Oh noes! Aliens in Denver!

By Phil Plait | May 29, 2008 1:00 pm

I am getting a gazillion emails about a guy in Denver who claims to have the "the final visual confirmation" of aliens visiting Earth. It’s a video of a four foot tall alien looking out a window, and you can see it blinking! And it’s in infrared!

Color me convinced.

The article says:

Jeff Peckman, who is pushing a ballot initiative to create an Extraterrestrial Affairs Commission in Denver to prepare the city for close encounters of the alien kind, said the video is authentic and convinced him that aliens exist.

The video will be released Friday, and of course lots of local news stations and websites are talking about it. That’s very irritating, because they tend to produce those news items seriously, but deliver them (at least on air) somewhat snarkily, giving them plausible deniability when the story (inevitably) turns out to be more blurry footage that was either faked or misinterpreted.

Here’s my prediction: the article says it’s an IR video (it doesn’t say if it’s thermal IR or enhanced near-IR), which means we’ll see a blurry false-color of something that looks like a blobby head. We’ll see it blink, and that’s it. In IR things look pretty funky, so this will either be something else entirely from a head, or maybe a kid.

I may be wrong, of course. I’ll wait and see the video tomorrow before stating anything more solid than this. But we have seen so many of these claims come and go, with just as much hoopla. But where are the aliens? The White House lawn is conspicuously absent of them.

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  1. J Foudy

    “maybe a kid.”

    Or Pigman from the Seinfeld Show

  2. If it was real, wouldn’t the government have already “taken care” of this?

  3. Michelle

    When I saw that on FOXnews (I like laughing at them.) I really… really laughed a lot. How can that guy take himself seriously?

    I can’t wait to see that video, hooooh boy! But did you guys see what this guy does for a living?

    He “makes his living selling a new technology he says reduces “the chaos of electromagnetic fields,” ”

    So he’s woowoo DOWN TO THE CORE!

  4. Gnat

    Of course IR is funky looking…just watch an episode of “Ghost Hunters”.

  5. Looks like anothe mission for Captain Disillusion. Go check his videos if you haven’t done so yet. They’re pretty cool.

  6. I don’t think you’ll be able to see it tomorrow because they are just showing it to the press but it wont be allowed to be filmed because…. wait for it…

    There is a movie coming out that people will have to pay to see that will have the footage.

  7. Eric

    Will there be an introduction by Jonathan Frakes. How will we know if we should believe it without an introduction by Jonathan Frakes?

  8. *looks out window at downtown*

    I don’t see them anywhere!

  9. “The White House lawn is conspicuously absent of them.”

    Or is it?


    Dunh dunh DUNH…

  10. Tom Marking

    “It’s a video of a four foot tall alien looking out a window, and you can see it blinking!”

    What’s the big deal? Aren’t there plenty of aliens in Denver? I bet the alien’s name is Jesus (pronounced Hay-Zeus) and hails from Mejico. BTW, you’d probably blink too if you’d just had a bottle of tabasco sauce sprinkled in your face. When he arrived in Denver he probably said, “Take me to your construction site”. I think someone should call ICE right away.

  11. Well, now that the Pat Buchanan crowd has chimed in….

  12. Sili

    “The White House lawn is conspicuously absent of them.”

    Du-uh! They’ve been sent to Gitmo. Why do you think theyr’e made to wear coveralls and hoods?

  13. !AstralProjectile

    The White House isn’t doing it right. They need to leave a bowl of milk outside the door.

  14. Nasikabatrachus

    ““The White House lawn is conspicuously absent of them.”

    Or is it?


    Dunh dunh DUNH…”

    Dick Cheney phooone hoome…

  15. Celtic_Evolution

    Why can’t I shake the feeling that this is nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt to promote a forthcoming movie on the continuing adventures of Gordon Shumway? :)

  16. Giffy

    Clearly you are not aware of the advanced alien technology that makes it impossible to capture them on video with anything approaching decent quality.

  17. Boba Fett

    No, it’s true!!! I swear it!!! And there was more than one! I saw them in real life and they looked like short, little Ernest Borgnines.

  18. slang

    I had to google that, CE… it did ring a bell.. and then it made me laugh uncontrollably. :)

  19. Beowulff

    Peckman said the general public will have to wait to see it because it’s being included in a documentary by Stan Romanek.

    Seems more likely to me that the public has to wait because it’s still in post-production… We’ll have to see.

  20. Windyshrimp

    Woohoo!! Aliens in Denver. I wonder if they came to put another satellite in Cartman.

  21. Skyhound

    Just another scam for the $$$$..If it was real it would have been on the
    news in nothing flat and this guy would already have the attention he is seeking… If it walks like a duck, kwaks like a duck it’s a duck…

    Clear Skies, Skyhound

  22. Skyhound

    One more thing!!! This explains how we got to the moon…Alien Tec!!!!!
    We could not have possibly did it ourselves..

  23. Craig

    So much chatter about something that hasn’t even been released. Such is the viral nuture of teh interwebs. We are giving the whackos more attention than they deserve. DOH! I’m giving them attention by writing this! DOH! DOH! I’m giving them more attention by bringing it to your attention that attention is being paid to them!
    DOH! DOH! DOH!

  24. zeb

    Yep, everyone knows it’s impossible to fake a video, especially an IR one! No, sirree!

  25. GJE

    I was about to email this Denver/alien video thing to Phil, because I saw it on the top headlines of The Drudge Report… yeah, it’s that so of a news day it seems. Apparently, everyone else got the heads up on this (cough) alien video. Who knows, maybe, one someone will actually get an extraterrestial on video, but I’m sure society will be so jaded by all the hoaxes and BS videos that came beforehand to believe.

  26. This is funny to me for this reason:

    I was an incredibly skittish child/young teenager. Even up to the age of fourteen or so I was a trifle scared to look out the window at night for fear an ALIEN might be looking in. See, as a kid I ate up every book I could get my mitts on about UFOs and would scare myself witless about it on drives through the country. It was irrational, but I was an irrational kid.

    This all faded around the age of 14-15, at which point my mother told me what she’s been thinking for years: “Kevin, they’re an advanced alien race! They’ve traveled light years! You think a simple window is going to stop them?”

  27. gg

    This is nonsense because, as everyone knows, aliens prefer Boulder as their Colorado destination.

  28. I like the picture of the guy with the Rocky Mountain News article. It makes him look like a wacko, or at least someone who lives on his own little planet. Neither is probably all that far from the truth.

  29. Oh, and he’s 54 years old and lives with his parents. Not that that means anything.

  30. alfaniner

    Well, everybody knows that aliens don’t have eyelids, so if it’s blinking in the video it’s obviously a fake.

  31. hale_bopp

    Can I color you convinced with infrared light?

    Methinks the air is a little too thin there…oh, wait, you just moved there…um, never mind :)

  32. @Craig:
    “Brian, everything I say is a lie… except that… and that… and that… anthatanthatanthatanthatanthatanthat…”

  33. Patricio Cruzat

    “But where are the aliens?” C’mon Phil, we ALL know they are in Area 51. The government knows everything but they will not tell us never!

  34. justcorbly

    Denver, eh? Maybe they like to ski.

    By the way, reporters don’t need to worry about plausible denial if they just report a story, period. For this one, that means no wink, wink, nudge, nudge.

  35. Yossarian

    Here is Mr. Peckman’s resume, according to something called the Imagine Peace Foundation:

    Jeff Peckman works for the Global Country of World Peace and is Assistant Director for the Maharishi Enlightenment Center and Ayurveda Health Spa in Cherry Creek. In 2003 he was the author and chief spokesperson for Denver’s “Safety through Peace” ballot initiative which attracted worldwide media. Jeff is also creating an online market for Peace-enhancing products and technologies to help grow the next global “megatrend” – a peace-based, spiritually conscious, socially responsible, environmentally friendly, and sustainable economy.

    He must know what he’s talking about, being in touch with global megatrends and all.

    I, for one, would be intrigued to know what the job description is for Assistant Director of the Maharishi Enlightenment Center and Ayurveda Health Spa.

  36. J Foudy

    ““Kevin, they’re an advanced alien race! They’ve traveled light years! You think a simple window is going to stop them?”

    But in Signs they were stopped by:
    A: A wood door
    B: A baseball bat
    C: A glass of water

  37. Skyhound
    One more thing!!! This explains how we got to the moon…Alien Tec!!!!!
    We could not have possibly did it ourselves..

    You mean, of course, how we FAKED going to the Moon…..




  38. Craig

    We FAKED the moon landings?
    Damn! I missed that BAB post!

  39. The White House lawn is conspicuously absent of them.

    The Oval Office, on the other hand…

  40. themadlolscientist

    There is an open, public meeting in about a month in Colorado Springs

    Colorado Springs? Are we talking about the same Colorado Springs? The Fundy Mental Case Capital of the World? Could this possibly be a meeting to reveal that this is actual footage of the Second Coming? With apologies to Vegas……… Oh, how I wish “what happened in Colorado Springs stayed in Colorado Springs”!

    And yes, I did get the part about not letting the public see the clip because they’re going to make us pay to see it later. Obviously a Fundy Mental Case Conspiracy by Mark Mathis and Ben Stein……….. :-)

    Anyone got an extra tinfoil hat I can borrow?

  41. Pop

    If I were an alien I don’t think I’d land on the White House lawn. Talk about a hostile reception…

    Instead, I’d choose someplace with lots of witnesses with video camers and digital, still cameras. What comes to mind? Disney World. Of course many people would think it a Disney stunt, but zapping a few kiddies and maybe stopping one of the rides while upside-down might bring a feeling of authenticity. Another place might be to skip in from the ocean at Coney Island Park and step out for some “Nathan’s” famous dogs.

    Besides, people in the White House are a little out of touch, scientifically speaking. Hard place to convence anyone there.

  42. So, any guesses what the excuse will be when he can’t show the video tape tomorrow after all?


  43. Robert

    I dunno, have you seen a picture of Mayor Hickenlooper? And seriously, if that name doesn’t sound like it’s from the Orion Belt, I don’t know what does!

    Bring your tinfoil hats folks, the extraterrestrials are landing in Denver!

    August 25-28, 2008!


  44. Dr. BA asked,

    “But where are the aliens?”

    Obviously they’re too busy in British wheat fields to spend time talking to the idiot at 1600 Pennsylvania. They have important messages to deliver to mankind, and with his track record on passing vital information from sources to the world, he certainly can’t be trusted.

    I bet he sucked at “Whisper Down the Lane”.

    Little Suzy to Little Laura:”Brad likes Laura.”
    Little Laura to Little George: “Brad likes Laura.”
    Little Dubya to Little Bob: “Brad has WMD’s and is going to put a mushroom cloud over New York!”

  45. SoD

    There are many Regional Celestials of many different sect … each traveling of their own Designed FLOATS … Flyers Levitating Of Advanced Technology …. The only Alien-Celestial are those that travel from abroad through distance dark space who are unrelated to the many sect already associated with this planet ….

    But there are indeed the countless Extra-Celestials who hold residence up and outside this Seventh Universal Plane of endless darkness ….

    Regional Celestials have been secretly apart of this planet’s activities since early surface evolution … And now because of failing power Facilities of their unorthodox advanced technology, many things hidden will at first gradually come into view as they struggle uselessly to reestablish their cloaking abilities … and many things once elevated in secrecy by their unorthodox power facility, Will fall from place … the effects of this spill-over has been referred to as the opening of seven seals ….

    I am just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say …

    I write so that Walkers of the Good Faith will not be left uninformed in these matters in this new UFO era that now approaches …Nothing to sell … Nothing to Buy … just answers to the many WHYs?.http://sod2008.comevelynseedofdavid@gmail.com

  46. Sir Eccles

    Typical Broncos fan!

    Go Chiefs!

  47. wright

    Pop, your choice of a landing site is brilliant! If our hypothetical alien visitors have done any kind of research / survey of our media and culture, they could hardly go wrong putting down there.

    As to Mr. Peckman, his kind of Troo Beelieeevurr has always been with us. Sadly, I don’t see that trend reversing anytime soon. Fortunately we have tireless sloggers like the BA.

  48. Jeffersonian

    I have just captured video that will entirely change the way humankind views itself and its relationship to the universe. But…uh…I think I’ll just hold onto it for a few days instead of show it to anybody right now. Let’s just say, for ‘personal reasons’.

  49. Mena

    But where are the aliens? The White House lawn is conspicuously absent of them.
    The man-sized safe in Dick Cheney’s office is, well, another story…

  50. Abelian Grape

    An alien in Denver? Can I be only one to wonder if his name is Mork, and looks a lot like Robin Williams?

  51. Robert

    Mork lived in Boulder. Hmmm, hey Phil, how come we’ve never seen a picture of you and Mork together? Hmmm?

  52. Ken_g6

    Anyone remember that story a few months ago about how the way a newborn baby’s mother looks to his/her out-of-focus eyes is similar to the appearance of a “gray” alien? I searched for it, but just got a lot of woo about alien babies.

    Anyway, I was thinking that an infrared thermal photograph/video of a person in a window, taken out of focus, might look that way too. And since it’s not a type of photo we frequently see, who could tell it was out of focus?

  53. dave

    You may be wondering why aliens would be lurking outside our windows, waiting for a chance to peek in. Well, the truth is so unspeakably horrible, that the government has hushed the whole thing up for years now. Ever wonder what happens to all those stray dogs and cats in your neighborhood? Those aliens are not just curious, they’re looking for any signs of fido or fluffy, hoping to spirit them away in the blink of an eye. You heard that right: lonely space aliens are stealing our pets! You would too, if you had to spend several years alone in small flying disk, playing windows solitaire on the computer, with nothing but the vastness of space for company.

  54. Michael Lonergan

    No, no… Aliens are alive and well, living in Colorado Springs. They’re from the planet, “Fundie.” For some reason, they seem to be attracted to Colorado Springs. Must be something in the underground bunkers there.

  55. Oooooh, Contact!

    I’m just wondering why, if you had such footage, you’d be happy to sit on it and wait for it to edited into a doco, rather than just running straight to one of the less disreputable world media outlets…

    I’m 50% calling viral marketing, but then I’m a horrible, horrible cynic.

  56. AC

    I’m pretty sure this is the video, leaked a couple hours ago.


    What do you guys think?

  57. Ronn Blankenship

    Be sure to go to the other article from the Rocky Mtn. News at


    and read the reader comments at the bottom . . .

  58. kebsis

    Um…I saw an episode of Sightings like twelve years ago that had footage of an alien looking in someones window. Is this the same video this guy is hawking? Funny the alien wouldn’t use advanced alien technology to look in windows, and prefers to do it the old fashioned way…

  59. Tim G

    Do we really need an extraterrestrial affairs commission when we already have a UFO Welcome Center?

    Stephen Colbert actually visited the center for a segment on The Daily Show.

  60. Ade

    Maybe it’s the start of viral marketing for the new X-Files movie.

  61. I imagine them landing somewhere, stepping up to somebody and asking “Take me to your Large Hedron Collider”.

    Oooh, oooh! I know! The LHC is an alien conspiracy. They’re turning it on HERE so they don’t have to turn it on THERE (on their own planet).

  62. Noam

    While I would like to see evidence of ET life of any sort I have more hopes for amino acids to be found in the current phoenix mission than from this video. And even phoenix’s chances are pretty slim from my (amateur) vintage point.
    On the other hand – ignoring George W. Bush might be seen as PROOF of intelligence, could it not?

  63. Michelle

    Well, I just keep saying this…

    I think there is intelligent life elsewhere in the universe and the best proof we have of this is that they aren’t stupid enough to come here.

  64. Doc

    The LHC is the reason the aliens can land in the first place. Secret LHC tests blew a hole in the Van Allen Belts which allowed the aliens/satan (same thing) to descend to Earth, where they are meeting with the scientists/masons to determine the best way to bring about the apocalypse.

  65. ARP1234

    Hi – I am an advanced alien intelligence who has travelled
    36 billion light years just to peak in your window and blink.

    And apparently neither the videographer nor any neighbors
    did anything about this strange alien creature standing outside
    the house looking in.

    Now do you see why SETI wants to remain as FAR away as it
    possibly can from this crap?

  66. Michael Lonergan

    AC, that video is hilarious. I think it winked at me.

  67. realskeptic

    I can jump to conclusions to make fun of people and things I know nothing about in the comments section on someone’s blog. I am clearly of a superior intelligence!

    I sometimes wonder if the majority of so-called “skeptics” realize that they are often guilty of the very thing they accuse so-called “believers” of doing: believing whatever they hear just because the people they *want* to believe tells them to. Anyone who questions any of this- even with a healthy amount of scientific curiosity and skepticism- gets lumped into the “nuthouse” category by you guys. I think you people want these guys to be kooks because it gives you someone to make fun of and feel superior to. You haven’t even seen this footage yet and you have all figured out how/why it was “faked.”

    Let’s choose from the list of prescribed “debunking” reasons: The author didn’t release it soon enough/to the right people. They are of the “wrong” political mindset. They live in a “backwards” region. They don’t like the government (and the government just doesn’t keep secrets, darnit). They want to make money (unlike this site with its banner ads, right?) They’re just stupid because anyone who would believe this is stupid. They do something “discreditable” for a living. They meditate or some other such “nonsense.” And my favorite: no reason really, let’s just bring up a bunch of random political talking points and compare the person to every other weirdo that’s ever existed.

    I am skeptical, but curious. And I certainly won’t judge anything until I’ve at least had a chance to see it. Calling something you haven’t even seen yet a dog or a kid or too out of focus is just… well, that’s nutty!

  68. Shoeshine Boy

    realskeptic: Extraodinary claims require extraordinary proof. Even if this guy has a *very* good video, it won’t be sufficient. That is especially true in these days of CGI.

    It may be interesting, it may even be worth investigating (by someone more interested than I).

  69. Doc


    I was born in 1552 and am the deposed King of the Americas. I live in a huge palace made entirely of stale Hostess Twinkies. It is guarded day and night by an army of intelligent, anthropomorphic cats that I control with my amazing telepathic powers. I’ve got pictures and videos to prove all of this, but I haven’t had a chance to upload them yet.

    Surely you have an open mind, and won’t judge my claims until you’ve seen the photos and read the reports of those scientists and historians who have verified them (along with my credentials). That would be nutty.

  70. Celtic_Evolution

    Nicely done, Doc! 😉

  71. flynjack

    I’ve spent a lot of time using IR sensors/imagery. One only sees an opaque homogenous surface where the glass is unless the “alien” had his face pressed against the window. This is an amusing thought! But I havent seen this video so I will reserve further comment until I do.

  72. ARP1234

    When it comes to alien life, it has to be physically available
    for examination by lots of experts to be determined as to
    its authenticity or not.

    That’s just the way science works. See what has happened
    in the absurd world of UFOdom from decades of hearsay and
    stories and outright hoaxes, all judged by “experts” who have
    as much expertize in this as I do in brain surgery – in other
    words, none.

    So, no, a video is not enough evidence, especially for this.

    And I ask again, why is there only a video? Did the person who
    took it try to do anything to capture the so-called alien or at
    least search for other clues of its existence assuming it left
    the scene after being filmed? And again, no one else saw this
    being? I can’t run a red light without getting a ticket from the
    police even if they weren’t present these days, and yet an alien
    can apparently play Peeping Tom at someone’s house?

    Just like the UFO sightings in Texas recently. A mile-long ship
    flies over a community and NOBODY gets a picture of it.

  73. Clearly Doc is making that one up- everyone knows Hostess Twinkies never go stale! As for the IR imagery,when you photograph things in a spectrum that is outside the range of human vision and throw in a little pareidolia it’s amazing what you can get. And if you try to deliberately fake something, that’s a whole nutter story (not that anyone’s ever tried to pull something like that before).

  74. realskeptic

    lol! well, you had me until “stale”

    Yes, Doc, that’s exactly the same thing that this guy is saying. And thank you for proving my point: a scientific soul who is intrigued by the so-called UFO phenomenon would automatically believe in Big Foot and would purchase time share property in Atlanits. I probably hang myself upside down in a Faraday cage by night so that I can better communicate with trans-dimensional beings from a planet that I have named Peacehavenpsychicenergyland and only I can see (soon to be a road trip theme park). I mean, if I’m intrigued by UFOs, I’ll believe (or care about, nay, obsess over) anything. Did I mention that the moon landing was filmed in my back yard? I have a rock that proves the whole thing.

    If you’re here, you’re likely intrigued too. Unless you’re here JUST to make fun of people. If it turns out to be as bad as everyone is assuming, this guy will dig his own grave. Case closed. I’m not going to buy it or vote for this other guy’s ballot initiative, but I am looking forward to seeing it sometime on YouTube because I am curious. All I’m saying is that no one has seen it yet. While I agree that it is not logical to jump to the conclusion that anything unidentified is a space alien, using science and insults to “prove” that it doesn’t exist or that this guy is insane is not entirely logical either.

  75. Celtic_Evolution

    @ realskeptic

    If you’re here, you’re likely intrigued too. Unless you’re here JUST to make fun of people.

    False dichotomy…

    Some of us might be here because it’s an entertaining discussion, or might have insightful or just plain funny commentary, or for the same reason(s) that, ya know, ANY blog thread discussion ensues.

    Just making a statement doesn’t make it true.

    And as far as your argument… I must once again point out the fallacy in your logic. Simply using the argument “no-one’s seen it yet, so you shouldn’t judge it” isn’t good enough for any of us lend it any actual credence or to consider it anything but an outlandish claim. Doc already pointed this out pretty clearly (and amusingly, I might add). I don’t need to see Doc’s “evidence” of his claim to know that it’s total nonsense. When did it become the default position to automatically lend credence to outlandish claims before proof is given to support them? That position would certainly contradict your screen name… unless what you’re “realskeptical” about is skepticism.

  76. Nothingster

    Here’s the video!


    They couldn’t have made it look any more like a puppet without showing a guy controlling it.

  77. Nothingster

    Oops, I may have jumped the gun.

    Apparently that ISN’T the video, but they held a press conference (http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2008/may/30/alien-commission-causes-commotion/) and revealed it to reporters, who basically grilled them as to how it seems like a joke and “they’re doing the same thing as the government covering it up by not letting people see this” or something.

    Also they want to “collect more evidence” before revealing it to the public.

    Basically it’s a farce and we all know it.

  78. Doc


    It’s a simple matter of degree. If what is being claimed is anywhere close to the realm of generally accepted reality then the skeptics and scientists will generally be willing to at least entertain the thought – though they may be doubtful.

    However, if the claim is so far removed from what is established then anyone – including a rational skeptic – is well within their right to call the claimant a nutjob.

    For example consider two scientific claims made within the last couple of decades:

    When Ponds and Fleischman announced they’d achieved cold fusion, there was some uproar (mostly about how they made the announcement) but on the whole the scientific community said, “Ok, show me the data.” This was because there was some theoretical grounds (however tenuous) for believing that cold fusion is possible.

    Now compare that reaction to the one received by Steorn when it announced a “free-energy” motor. The scientific community ignored them and the skeptics called the inventor a charlitain. Why? Because perpetual motion machines are well outside of the accepted view of reality, and there is no way to fit them in.

    Those believing that cold-fusion had been invented at worst were called “gullible”. Those believing in Steorn’s device were (are?) called things like “incompetent”, “idiot”, “lunatic”, and “fool”.

    Mr. Peckman’s claim is that little beings from outer space managed to land without anyone noticing, and then walked around his house and peeked in through the windows. Considering these facts: 1. that in spite of decaded of people searching for UFOs there has been no credible evidence found to prove their existence, and 2. that the odds of alien beings at all resembling humans in form is infintessimal at best, Peckman is (not surprisedly) being called names. His claims are irrational from a scientific and skeptical viewpoint. This easily leads to the conclusion that he is either insane or a liar (or both).

    Therefore the degree of ridicule a new idea receives serves three functions. The first is that it discourages liars from trying to pass off really shoddy lies. The second is that it acts as a rough indicator of how far out of the mainstream the idea is. The third is that it helps keep the marginal “gullable fools” from believing the far-out stuff until it’s been vetted.

    So … yes, if I make the claims I made in the post above then anyone reading them would be right to call me a liar. If the claims were more in line with accepted reality (I’m a 62 year old entrepreneur who lives in a large house on a 5.2 acre lot watched over by a big guy named Steve) then fewer would have any reason to doubt me or call me names – though some might still.

  79. Celtic_Evolution

    watching this debacle of a news conference now…

    Great googly-boogly! What the heck is wrong with the media in Denver?… they are lapping this garbage up! No-one has asked him a critical, skeptical question yet! This is complete nuttery… and this guy is the freakin grand-marshal!

  80. SRM

    Hey, I am an alien. At least the USCIS says so.


  81. Celtic_Evolution

    Here’s a “picture” from the video… good gravy… I don’t even know where to begin.


  82. Mena

    Did the alien in Nothingster’s video remind anyone else of a cat? A bald cat without ears, yes, but the movements and general form reminded me of one.

  83. Celtic_Evolution

    OK… apparently earlier on in the press conference, before I started watching, there were some very pointed and critical comments made by Randy Bancroft and Bela Scheiber… so I retract my earlier complaint about the softness of the press conference. Still, though,,, it seemed to me like too many of the media members were actually taking this lunatic seriously.

  84. Rik

    Is there absolutely nothing else going on right now that the media is jumping all over this thing?

  85. Tom Marking

    “Here’s a “picture” from the video… good gravy… I don’t even know where to begin.”

    That’s no alien. That’s Casper the Friendly Ghost. Of course he does live on Zeta Reticuli 1c so maybe that’s what was confusing them. Maybe Ray Santilli will be hawking an autopsy video where they dissect poor Casper. My, oh my, but Casper has a lot of sheep intestines inside him.

  86. Irishman

    Okay, there is something very wrong with that video. There is some sort of image distortion occurring. Carefully watch the shape of the face around the eyes. There is also a lot of digital noise/compression.

  87. Celtic_Evolution

    From Rocky Mountain News blog on the press conference:

    Shannon Mundell, of Arvada, said she wanted to see the video because she’s known people who have had contact with aliens and “when you look in their eyes you know that what they saw was real.”

    Ahh… well then… no need for any further investigation. Seems like our justice system wastes a LOT of time and effort into holding all these needless trials and looking for silly things like evidence.

    “Your honor… i can look into this witnesses eyes and KNOW that what he saw was real. And he saw the defendant cause the victim to burst into flames with his mind!”

    Case closed. Death penalty levied.

    (rolls eyes)

  88. Chris Reed

    As you can see, it’s an alien head on a stick.

    Which leads me to the conclusion this is Balok testing us as to whether we can make contact with the First Federation.

    What’s most sad about this is this piece of crap is going to get a lot more pub that what Phoenix is doing on Mars right now…. You know, the real Mars….

  89. Lawyer

    Jackson Brown predicted all this in the music video for “Lawyers in Love.” It showed small aliens looking in the window as Jackson watched “the news from Washington, the capitol.” (The Russians escaped again, like Russians do.)
    He goes on to mention that “We’ve even got the moon…”

  90. Michelle

    …Saw the video… just now

    …flanks… pain… NEED TO BREATHE

  91. travissimo

    I just saw a capture from the video.


    The whatever is maybe outside the window… all i have to say is that the guy needs to get some new windows… newer windows will help block the infrared from entering the house and fading those photos next to the window.

    I assume this video was from a b&w it might be a low light security style camera seeing that there is no obvious focus to the camera. I would like to claim a reflection or a smudge on the lens, but until we see the video… it would be difficult to debunk him properly.

    Seeing this guy is in Denver, I wish one of the newsies would have asked Phil to come act as a critical eye and brain to this stupid story.

    P.S. come to think of it looks like the skull from the Punisher’s shirt… just sort of squinting.

  92. travissimo

    just messing around in photoshop.

    the “alien” behaves like a reflection and not something that reflects light.

    it also matches the behavior of the alien i made of paint pixels and placed in the image to check behavior.

    be nice to see the video, but it looks like crappy video compositing.

  93. Rik

    Next time I take a case to jury trial I’ll use the strategy.. “See!! Just look into his eyes!! It’s all there!!”

  94. JackieNJ


    If it was taped by some other man 5 years ago, who measured the alien to be 4 ft?

  95. Here is a new video:


    Looks much more like the released photo!

  96. Irishman

    Alien Window Video, I’m fairly certain the link you provide is a fake of the Peckman video. It does look very similar to the one still photo, but there are subtle differences. First, the window is very similar in type, but not long enough. The Peckman window is wider. Second, there is more of the photos and stand on the left of the frame visible in this video. That means the framing is different. Now unless the surveillance camera had an automatic pan and zoom (highly unlikely) or the still photo image is cropped (moderately unlikely), that is a different video.

    So what I say about this video is only marginally relevant to the Peckman. It is a real cheesy fake. The alien head looks like a 2-D animation. Real cheesy 2-D animation.

  97. Coverup

    There’s a recent update on an alien theme park on Fox News Channel:


    Maybe Denver needs one too.


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