Playing you for a SAPS

By Phil Plait | July 17, 2008 9:06 am

Alison Smith runs the Skeptical Analysis of the Paranormal Society where she and others put the hammer down on fake ghost hunters. She does a pretty good job; at Dragon*Con a while back she had the TAPS guys from the SciFi channel show almost literally running away from her.

The SAPS folks created a fun little sticker showing a ghost with a red slash through it, and distributed them at TAM 6. Alison posted pictures of some skeptics wearing or using the SAPS stickers. I stuck one on my laptop, and she has the goods on me. On the other hand, Adam Savage talked right after me and used my laptop to show a behind-the-scenes Mythbusters thing, so she has a picture of him using my computer as well. Coooool.

Adam Savage using my laptop

You might see guys like Neil Tyson and Richard Saunders and Michael Shermer and James Randi & Derek and Swoopy with the stickers on Alison’s page as well.

Oh, you want a sticker too? That’s easy: send your mailing address to her at alison "at" randi "dot" org and she’ll send you one. Get your picture taken with it and she’ll post it! Make sure there are orbs or rods or British soldier ghosts in it. You’ll score more brownie points.

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