I’m skeptical of the ad. But still… it would be useful for spam phone calls.

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  1. GodlessHeathen

    It’s a pleasant female voice saying “You might be getting a phone call, but if I were you I’d look for better evidence!”

  2. I can’t believe it’s ringing!

  3. Kevin

    It would just be a voice that says “yeah, right.”

  4. It’s actually generated dynamically based on the keyword(s) from the web site requesting the ad.

    But I suspect you knew that ūüėČ

  5. Thomas Siefert

    I doubt that it will be any good…

  6. Andrew

    I’d pay good money for Randi harumphing.

  7. davidlpf

    I wondering what the expelled ring tone would sound like, “sorry sir you have leave but your friends can stay”.

  8. HP

    You know, if you’d just plastered the name of your favorite band all over your MySpace page like a normal MySpace user, that ad would’ve made perfect sense.

  9. Ken_g6

    http://www.myspace.com/skeptic is a punk rock band. Maybe that’s what it’s referring to?

  10. jenni

    they just pick things listed in your profile. i list charles dickens as one of my favorite authors, and they freqently advertise charles dickens t-shirts, ring tones, quizzes, etc…none of which actually exist. oh well. sure would love to hear a charles dickens ringtone.

  11. I’d love a skeptic ring tone. Maybe a George Hrab song? Maybe Greydon Square?

    If you call, my phone plays Weird Science. FTW.

    If any of the Skepchicks call, it’s She Blinded Me with Science. Also, FTW.

  12. billsmithaz

    Extraordinary calls require extraordinary ring tones.

  13. billsmithaz wins this commenting thread.

  14. Cameron

    I’m just laughing at the other tabs you have open…

  15. Steve

    It’s a new song called “New Skeptic” by the Fold…You can hear it here:

  16. my ringtone is the mr. deity theme song (downloadable on their website).

    yes, i am that cool.

  17. I have a silent ringer for the spam phone calls. I much prefer to not actually hear the phone ring.

  18. Nothing new here. I often get “bad astronomy ringtones” banners on this website. I even captured an “amateur astronomy ringtone” ad once.

  19. ms

    it’s a recording of claus saying ‘evidence?’

  20. alfaniner

    I have The Jetsons’ door chime as my email notification (at home). Always wanted to have that as a ringtone but I rarely use a cell phone.

  21. Nemo

    I once got an ad inviting me to shop for “Discount Climate Change”. I swear I am not making this up.

  22. Gareth

    “Can you tell psychically who is calling?

    No, thought not…”

  23. Spiv

    I was actually hoping for “The sun is a mass of incandescent gas.” Heck I may change my ringtone to that for the day.

  24. MartinM

    I’d pay good money for Randi harumphing.

    I think that may be illegal in some states.

  25. Dorfl2


    I am not a great techy when it comes to phones, but why should we not get a few of our famous skeptics to record something & sell it online* as donation for, say, Randi’s organization? we could have

    – Randi harumphing
    – Randi saying “it’s a call, you kow”
    – Rebecca claiming that she needs a drink, or that it could be a party invitation
    – Phil claiming that it is not aliens, or (if it’s a spam call) that it’s a moan hoaxer calling
    – the guys from SGU having some fun snipets from the podcast

    *However that is done


    The theme from “Cosmos?”

  27. A voice saying: “World’s Greatest Psychic….tarot cards, palms read, future lives….think about it…I’ll call you….”


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