TAM 6, Part 0

By Phil Plait | June 20, 2008 1:39 am

So I’m in Vegas now, and getting ready to collapse. It’s already been a full day, and the meeting hasn’t even started. It’s been great to catch up with so many old friends, and to meet so many new people. A lot of the guests have shown up, including that squid guy PZ Myers, Neil Tyson, and Michael Shermer. I was pleased to see Margaret Downey is here as well! I’m too tired to link those names; cut-and-paste ’em into teh Googles to see who they are if you don’t know.

Tomorrow dawns too soon and yet not soon enough! I’m really happy to be here, and I can’t wait to get everything started. I may be too busy to blog, so I have some posts in the queue that’ll go up automagically if I can’t get back to my room and the good net connection. But stay tuned, there’s be good stuff coming.

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  1. Davidlpf

    Well part of me wants to be there but they are other parts that prevent that. I will put what I put on DrBuzz0s website, what goes on in vegas stays in Vegas except for the vd. (just a lttle joke.)

  2. Bigfoot

    Phil, you lucky dog. If Mrs. Bigfoot would allow it, I would be sighted there too. Of course, no one would admit it.

  3. Links:

    PZ Myers.

    Neil Tyson.

    Michael Shermer.

    Margaret Downey.

    What a poker of godless Americans!

  4. Grand Lunar

    Coolness, Neil Tyson! Wish I could be there!

    Oh, and you’re cool too, Phil. :)

    I forget, are the Mythbusters supposed to be there?

  5. Charles

    Somewhere deep in the dark matter of cultural obscurity, Vanilla Ice is dancing and singing: the Phoenix Lander team has found conclusive evidence of ice.

    “Ice, Ice Baby!!!”

  6. Phil, I sincerely wish I could be there. I love those meetings. But I have a new little psyberprogeny to attend to. I haven’t even been able to get to the monthly meetings at Randi’s office since January. But I do so much love my little one ūüėČ

    Say hello to Randi from his friend PsyberDave.

  7. J. D. Mack

    Hmmm. Phil is probably to busy to moderate the comments this weekend. Mwahahahaha! I can post anything I want!


    Dr. J. D. Fever.

  8. J.D.,

    This is a family friendly blog. Because of your comment, astronomy loving children all around the world will be leaving their marks underneath chairs. I hope you’re proud!


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