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By Phil Plait | July 1, 2008 6:00 pm

Welcome to Discover Blogs, the new home for the Bad Astronomy Blog!

I am very pleased to finally announce my Big News: the Bad Astronomy Blog is now a part of Discover Magazine Blogs.

The BABlog had been the front for my Bad Astronomy pages for over three years. In that time, it grew from a simple newsletter to become one of the biggest science blogs on the planet. For that, I owe thanks to a lot of people, most notably Fraser Cain from Universe Today.

Over time, I’ve received offers from various people and blog collectives to move my blog to their sites, but things never really clicked for me. However, when Discover Magazine talked to me recently, that changed. The magazine has been around a long time, and has a good record of presenting science to people, a goal we have in common. The folks at Discover were warm, friendly, and open to ideas on how to best make sure this move would go smoothly. They were also really great about discussing how to support the blog once things settle down, too.

It maybe helped a little that the magazine’s CEO is a Doctor Who fan. And that they have such other fine blogs as The Loom, Better Planet, and others I’ll link to as they come online.

So the deal was hammered out, and over the past few weeks we have been moving toward consolidating our mighty powers. Links to the old blog posts should redirect here (note that the static HTML web pages, like my Fox Moon hoax page, the debunking of astrology, Planet X, and so on, are still hosted at Those of you who read the blog via feedreaders should still be getting it. Same for email; the transition should be seamless for you. If there are any problems, leave comments below! I know there will be growing pains, but we’ll do what we can to minimize them.

In fact, let me know what you think no matter what’s going on. I always appreciate comments and suggestions.

But most importantly, nothing will change as far as my writing goes. I will still wonder over the beauty of the universe, still hammer away at chuckleheads who deny reality, and still post the odd cartoon, LOLcat, and David Tennant mancrush stuff I always do. I see this as an opportunity to bring all these topics to an even bigger audience, and I won’t be changing my tune now. If anything, I will concentrate harder on all these things. There’s still so much to do.

So to those of you who deny the Apollo Moon landings, or think global warming is a hoax, or want to teach religion in schools, or cry doomsday when none exists, or think aliens are probing your privates, or see the face of Jesus in a drywall water stain, or think the Universe is anything less than 13.7 billion years old… you’d better watch your backs. I’m standing right behind you, and I won’t let your antiscience go on without a fight.

And for those of you who like reality the way it is… keep standing behind me. I still need and want your support. Together, we can keep the forces of evil at bay.


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