I'm going to Comic Con!

By Phil Plait | July 7, 2008 10:02 am

Note to readers: The following blog post combines science fiction, web-speak, and other geekariffic venues into one gelatinous mess. If you are a normal person — you go outside, you eat vegetable, or you sometimes use the off switch on your computer — you may wish to avert your eyes.
Thank you,
The Management.

I am very excited to announce that I’ll be attending — and participating in — Comic Con, a vast nerdgasm of scifi, fantasy, comics, and cosplay.

CC will be in San Diego from July 23 – 27. The reason I’m going is that the Hive Overmind (Discover Magazine) is sponsoring me, and I’ll be on a panel discussing the science in science fiction. Also on the panel will be Jaime Paglia (creator and exec producer of Eureka), and one or two very special guests who we are trying to confirm. If one of those guests in particular is able to make it, I will squee so loudly and obnoxiously that it may be detected by the rovers on Mars. Stay Tuned for me to name names.

Anyway, CC will be hawesome. I know lots of TV and movie people show up, and being a huge fanboy that makes me happy. I’ll also get to hang with several friends (hi A!) which is also cool, especially when some huge faceless corporation is covering my costs. Room service here I come!

I’ll have more details (like panel times) when I get them. And let me publicly thank and supplicate to DM for sending me. I had no idea there were so many geeks on the staff there. W00t!


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