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By Phil Plait | May 14, 2008 12:39 pm

The latest edition of Tangled Bank — a science blog carnival — is up, and I get schooled, apparently. It’s not my fault that every space agency seems to misplace Mars probes…

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  1. Trebuchet

    It’s a little tough to see why it’s your fault that NASA only asked for help looking for its own probe. I bet if ESA asked for help looking for Beagle 2, and made the images available, you’d ask us to help them too!

    I tried to post this on the beagle project (interesting idea by the way) but got an error message. Now I just need to find time to look at the rest of those blogs.

  2. Hi Trebuchet, sorry to hear you got an error message on our blog (Beagle Project). Were you trying to post a comment under our Tangled Bank post? If you want to email me your comment you can send it to karen (at) thebeagleproject (dot) com.

  3. Trebuchet

    Thanks Karen. I was only going to say what I said above, and yes it was under the tangled bank post. Obviously the whole thing was in jest, no big deal. I really do need to go back and look at your site, it sounds very interesting.

  4. Trebuchet – not for nothing do your armed forces call ours the borrowers. Probably the same with astronomy….and yes, I was ‘schooling’ Phil in jest.


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