David Tennant is made of awesome

By Phil Plait | June 28, 2008 6:53 pm

Fark linked to this video of David Tennant as The Doctor. In one episode ("Family of Blood"), the Doctor must hide from aliens pursuing him, so he converts himself into a human. He leaves instructions for his companion Martha, and in the show we see her listening to them for just a moment, and the volume goes down. We see him talking, but don’t know what he’s saying.

Now we do. This is good stuff. I can’t imagine having to do this in front of a camera. It would be very tough.

Gotta admit: I though he said "Pez" until I realized it was "pears".

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  1. Lucia

    David Tennant!


    My second favourite Doctor… third? Maybe fourth…

  2. Ragutis

    HA! That is classic! It’s just ad-libbing BS, but to keep it going in flow and face acting through it can’t be easy. Plus, he probably had to time it.

    Is that from DW Confidential? Except for “Blink”, I didn’t start watching those until this season/series but they add a lot and are usually rather fun(ny).

    Have you caught up yet, BA? “Turn Left” was pretty good, but it was the last 30 seconds that got one’s heart pounding. Gonna make some popcorn, grab a beer, turn off the lights and watch “The Stolen Earth” in a little bit. I’m dying to see this finale, (Rose, Martha and Gwen? OK!) but it’s going to suck with only 5 specials between now and 2010. (Especially if it’s true that the final 3 of them are a 3 part arc and won’t air until X-mas next year.) It doesn’t help that Torchwood’s going to be snipped too. Supposedly 5 episodes. Again, one story arc aired over a one week period next summer. Stupid BBC budget problems. I know those are probably it’s most expensive shows, but they’re also it’s biggest.

  3. Viewer 3

    I just don’t like this show. And I don’t see why we have to be continually subjected to it over and over on your site. But I suppose it is your site and you’ll do whatever you want with it. Fair enough.

    I watched Who back in the day, granted I’m only 23 so they were all repeats. I say just bring back a CGI Tom Baker.

  4. MattGS

    I love it! I’m just re-watching the first series on DVD again and I think Christopher Eccleston was absolutely phantastic (just like he said). But David Tennant … brilliant. Simply brilliant. I really hope he’ll stick around for quite another while. His successor will have a rather hard time stepping out of Davids shadow, I guess.

  5. Russ

    Have you been reading lgf lately, they’ve been scooping you left and right.


  6. Russ, the answer to that question is always “no”. But given that the Wedge Strategy was leaked about a decade ago, I wouldn’t say they scooped anyone! :-)

  7. Electro

    Hola BA,

    Just noticing your site meter is ticking along pretty quick.

    Does the 10^6 visitor get a prize?

  8. My friend Bethan keeps running into Whoniverse VIPs. Yes, she has photographs.

    She met David Tennant in a taxi rank. She ran into Russell T Davies in a department store. She encountered Liz Sladen at the theatre.

    I’ve lived in Cardiff three years and not run into any by chance.

    Bethan’s been here less than a year.

    NO FAIR.

  9. mike

    Wow. I have a favorite band in common with the Doctor!
    London 0 Hull 4 is a classic with the big hit Happy Hour.

  10. RL

    David Tennant is a brilliant actor. In that episode, I thought he was sensational in the scene where his human incarnation, john Smith, doesn’t want to die by becoming the doctor again. But he knows he needs too so everyone can be saved. His performance was amazing. He is a truly gifted actor.

  11. My favorite Doctor talking to a video camera episode was “Blink”. That was great considering that it was him talking to the camera based on a “transcript” of what Sally was saying while it was playing back.

    Now maybe he was being shot off camera while the dialog from Sally was happening, but if not, that would be amazing.

    Also, the episode “Midnight” where that woman was repeating what everyone and then just the Doctor was saying was also amazing. To repeat the square root of pi as the Doctor was saying it without messing up is just brilliant. I would guess that the scene we saw wasn’t the first take, but still, that has to be incredibly difficult to do.

  12. themadlolscientist

    That’s so insane! I can just imagine what would be going through the mind of a deaf person who could read his lips.

    I though he said “Pez” until I realized it was “pears”

    ROFL Those Brits just can’t talk worth anything. :-) Several years ago a when friend and I were in England, we stopped at a pub one afternoon. My friend couldn’t make the bartender understand what he wanted. He asked for “a half of Bass” and she said, “Bess? We don’t have Bess, but we have ‘Bahss.'” After that, wherever we went, he always asked for a “hahff of Bahss.”

    Me? I never had a problem. I just put on my fakey vaguely-quasi-Aussie and practically got away with murder. We even got into Westminster Cathedral on a Sunday morning when they were turning away everyone who sounded even remotely like an American tourist. (No, you can’t just go in there and wander around, you uncivilized Yanks. This is church!) :-) ZOMGZ the choir…………

  13. Wait, so this Who fellow is a British alien who looks like a human?

  14. omg. phil. have you watched the stolen earth yet?
    it. blew.my.mind!


    but in a good way, i think.

  15. Quiet Desperation

    I finally got around to watching the new Doctor Who. About half way through season one thanks to my Roku Netflix streaming box. They almost made me feel sorry for a Dalek.

  16. Naomi

    Indeed, a great moment! But have you seen Stolen Earth yet? o.O It’s been about eight hours since I finished watching (have to download them) and I’m STILL all blown away!

  17. Martin Watts

    Definitely watch “The Stolen Planet” as soon as you can. Unless you’d rather wait until you can watch it back to back with the final episode and save a week of agonising suspense…

  18. Tennant’s grown on me. His over-the-top characterization initially turned me off, but I really like him now. His performance in Forest of the Dead — a new favorite of mine — was wonderful. I know he’s on contract for the special and series five. I really hope he does a seven-year Baker-esque run, especially so that we get to see more of River!

    Yes, I’m watching on the American schedule. I’m too late for torrents.

  19. Richie

    Bingle bongle, dingle-dangle, yikkety do, yikkety dah, ping pong, lippy-tappy too-tah.

    And now you know what Time Lord shorthand language was like.

  20. That should be too “lame” for torrents.

  21. madge

    Everyone is in this double finale episode including RICHARD DAWKINS !! He is married to Lalla Ward who appeared in a Dr Who as Romana way back in Tom Baker days. Russell T. said Dawkins filmed his part on the day Kylie was there too and everyone on set more impressed with Richard being there than the delovely Miss Minogue. ABSO-BLOOMING-LUTELY BRILLIANT!
    BTW fellow Brits watch out on BBC4 on July 13th…they are having a BIG BANG Night in honour of the starting up of the LHC in CERN. Dr Brian Cox (swoon) will be fronting a documentary all about the experiment….should be AWESOME

  22. SourBlaze

    Phil, I’m just curious what you might make of the French atom smasher that everyone knows will detroy the Earth (except for the scientists running it of course!)


  23. Navneeth

    David Tennant as the who?

  24. Even though I am slightly disappointed that it’s Daleks again in “The stolen Earth”, the episode was great. I wonder whether we’ll see the Doctor’s daughter again next week. I wouldn’t mind that.
    No, I wouldn’t mind that at all…

    madge, thanks for the heads-up on the LHC documentary.

  25. LaCreption

    Excellent actor.

  26. madge

    @ Pieter Kok
    My pleasure : )
    If I was working at the BBC the temptation to cut transmission half way through the broadcast, 30 seconds of black screen and then flash up a big sign saying JUST KIDDING! would be almost irresistable : )

  27. Jonathan

    I would just like to point out that what Tennant is doing in that minute is and has been done regularly for years (certainly since before I was born, and I’m nearly thirty) on the BBC Radio 4 game show “Just a Minute”. Tennant, of course, would have been stopped for deviation for all that “bingle, bangle” nonsense and would have yielded the floor to one of the many far better competitors on that programme.

  28. bassmanpete

    If I was working at the BBC the temptation to cut transmission half way through the broadcast, 30 seconds of black screen and then flash up a big sign saying JUST KIDDING! would be almost irresistable : )

    I always thought that New Zealand had the chance to cause world panic when midnight struck on December 31st 1999 by doing just that. Oh, what a missed opportunity!

    Here in Oz we’ve just seen the first of the new Doctor Who series, the Titanic one with Kylie Minogue. I have to admit to being a little miffed (I’m keeping this family friendly) that Australia, still part of the Commonwealth, didn’t get to see this before those damned North American rebels who decided not to remain in the bosom of the crown over 200 years ago :)

  29. themadlolscientist: We Brits can’t talk? That’s rich – I get so fed up of Americans saying “era” and making it sound like “error”, or making “futile” sound like “feudal”. Words like mirror, corridor, warrior, etc. are constantly mangled in TV programmes (not spelling – PROGRAMMES) and films (or as you call them, movies).

    I’d love to hear an American say the following sentence: “In some future era, a horrible warrior looked in a mirror in a corridor and said to himself, “Resistance is futile”.

    Remember – it’s our language, you lot pinched it from us. I think we should demand you speak AND SPELL it properly or we’ll revoke your licence to use it!

  30. … and before anyone has a go back at me, that typo should have been “NOTE spelling” obviously. My keyboard is due for a replacement.

  31. I *LOVE* the Housemartins!

    Thanks for the Funny!

  32. Buck Rogers

    Tom Baker, John Pertwee… wherefore art thou?

  33. madge

    Re: “Stolen Earth” I was on the edge of my seat and how I am gonna last till next week for the finale to find what happens I DON’T KNOW! Wish I had some wibbly wobbly timey wimeyness that could get me there PDQ : )

  34. @madge:
    yes…it will be a long week.

  35. AndrewG

    Part 1 of the Stolen Earth was probably the best ep in the last 3 series… Waiting a whole week is going to be a killer. How long until you get to see it Monsieur Plait?

  36. Viewer 3

    Ok, so the guy’s a decent actor as far as that typical kind of quirky performance goes. I still don’t get why this is post-worthy. I understand fans of things tend to overreact over every tiny eye-roll-worthy thing, but this is ridiculous. This doesn’t make anyone “full of awesomeness”, it just makes them a rambling idiot.

    Actually I’m just trying to douse the flames of stereotypical fan overreaction. I’m totally indifferent to the new Who, so more power to you.

  37. I would just like to point out that what Tennant is doing in that minute is and has been done regularly for years (certainly since before I was born, and I’m nearly thirty) on the BBC Radio 4 game show “Just a Minute”. Tennant, of course, would have been stopped for deviation for all that “bingle, bangle” nonsense and would have yielded the floor to one of the many far better competitors on that programme.

    I was going to note the same thing. I’ve also seen it played live at American Doctor Who conventions, where the actors regularly wipe the floor with the writers. Even Steven Moffat, Rob Shearman, and Paul Cornell can’t compete with the likes of Colin Baker (last year) or Sophie Aldred (this year).

  38. David Taylor

    Speaking of the admirable David Tenant, does anyone actually know whether, when, where he will be appearing in the BBC – HBO production “Einstein and Eddington”? That I want to see!

  39. Alcari

    You MUST watch “Stolen earth”.
    Right NOW. Seriously, grab it off the internet, call you british friends and have them send you a copy, take a plane watch the rerun, do whatever you can, but watch it!

    It had me almost crying three times, shouting far more often and giving a comic-book-NOOOOooo…. at the end of the episode.

    It is made of win, plated with the purest awesome and inlayed with the most brilliant cool.

  40. Will. M

    Good grief. Even Robin Williams can ad lib than this, and with an appropriate accent. And all the Monty Python’s Flying Circus gang: riffs on parrots, existentialism, the Inquisition, and on and on. So much funnier ’cause they made sense. And to the Brit who doesn’t like our pronouncing of English: when you folks try to understand U.S. regional dialects, perhaps we’ll attempt to glean the meaning of your truly mumbled and mangled offshoots of the Queen’s English. And you folks still haven’t learned how to record dialogue. There must be a cardinal rule that every studio mike must have a sweat sock over it. But take heart: regional accents are disappearing here in the U.S.; with a few exceptions we all speak like the talking heads who read us the news.

  41. OtherRob

    What I enjoyed was that he was just rambling on talking nonsense and — bang — he’s back in character talking to Martha. :-)

    Good stuff.

  42. Al

    He’s messing with your minds: “Just a Minute” is on Radio 4…

  43. defectiverobot

    Ulp. I guess I’m the only one who thought “Stolen Earth” was just a little too over the top. Really. Not saying that I didn’t like it, I just thought it as another overkill Davies episode that was a little too in love with it’s own epic cleverness. I wish Moffat–a man who can layer a story masterfully–could have intervened a bit and toned it down.

  44. defectiverobot: i can see that. but after last year’s finale, my expectations for rtd were lowered significantly, and i’m happy to lay aside my dislike for his penchant for buying into his own hype if he’s at least delivering a pretty much coherent and completely tense rollercoaster ride of an episode. i am prepared to be disappointed next week. i hope i’m not, but the way i see it, he’s painted himself into a corner, and i’ll be very disappointed if he pulls another “year that never was” move.
    time will tell.

  45. defectiverobot

    carr2d2: Frankly, I agree with the io9.com commenter who’s hoping for a “reset” button. I’m getting a little distraught with the ‘deification’ of the Doctor, and I’d prefer that he (and by extension the Torchwood team) sort of step back into the shadows and protect the Earth in a more quiet, MiB sort of way (OK, I realize that extraterrestrial invasions probably wouldn’t be quiet, but still…). So in a sense, I guess I’m hoping for a really major “year that never was” move. (And I’d really like to see the Tardis’ control room restored to the cooler, sleeker, minimalist version of the original series.)

    Guess I’m more of an old-school purist than I thought…

  46. Housemartins, yeah! Of course, everyone knows that Norman Cook from the Housemartins is now known as Fatboy Slim…

  47. Nicole

    Just finished “Stolen Earth”… now I have to go pick up the pieces of my exploded brain off the floor.

    In contrast, I also watched the original “Daleks” with William Hartnell this afternoon. Love it!!

  48. defectiverobot

    Anybody notice, by the way, that one of the missing planets was Calufrax? It’s the planet that was consumed in the Tom Baker episode “The Pirate Planet” and ended up being the second segment to the key to time.

  49. Nick

    > “Tom Baker, John Pertwee… wherefore art thou?”

    Because they were born?

    “Wherefore” means “why”, not “where”. If you’re going to paraphrase Shakespeare, make sure you do it right.

  50. Nigel Depledge

    Nick, you beat me to the nitpick. Curse you!

  51. Nigel Depledge

    Will M. said:

    And to the Brit who doesn’t like our pronouncing of English: when you folks try to understand U.S. regional dialects, perhaps we’ll attempt to glean the meaning of your truly mumbled and mangled offshoots of the Queen’s English.

    OK, you’ve set me off now.

    The US has no regional “dialects”*. It does have several pale shadows of regional accents, but, as has been pointed out by Bill Bryson (I believe it was either Notes From a Small Island or Notes From a Big Country), the variation in accents around the USA is far smaller than the variation in accents in Britain. If you compare speakers from London, Cornwall, Aberystwyth, Liverpool, Lancaster, Leeds, Newcastle, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Inverness, you will find that each of these places has its own distinct accent, and many of them also have a dialect.

    Also, there is no such thing as the “Queen’s English”. The term “the King’s English” is derived from the King James Bible. “The King’s English” always and only refers to King James the First and Sixth (first of England, sixth of Scotland).

    * Deliberately not counting separate languages like Pennsylvania Dutch/Deutsch.

  52. Joe Meils

    Does anyone know if this, and the “Blink” recording, and any other stuff like this, is being included on the DVD sets?

  53. Mike Torr

    Bill Bryson is one of the all-time greatest writers on the planet. His books have me laughing hysterically every time. :)

  54. chris

    your awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  55. Lisa

    David Tennant is the best person ever. And best doctor ever. Period. Anyone who says otherwise is obviously an android.


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