Carnival of Space, and an extra Y

By Phil Plait | July 10, 2008 11:33 am

Dave Mosher of Discovery BlogsSo this week’s Carnival of Space is hosted by Dave Mosher’s Space Disco at Discovery Blogs. Note that it’s not Discover Blogs, or Discover Magazine Blogs, but Discovery Blogs.

The web is confusing.

But to help mitigate that, Dave posted the carnival entries in alphabetical order. Mine is near the top since I start with B (and not D, and not ending in Y doesn’t even play into it). As always, there’s plenty of fun stuff to read there to help you blow off work today. Enjoy.

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Comments (6)

  1. No, it’s not the web. The whole Discover/Discovery thing has always been confusing. I still have to think it through every time I hear reference to one of them to figure out which science-oriented media conglomerate we are talking about. It’s much more confusing that the WWF issue that forced the steroid club to change its name so it wasn’t confused with the panda people.

  2. Chris

    Heh, not until the previous comment did I realize you weren’t blogging for the Discovery Channel now. Or that there was even a difference. D’oh.

  3. Meanwhile, the Swedish-language space carnival (yes, it’s not all in English out there!) has reached its fifth edition today. You can read Rymdkarnevalen nr 5 here at

    If the whole idea of space in Swedish is too much for you, the automatic Google translation is here. Previous editions are listed here.

  4. Mark

    AAAH! At the rate consonants are handed around, BA may end up accidentally blogging for the Discovery Institute … the mind boggles… ūüėČ

  5. Thanks Phil!

    I did a Web internship with Discover Magazine (no Y – and hi everyone!), my friends and fam thought I worked for DiscoverY Magazine – a Christian-oriented science mag for kids – but many more thought I worked for the DiscoverY Channel.

    Needless to say, now people get even more confused when they ask where I’ve worked :)

    Also, there used to be a Discovery Channel Magazine, but it’s been defunct for a long while now… but that really doesn’t help simplify this branding nightmare, now does it?

  6. madge

    Disco, Discover, Discoverer, Discovert, Discovery, Discovery Institute, Discuss? :)


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