I'm going to Comic Con!

By Phil Plait | July 7, 2008 10:02 am

Note to readers: The following blog post combines science fiction, web-speak, and other geekariffic venues into one gelatinous mess. If you are a normal person — you go outside, you eat vegetable, or you sometimes use the off switch on your computer — you may wish to avert your eyes.
Thank you,
The Management.

I am very excited to announce that I’ll be attending — and participating in — Comic Con, a vast nerdgasm of scifi, fantasy, comics, and cosplay.

CC will be in San Diego from July 23 – 27. The reason I’m going is that the Hive Overmind (Discover Magazine) is sponsoring me, and I’ll be on a panel discussing the science in science fiction. Also on the panel will be Jaime Paglia (creator and exec producer of Eureka), and one or two very special guests who we are trying to confirm. If one of those guests in particular is able to make it, I will squee so loudly and obnoxiously that it may be detected by the rovers on Mars. Stay Tuned for me to name names.

Anyway, CC will be hawesome. I know lots of TV and movie people show up, and being a huge fanboy that makes me happy. I’ll also get to hang with several friends (hi A!) which is also cool, especially when some huge faceless corporation is covering my costs. Room service here I come!

I’ll have more details (like panel times) when I get them. And let me publicly thank and supplicate to DM for sending me. I had no idea there were so many geeks on the staff there. W00t!


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  1. Thomas Siefert

    Larry Niven would make me go gooey. :-)

  2. Yoo

    Hmm, the blog move is already showing results …

  3. madge

    I can feel your Squeeeeeness from here. Go Phil. KAPOW! KERBLAM! and even ZONK!( I always wanted to change my name to Biff Thwack-Wallop!)

  4. Sounds like fun! I look forward to your squeeing!

  5. I bet I can guess which squee receiving target might be attending…

  6. I’m so unbelievably jealous of you right now. Have fun at comic con and I hope you bring back photos and share them with us. It’s the closest I’ll be getting to Comic Con in the foreseeable future.

  7. Brian Gefrich

    Man, I had just gotten over the fact that I am not going to ComicCon.

  8. peaches


    That’s awesome Phil! Are you planning on having some kind of BAblogee shindig down there? I’m really excited to hear about a science in science fiction panel. We’ll catch up to Dragon*Con and their Skeptical track yet!

    Oh, and I must apologize for the tone of my correction on your moon/UFO/stupid man post. I think it came off as snapish and I didn’t intend that.


  9. I’ll be at Comic-Con on Friday (Saturday tickets sold out long ago), so here’s hoping your panel falls on the same day! And doesn’t coincide with the MST3K panel.

  10. Nice! I won’t be at Comic-Con myself, but let me know if you need restaurant or “things to do” suggestions. I’ve been in San Diego long enough to know where all the fantastically expensive^W^W overlord-friendly local spots are.

    Oh, and make some time to check out the Star Trek exhibit at the San Diego Air & Space Museum if you can.

  11. Todd W.

    Sounds fun, BA! Though, I must say, cosplay people kinda scare me. Oh, and if you happen to run into Alan Dean Foster there, could you please convince him to reissue the Spellsinger series. I mean, where else can one find a Marxist dragon…

  12. Cool,

    Man Phil, between ComicCon and the right after it will be Dragon*Con, how will you contain yourself?

  13. JonMcSkeptic

    If Neal Adams is there I hope someone videos the smack-down!

    Go BA!

  14. LiteraryAlchemist

    Have fun, BA… This will be my seventh year out there. Just be prepared to be distracted by more than you can imagine. Ray Bradbury, Forest Ackerman, maybe Ray Harryhausen, look for the schedule to start posting this week on the website.

    I’m fortunate enough to spend time out there with a couple of JPL folks – one who worked on Spitzer ūüėČ I’m excited to get to talk to him about all the recent discoveries it has led to!

    I hope you have a great time man!

  15. I was thinking of going, but those dates lie on top of the beginning of a different sort of geekfest, one where the participants actually go outside: the 50th version of the National Association of Rocketry’s Annual Meet (NARAM). It will be in Virginia this time (event hotel in Manassas and the flying field in Great Meadow). I’m only mentioning it here because some East Coasters might want to drop by that instead. It starts on Saturday 26 July with the “Old Rocketeers Reunion” and continues for a week with competition and sport flying, winding up on Friday, 1 August with an awards banquet. If you’re at all interested, more info is at:


    BTW, even though they get outside, they don’t leave their computers behind! For years Chris Taylor has been running “NARAM Live” on a daily update basis, and this year he might actually get a live feed from the flying field. Real-time downlink video from some of the high power models would be, how you say, hawsome!

    – Jack

  16. All I have to say is “oh dear”. Or perhaps Farnsworth’s “oh my”.

    Were you there last year? Might have seen the voice actors of Futurama, eh? Eh?

  17. Sili

    Re squee, be sure to say hi to Dave. I’m sure you’ll love this arc (it ran Saturdays so move on in sevens).

    Still envious of you. Sooooo many webcartoonists I’d love to meet.

  18. Phil! Bad Astronomy right there: “…I will squee so loudly and obnoxiously that it may be detected by the rovers on Mars.” In space, no one can hear you squee. XD Have fun at CC!

  19. dhtroy

    Look forward to seeing pictures and video.

  20. Aw I have 10 yrs. going straight and I didnt plan going there this year [Im from tijuana, just across the border so isn’t that hard] T-T if only I knew you were going I would have bought one ticket just to see you in a conference, I will do whatever i can to buy a ticket [tough maybe they are all sold out by this time].

    well, I wish you have some good time there.

    Also, sorry for my bad english. u//u

  21. Phil, if any of the Battlestar Galactica people show up, drag them outside and threaten to lay a smackdown on them unless they give up the final cylon.

  22. Falyne

    Arrrrrrrrrrrrrgh! I grew up in San Diego, and this is the second Comic-Con I’ll have missed in the past…. 8 years, I believe. I’ve gone back every summer except for a research gig I had in Detroit 3 years ago and now the final summer classes for my degrees. Phooey!

    Hopefully I can go back next year…. siiiiiiiiiiiiigh.

  23. hale_bopp

    Squeee? David Tennant or Wil Wheaton…gotta be one of the two!

  24. I’ll be there, and once you post about the panel time I’ll put you on my to-watch list!

  25. Phil –

    I love Eureka! If you get a chance, see if Jaime will sign something Eureka for me. Please!!!

  26. Actually, Wil has already said he can’t go, and I really doubt David Tennant would go.

  27. madge

    I LOVE how to “Become a multi-millionaire in the UK…fully revealed in a ¬£20 book!” ad. Think I’ll save my money to buy Phil’s new book instead :)

  28. Joe Meils

    Wow! You get to go to Comic Con on someone else’s dime, and for the sole reason to b*tch about “science in science fiction films?” What a cushy gig! Hell, I can sit on a panel for an ohour or two and point out what a peice of crap “The Core” was! Hey, Discovery! I’m available!

    Seriously, Phil… get pictures of you with the Orion slave girls. It’ll be a blast!

  29. BILL7718

    LOL. You said “Woot!” I think that makes us friends.

  30. Oh yes. Wil Wheaton just Tweeted that, indeed, now he’s coming to ComicCon.


  31. I live right by downtown san diego , and I was debating going to comic con this year. i’d loved to meet you, phil! I’ve never had the chance to meet anybody I admire in science. I’m going for the star wars fun there. Haha

  32. Naomi

    Aww, man! I had JUST recovered from the hit of jealousy when she said she was going (one day, Thursday) for the DW and TW people!


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