Google reveals truth behind Apollo!

By Phil Plait | July 8, 2008 12:09 pm

I don’t know if I wanna laugh at this kind of parody (which truly is funny) or cry that antiscience stupidosity has reached such a level of notoriety that it’s the target of web snarkery.

But it is funny.

Tip o’ the spacesuit visor to BABloggee Vernon Balbert and the ever-webalicious A.


Comments (17)

  1. The movie being filmed in the photo was “2001: A Space Odyssey”

    look at the space suit

  2. Fitting, isn’t it, given that Google University’s Department of Wikistudies is the accreditation institute for Moon Hoax proponents. . . and creationists, antivaccinationists, crop circle enthusiasts, homeopaths, astrologers. . . .

  3. Tomas

    lol, this is just hilarious ūüėÄ

  4. I don’t know if you already posted this, Phil, but it’s also pretty good:

  5. John Keller


    This is also a parady of Bart Sibrel’s Astronauts Gone Wild. In that show, Ed Mitchell’ son (Apollo 14), says that they ought to call the CIA.

  6. Celtic_Evolution

    Excuse the snark but… WOW… a government-cover-up-moon-hoax skit. How original. :/

    Funnier thing is probably how many credulous hoaxers will not see the irony in the skit and go scrambling to Google Sky for “evidence”.

  7. Sili

    I have to admit that the graphics appear to be more responsive on a mac. But my little laptop’s getting old, so I doubt it’s representative.

  8. crunch

    Finally, more people who know the moon landing was a hoax!

  9. baryogenesis

    C’mon Celt Ev, it was very well done. There is a ton of lame crap on Youtube, but I think this is funny.

  10. Mang

    And according to Google Moon Apollo ran from 1963 ….

    Apollo Series
    These six missions of the Apollo Program,
    which lasted from 1963 to 1972, were the
    first and last times that Mankind has set
    foot on another world.

  11. mapnut

    Phil, what did you mean by “I don‚Äôt know if I wanna laugh . . . or cry that antiscience stupidosity has reached such a level of notoriety that it‚Äôs the target of web snarkery.” ? What is Bad Astronomy if not web snarkery targeting antiscience stupidosity?

  12. OtherRob

    There’s nothing to see here. Move along….

  13. Grand Lunar

    The sad thing is that some Moon Hoax believers will actually take this video seriously.

    Wouldn’t be the first time a parody has been taken serious by HBs, mind you. Just watch!

  14. Hahaha, stupid but funny. I think that’s what we can all agree on

  15. Clayton

    Moon hoax believer calls Buzz Aldrin a liar:

    Sometimes I think this might be best way to deal with these nutbars…

  16. space cadet

    Cool. By amazing coincidence, I just finished reading Dwayne Day’s little thing on faking the Moon landings on Space Review. It’s pretty fun, too.


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