No live chat today

By Phil Plait | June 29, 2008 10:48 am

Sorry folks, I can’t do a live video chat today. I’ll be heading over to the Ontario Science Center with the group from the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada instead. I’ll be out basically until tonight, so I won’t be putting up any more posts today either. I’ll e up and running again tomorrow… with my Big News. :-) Stay tuned.

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  1. Can you at least tell us what are the big news about? Just a little “trailer”? I’m quite excited!

  2. Aww, can you at least tell us what are the news about? Just a bit, a little “trailer”? I’m quite excited!

  3. madge

    My nerves can’t stand this. I gotta wait a week for the final part of Dr Who and now I hafta wait till tomorrow for BA’s BIG NEWS! How much suspense can one woman take?! SHEESH!

  4. BAMom

    Hi, Madge,

    I completely agree with you! I have to wait to find out what Phil is doing just like the rest of you!!!!


  5. madge

    @ BAMom
    Well they say Mom is always the last to know! Shame on you BA for worrying your Mom like this : )

  6. Alright, alright! The suspense is too much. At this point, all I can say is it had better involve cake, or I’m outta here!

  7. Brian

    Cake?! The cake is a LIE!!

  8. Right there with ya Madge! The suspense is KILLING me. And, Phil, you’re keeping your mom in the dark too?!? You are a cruel man.

  9. Let’s all start posting guesses as to BA’s Big News!

    My guess: He’s found an advertiser to sponsor his blog.

  10. blf

    I’ll e up and running again tomorrow…

    it had better involve cake


  11. Blu-Ray-Ven

    darn you, darn your busy scedule, darn you get to travel to all the coolest places, darn people like me who cant get out and do it myself. but how can i be angry at such a lovable person like phil, darn it


  12. Oh c’mon folks, you know I wouldn’t hold back from my own mom! :-)

    She already knows the news, but hasn’t realized that what she knows about is what I’m announcing on Monday.

    And Mom, no cheating. Don’t tell anyone. 😉

  13. MechMan

    Us lucky ones in Toronto got to have live chat with BA over dinner….looking forward to the talk tomorrow!

  14. Grizzly

    Hope you liked the OSC, but I’ll give you a little tourist tip, Science North up in Sudbury is where it’s at.

    And this from someone who doesn’t live in Ontario…

  15. madge

    Little do you know that you already know what the rest of us don’t know. So if you know what we don’t know what would it take to get you to put us all in the know and let us know what you know so that we all know what it is you know. Then everyone would know whatever there is to know. Or is it on a need to know basis?

  16. BigBadSis

    Well now I’m thinking it can’t be anything too exciting or BAMom would have told me! Unless BA swore her to secrecy from the rest of the family! So it’s Monday now. Wake up Phil and get online!

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