AAS press conferences — streamed live!

By Phil Plait | June 2, 2008 10:17 am

Pamela and her minions — that includes me — will be streaming video of the press conferences here at the AAS live on the Astronomy Cast UStream channel. I’ve embedded the player below, and I’ll try to post this every day with a schedule so you know when to tune in (the next one is at 11:30 Central time, or 17:30 UT, and it’s on brown dwarfs and planets).

What this means is that you will get the news from the mouths of astronomers at the same time as the press and the rest of the world. So instead of reading my own interpretations of the news, you can read them and compare them to what you heard too.

Streaming Video by Ustream.TV

As usual, you can join the chat room… and if we see a good question, we’ll ask it!

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Comments (8)

  1. Thought that was you in the corner of the room, Phil!

  2. Heh. And I wondered how many astronomers named Mike Brotherton there could be. :-)

  3. Navneeth

    Yup, that’s the BA dozing off. ūüėõ

  4. 01101001

    Is there a press conference schedule available? (Even better and more exact: a schedule of streamed press conferences?)

    Browsing about AAS, I see schedules for old conferences, like a year or two ago, but the page (www.aas.org/meetings/press.php) wasn’t maintained and maybe they don’t have a schedule for this edition.

    (Heh. The old advice to presenters about getting VHS (and Beta!) copies sounds so ancient!)

    From the press page: “Shortly before the meeting, the list of press conferences will be posted on the AAS website, with references to the corresponding meeting papers.” Where? Where?

  5. There is a press conference schedule available. I got sent one and it’s on another machine. Perhaps I can post it later.

    So Phil, how many of us are there that show up at both AAS meetings and World Science Fiction conventions? More than just us, I know.

  6. A bit off subject here, well, way off topic, but I don’t see op-eds like this often…anyone else see this?


    BTW: Great blog!


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