Doctor Who in This Modern World!

By Phil Plait | June 10, 2008 1:23 pm

Tom Tomorrow’s This Modern World is a great cartoon which mocks Those Who Need Mocking. And today’s is even more hawesome: it has The Doctor!

The penguin must be heeded.

Tip o’ the sonic screwdriver to Outpost Gallifrey, a great site for Who news.

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Comments (22)

  1. Keith

    That is almost as awesome as the last two parter which features skeleton astronauts and a planet-wide library.

  2. Jeff G.

    All it needs is a “Frobisher?” thought bubble!

  3. I dunno… the comic was pretty boring. And an appearance by The Doctor, while gratifying, didn’t help it much.

  4. T.phillips

    “tom Tommorow” is an unfunny hack.

  5. Georgia

    It was the penguin and the Times’ headline which made me chuckle…

  6. Nicole

    I think the “you kids get off my lawn” background was my favorite part!

  7. IDK …

    In The Summer of 2003, a Certain Young Senator in Illinois was Already Starting to Make a Bit of a Splash …

    They Let him Make a Speech at The Democratic National Convention ONLY a Year Later, Remember?


  8. T.phillips, that’s an interesting comment. I mention in my blog post that I like that strip, so you go out of your way to post a comment — adding your email address, so this was no lark — that is negative and hard yo interpret as not being insulting.

    Feel free to a) read the comments policy here and b) not be a wet blanket.

  9. T.phillips

    gotcha, ill be sure not to post unless I agree with you then.

  10. LOL — you asked for that one, BA.

  11. Stan

    I love This Modern World, but I’m utterly shocked at this cartoon. Could it be that he actually displayed sings of…optimism?

  12. Greg in Austin

    That cartoon is so dumb. Why would the light on top of the TARDIS be ON when The Doctor is not inside it? Sheesh! 😉


  13. Dom

    I have to agree that the comic was pretty lame, mainly because it was so obviously partisan, lacked subtlety and tried to beat you around the head with opinion; the strip being more opinion than humour.

  14. Exordium

    Because as of late, I’ve spent more time than usual working with CNN tubing away in the background, this comic is espcially entertaining =D.

  15. Gonzo

    which mocks Those Who Need Mocking

    Like those so obsessed with Doctor Who they like anything with even a tangential relationship to the doctor? I kid, I kid, love ya Phil :)

  16. CQT

    You know, I would be just as interested in seeing a bit more diversity in the Dr. Who characters. I mean come on, the character changes appearance every few years – so why not have an Indian-English Dr. Who, or an African-English Dr. Who? No legitimate reason not to, and it would be an interesting approach.

  17. Torbjörn Larsson, OM

    sings of…optimism

    » Be optimistic!
    Don’t you be a grumpy
    When the road gets bumpy
    Just smile
    (Smile and be happy!)

    Your troubles can’t be
    As bad as all that
    When you’re sad as all that
    No one loves you

    Be optimistic!
    Don’t you be a mourner
    Brighten up that corner
    And smile

    Don’t wear a long face
    It’s never in style
    Be optimistic
    And smile! »

    … Nah. Not Tom Tomorrow.

  18. Joe Meils


    Yeah, you’d NEVER see partisan snarkiness in something that was utterly Pro-GOP, say, like “Mallard Filmore”…

    Tom Tommorrow is often brilliant. As one friend of mine put it… he puts the “mock” in de”mock”racy.

    My own personal favorites, the ones I clip and save, are the parodies of FOX NEWS, where two little alien commentators, (who look suspiciously like the brain slugs from the Who episode “Keys of Marinus”) are protrayed as lockstep parts of a hive mind… which is pretty much what that network has become. :)

  19. Dom

    Joe, chances are this “mallard filmore” is just as unfunny.

    I’m British so the politcal snarkiness on either side doesn’t concern me. My point was the comic wasn’t funny, it was just going after an opinion; “Oh, hey, thats what I think too, LOL.”

    The third panel is especially pointless, the only possible punchline I can see is “Coming up next, some disaster, somewhere.” Trivialising disasters is always a lark.

  20. Ronn Blankenship

    @Greg in Austin —

    “The light is on, but nobody’s home”?

  21. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    Why does it have to be funny just because it’s a comic strip? TMW is basically a mini-blog in cartoon form, not Garfield. (Okay, bad example.)

  22. Though I live in the UK, I was in Tennessee a week or two ago, and had a brief conversation with an oldish fellow there. The chat turned to politics for a number of slightly unusual but irrelevant reasons, and he commented of Obama, “how can I vote for a guy with a name like that?” I am sure there are plenty more people in the USA who DON’T think that way. I hope so, or else you’re all DOOMED…


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