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By Phil Plait | May 21, 2008 1:24 pm

I subscribe to a blog called, um, Darn Cool Pics, which has, well, cool pictures. Duh.

Yesterday it featured images too cool not to share. It’s a bar made of skeletons — well, models of them — and I knew right away who the artist was.

Yeah, HR Giger (pronounced "geeger"), the freaked-out mind behind the alien in the Aliens movies. I’m not sure I could eat well in a place like that. And I certainly wouldn’t order the eggs!

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  1. Saturn8

    Dang it! I’ve been pronouncing it like it’s spelled all these years!

  2. He also did the album cover for ELP’s Brain Salad Surgery.

  3. erissian

    Is this an actual bar or just a design? Where is it? I found another “Skeleton Bar,” but I can’t find this one.

  4. BiGDumbChimp, please try to keep comments kid-friendly. This blog gets read in schools. Thanks.

  5. Ah, another dream room created by my favourite artist. I wonder if this is from his house, or if someone paid him to make it for their house?

    Kudos to Phil for pronouncing his name right.

  6. Nat

    erissian, it looks like this is an actual bar in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

  7. Nat

    Wait, maybe I’m getting it mixed up with another one. D’oh! I don’t know.

  8. Cameron Peters

    This bar is found in Switzerland (of all places). I found it after visiting the town of Gruyere. It’s tucked away in a little castle courtyard. Very out of place amongst the other tourist attractions of that area. If I can remember the specific town name I’ll post it.

  9. To be fair, you wouldn’t order eggs anywhere. (I’ve read your chapter on egg-standing!)

  10. aiabx

    I’m trying to top the “I wouldn’t order eggs there” comment and I can’t. Well played, sir.

  11. overstroming

    HR Giger was Swiss and there is a Giger bar in Gruyeres, as Cameron Peters mentioned above, (In Château St. Germain I think, although there could be more than one). It looks amazing, and BA wasn’t too far from it when at CERN.

    Gruyere cheese Mmmmm!

  12. Darth Robo

    I remember my bro had the ‘Book of Alien’ when I was a kid. Giger’s art in it gave me nightmares.


    Freaky guy. Good artist, but freaky. The bar’s pretty cool, but I’m not a fan of the faces on the wall. Guess I knew there’d be something that would put me off.

  13. Thomas Siefert

    I don’t mind the eggs or even the Aliens, Giger himself is more scary than either.
    I got a couple of poster books with his art, it’s strangely fascinating.

  14. Mike

    While not creepy in quite the same way, there is a *church* in a small Czech city called Kutna Hora decorated in huge numbers of bones. My wife and I stumbled on it years ago, on the way to Prague.

    It seems the locals closed a graveyard and had to figure out what to do with all the bones….

  15. If you want bones check out the catacombs in Paris. The remains of 6 million people down there. Piles of femurs and skulls and you you name the bone. Kilometres of tunnels lined with bones. Fascinating. Your bags a searched on the way out – amazing how many people try to souvenir a skull or two.

    Cappuchin monastery in Rome has a decent crypt too. The monks have displayed some of the corpses in bizarre still lifes.

    One of the best crypt or catacomb experience I had was the Mummies of Ferentillo in Umbria, Italy. Here they have a number of mummified corpses on display including a Napoleonic era soldier, a mother and child and some murdered dude and his murderer.

  16. In a place like this, how can you not order ribs?

  17. Kol

    Is this where I point out that the eggs in the Alien movies were intelligently designed?

  18. Mark Hansen

    Is the bar right under the primary heat exchanger?

  19. wright

    Ahh, Giger. Man, the first movie is such a dark, finely polished gem. Scared me nearly outta my skin the first few times I saw it. Giger was one of those artists who could take old, old symbols and make something truly fantastic from them.

  20. Jedediah

    That’s the Giger bar in Gruyères, as Cameron Peters said. It’s part of the Giger Museum (one excellent reason to go to Switzerland!). There’s another one in Chur (also Switzerland) and there was one in Tokyo, but it turned into a Yakuza hangout fairly soon and is closed now (not necessarly because of that, though).

  21. Jedediah

    Arr, computer ate my accent aigu. That’s supposed to read Gruyeres (with a ‘on the first e 😉 ).
    But then, I forgot to include the link to the amazing ossuary Mike mentioned anyway:

  22. har har, “Giger Counter”. Took me a while to get the play on words :)

  23. has

    [obligatory] Just don’t order the Special:

  24. marco sch.

    I think the pronunciation would be more guee-guer than gee-ger (both g as in gig not gee)…

  25. Wow, that is really bizarre.

  26. sirjonsnow

    Mike – they showed that church in Ewan McGregor’s travel documentary “Long Way Round”

  27. Ronn Blankenship


    But did “X” mark the spot in any of them?

  28. Irishman

    marco sc., I’m pretty sure that’s what Phil meant. Soft g “geeger”, not hard g “jeeger”. And totally not “Jiger”. 😉

  29. Zclone

    I love HR Giger’s work. Jonathan Davis of the band Korn commisioned him to design a micropohone stand. Photos of it can be seen here (the stand itself is probably NSFW):

  30. Bean Counter

    If you do eat there and the guy at the table next to you is eating spaghetti, you might want to switch tables. Fast.

  31. […] el bar está en Gruyere, Suiza, y fue diseñado por H.R. Giger, el artista que diseñó al extraterrestre de la película Alien y sus continuaciones. No sé si alguien podrá comer a gusto ahí, pero al menos vale la pena una visita […] Vía Bad Astronomy Blog.

  32. Santiago

    Man, that is creepy. I’ve loved Gieger’s stuff since the Alien movies, those were some pretty bad ass designs he made.

    Also, this also reminded me of Kutna Hora, which I think is supposed to be a Chapel in the Czech Republic, and yeah, it is very, very creepy. Suffice it to say that the plague wiped out pretty much everyone in there, enough to make 4 two meter tall, 2 meter a side pyramids of assorted bones, stacked with creepy attention to detail.

    Those are, of course, besides the chandelier made of nothing but human bones and the coat of arms of whatever country the place was a part of in the 19th century, all completely done in human femurs, jaw bones, skulls, vertebrae, etc. Those were done by a (arguably insane) monk in the 19th century that found all those bones lying around and decided to make something useful out of em.

  33. themadlolscientist

    I remember seeing the Paris catcombs and the church made of bones on Geek TV a while back. Weird.

    But yesterday’s microwave mayhem entry is FULL OF WIN x 700mb! This is the real way to burn a CD!

    Finally, a good use for all those Fundy Dementorist CDs and DVDs my neighbor across the hall keeps leaving in the mail room! No more surreptitiously removing and shoving them down the compactor chute LOLOLOLOL! From now on, it’s a micro-Apocalypse! Ceiling Cat smites the Evil Henchmen of Fundy Mentalism!



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