Comic Con schedule now online

By Phil Plait | July 11, 2008 8:21 am

For those of you who are going to Comic Con, or are curious, they have finally published the schedule. It’s packed! I can’t believe how much is going on… and this is just for Thursday.

My panel, The Science Behind Science Fiction, is listed as happening at 5:30 that evening. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. Here’s the synopsis:

Celebrate the world of science fiction when Jaime Paglia (writer and producer of Eureka) and Phil Plait ( lead a panel discussion with Discover Magazine editors exploring when science becomes good science fiction. Join Jaime, Phil and other special guests for an exciting discussion followed by Q&A.

Sounds fun to me! We’re still working on getting some more people for the panel.

If you look over the schedule, you’ll see a long list of people I’ll need to stalk while I’m there… Criminy: People from Doctor Who (Steven Moffat! Russell Davies!), Torchwood (John Barrowman!), even Keanu Reeves (plugging Day the Earth Stood Still). Not to mention Gail Simone, Wil Wheaton (yay!), J. Michael Straczynski, and J J Abrams. Adam Savage said he’d be there too, though I don’t see him on the schedule — he may be coming later in the con.

Yegads. I imagine it’ll be next to impossible to sidle up to most of these folks — it’s hard enough at TAM when they’re open and accessible. At CC it’ll be madness. But it’ll be fun to try.


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  1. that sounds fun | July 22, 2008
  1. mln84

    Wil Wheaton, too!

  2. mln84

    Doh, I must have skipped a line in my first reading.

    /slinks away.

  3. Plasmafrag

    No firefly people?

  4. You got to post pictures of you in your costume! (Who are you going as again???)

  5. Gail


    I will try to make this panel, it sounds SO COOL.

  6. I’d best be careful. I regularly stir people up at work by suggesting they are a black hole of intelligence – then I make loud sucking noises whilst gesticulating with a motion that suggests my brain is being sucked out in their direction.

    It’s funnier than it sounds. Trust me, I’m in advertising.

    In future I’ll refer to it as a chromatically-neutral hole but I think that might confuse the people I direct it at.

  7. Damn! Sorry, wrong article. It’s those damned grey holes.

    Sorry. Please trash these comments when you get to them. I’ll repost in the appropriate thread.

    Sorry. (Geez I’m dumb)

  8. LiteraryAlchemist

    Avoid Hall H, Phil… It has the lowest return on investment at the convention:

    1. The lines are tragically long (HOURS).
    2. It’s set up to seat something on the order of 4,000 people, I believe.
    3. The activities held in there are NOT panels. They are marketing/promotional gigs for high profile movies – hence the short nature. There’s practically no chance you can get to a microphone to ask a question, much less time to actually observe good Q&A like will be the case in your panel.

  9. rob

    hard to sidle up to them? Phil, aren’t you like 6′ 6″ or something? seems to me they will be scrambling to get out of *your* way:

    “holy crap! there is that astronomer guy! he’s big and he’s BAD! get outa his way! aargh!”

  10. 6’6″? No, I’m like 5’10”, and maybe a hair shy of that since I got a herniated disk a few years ago.

    I rely on my reputation to clear the path. :-)

  11. Ronn! Blankenship

    # Phil Plait Says:
    July 11th, 2008 at 11:34 am

    6′6″? No, I’m like 5′10″, and maybe a hair shy of that since I got a herniated disk a few years ago.

    I rely on my reputation to clear the path. :-)

    – – –

    I am roughly the same height and find a walking stick works wonders . . .

  12. yumenoko

    Woohoo! This is the best news I’ve had since coming back from vacation. I will so for sure attend your panel. I will highlight it on the schedule now since, yeah, there’s like a kazillion things going on again this year and I seriously have to pick and choose.

  13. Updated: I’m a dork. I didn’t link to the schedule in the post! I just added it. Sheesh.

  14. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    Too bad the only con I can afford to attend this year is Midwest Furfest. 😐 Knock ’em geeky, Phil.

  15. I’m very much looking forward to your panel! This is awesome 3.

  16. Chris

    Hey, Phil. I’ll be searching you out. Will you be available for signings after your panel?

    Oh, and Adam Savage is on two panels.

    Friday 10:15-11:15 The Big Bang Theory Screening and Q&A (Room 6CDEF)
    Saturday 7:15-8:15 MythBusters Q&A and Sneak Preview (Room 6B)

  17. Naomi

    Speaking of sci fi, have they invented a working teleport yet? Because damn, I wish I was in San Diego! (Wrong side of the Pacific, as it is.)


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