Portrait of Randi up for auction

By Phil Plait | June 13, 2008 10:10 am

Earlier this year at TAM 5.5 my friend Masala Skeptic showed me a beautiful hand-drawn portrait of Randi. She got him to sign it, and now she has placed it on eBay to raise money to send people to TAM.

It’s an awesome drawing for a worthy cause. The auction ends on June 18. Go.


Comments (11)

  1. $305?

    So… what else is there to talk about?


  2. Tam O'Shanter

    Hmmm… maybe if TAM wasn’t $500 a pop to visit, the money could go to helping finding a cure for AIDS or cancer or MS or any of a dozen other worthwhile causes. Sorry to be a curmudgeon but I fail to see how the price of a TAM ticket can be justified – how can it *possibly* cost that much to organize? So here is someone selling a pic to help out people who can’t afford to pay for an overpriced ticket, by giving yet more cash to the people doing the overpricing. Bah.

  3. Tam, you could simply ask instead of grouse.

    There are many invited guests, and the JREF pays to fly them in, feed them, and put then into a hotel. Plus renting out the casino venue, getting someone to do A/V (which is generally the casino itself charging exorbitant rates), and other overhead, and a meeting like this gets pricey quickly.

    It has a fantastic lineup, and people come year after year. Obviously, even though it’s expensive, the attendees love it.

  4. QuasarTimes

    Exactly, why are you making something negative of a positive thing?

  5. Brown

    The portrait is superb.

    Yes, the portrait is based upon a Randi publicity photo, but there are some subtle artistic differences that add to to the portrait in very positive ways. Extremely impressive!

  6. Tam O'Shanter

    Ok. I have no idea how much it costs to stage an event like this, and I don’t really know how many attendees there would be. For all I know $500 per person is the break-even point. I’m therefore arguing from a position of inadequate knowledge, and I should know better.

    Yes, I’m griping – I’ve wanted to go to a TAM since the very first one but I’ve always been priced out, and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

  7. KaiYves

    That picture is very well done! Whoever drew it has real talent!

  8. OK, Tam, and here we have an auction that is being done only to help people who otherwise cannot afford to go to TAM. I suggest you contact Masala Skeptic through the Skepchick site and see if you can qualify.

  9. OMG! That looks just like the image of God I found on a tortilla!



  10. Buzz Parsec

    Bah! It’s clearly a fake picture. Where are the stars?


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