Interview with Steven Moffat… live?

By Phil Plait | July 23, 2008 8:00 am

Update: We’re in the interview area waiting for them to show up. I still don’t know if I’ll be live streaming or not, so stay tuned! But I might simply have to tape it and edit it for later.

I’m off to ComiCon! I’ll be arriving around 1-ish, but I have to hit the ground running. My schedule has changed…

Here’s the deal: Steven Moffat (the new show runner for Doctor Who) as well as Julie Gardner (DW Producer) and Naoko Mori (Toshiko on Torchwood) will be doing interviews today, Wednesday, at ComiCon. I’ve signed up for this, and evidently there are too many journalists to do individual interviews, so they’re putting us at tables to do round-robins. Moffat is from 4:00 – 4:30, and Mori and Gardner are from 4:30 – 5:00; all times are Pacific time (add seven hours for UT).

So I get to ask all three of them questions, and I’m still brewing that in my head (suggestions are welcome; leave them in the comments!).

But what I’m going to try to do is do this live, streaming on my UStream channel. That means that if you tune in you can watch it live!

However, many things have to work: the connection must be good, the stream must not lag or be impossible to set up due to software glitches, and of course the BBC has to agree to this. They may not.

But I’ll try! And just in case I don’t have time to write a new page, I’ve embedded the player below.

Stream videos at Ustream


Comments (16)

  1. So….Incredibly….Jealous….

  2. madge

    Ditto Cleon Ditto.
    Ask Moffat if River Song will be returning in the future :)

  3. Question for Mori: It seems that every time Tosh finds romance, something goes horribly wrong. Does Mori think the writers will let Tosh have a relationship that lasts more than one episode? Could Tosh even deal with happiness?

  4. Quiet Desperation

    Toshiko! Want!

  5. Ask if he could please bring back Carey Mulligan as Sally Sparrow, because that would be awesome. Also ask him if you can make a cameo. Oh, and bring a bribe.

  6. Genesius

    Sorry if this is a spoiler for you, but since Tosh is kinda dead I don’t think much romance is in her future. . .

    @Q.D. Necrophiliac much? ūüėČ

    Now please excuse me, I must go wipe the drool off my chin at the thought of actually meeting Naoko Mori!

  7. Nome

    I just read and I have to say that in one way you hit the nail on the head, but you missed a very important piece of knowledge.
    You say… Astrology is wrong, that’s the kind of absolutism that causes dogmas and religious wars, coming from a professional point of view it seems quite sloppy in the language department. I also think you failed to see a lot of the importance in astrology. Yes, put the predictions and newspaper columns aside. It seems you have done some research but then just simply trailed off. The ancient societies that came up with these ideas were simply trying to become closer to something they didn’t understand, by anthropomorphizing the starts into human-like beings or animals they could give them characteristics which were easier to relate to, and the respect they would show to these entities by telling of fantastical stories and mysticism. The stories they told could then influence the minds of the listeners and readers and the possibilities of these avatars and gods, that indeed did live in the celestial heavens, would create new generations of possibles personalities and humans could go beyond what they thought they could be and become more, closer to “gods” closer to the heavens and closer to something that couldn’t be understood.

    just my take on it anyway,
    if interested look into
    shamanism, Robert Anton Wilson, maybe logic, the dead sea scrolls, Tarrence Mckenna, dmt and ancient society.

    Thanks for the necessary dismissal of what astrology is not, sorry for assuming that you might not know what I am presenting, just think it’s good info and should be considered.

  8. BILL7718

    Do they play online games (WoW, EQ2, AoC, etc)? I always wonder if my online friends are under cover famous peeps, but then I realize that’s impossible because famous people have lives.

  9. Andy


    I’m going in the opposite direction of SD today to go visit my mother in Sacramento.

    Not only will I miss all of ComicCon in general, but I’m even going to have to miss watching this because my mother lives in the stone age and has no connection the net *at all*. I can’t even pick up an open wifi signal in her complex!

    I’m going to cry!

    Please, please, please… let there be an archive I can watch when I get back!


    Questions I would ask:

    Ditto madge and IMForeman re: River Song and Sally Sparrow.

    Speaking of Blink, will Hettie MacDonald direct any more episodes?

    Also, are the rumors about a spin off about Jenny true, and/or when we will see her again?

    I’d also like to know exactly how much of the writing he’ll be involved with.

  10. Roy Batty

    Moffat: How much of the next season has he got scoped out already? ie has he any stories already planned, does he already a have rough scope of where the season is going to go etc?
    Asking a bit soon maybe but experience shows that this is a bloke that thinks ahead (not to mention backwards, sideways & any which wibbly wobbly way :) )

    Mori: Just remember to keep your tongue in – I’d probably forget ;-D

  11. I have several questions:

    1) Who would win in a fight; Darth Vader or The Batman Dark Knight?
    2) Who would win in a fight between Kirk and Picard?
    3) Who would win in a fight between Captain Picard and Dr. Xavier?
    4) How have you been able to resolve the vast morphological differences between the menacing Klingons in Kirk’s day with those more convivial, albeit more intimidating appearing Klingons of Picard’s day?

  12. Tyler Durden

    “Sorry if this is a spoiler for you, but since Tosh is kinda dead I don‚Äôt think much romance is in her future. . .”

    This is science fiction. A character isn’t dead until you see the body turned to ash, the ashes thrown in sulphuric acid, and the ashes dumped in a black hole.

    And maybe not then either. (Reincarnation? Digital brain copy? Cloning?)

  13. Hello Steven M.

    Did you vote for Paul Cornell or for yourself for the Hugo this year? ūüėČ

    – Steven M.

  14. -Cloning won’t bring the character back (the actress will tho)
    -Reincarnation is not science.
    -I’m OK with the brain backup.

  15. Murdats

    anything is science fiction if you make up a fancy description.

    reincarnation could be a process of telepathic transfer or imprinting, perhaps a materialisation of a cognitive essence. I dunno the doctor is better at that then I am ūüėõ

    but the key difference between fantasy and sci fi is in fantasy magic did it, in sci fi some complicated process did it, oh and things tend to be made out of metal or organic materials in sci fi.
    eg. magic wand – sonic screwdriver
    blinking – teleporting
    invisibility spell – invisibility field and so on.

  16. Buzz Parsec

    I’m slightly ashamed that I know this, but in Enterprise, someone explains that in an effort to breed superwarriors, the Klingons tried to adapt Brent Spiner’s techniques which had the unfortunate affect of shrinking their skull ridges and making them look like bikers. Which explains Worf’s remark to Chief O’Brien that “we don’t discuss it.” It appears Kirk only ever encountered genetically modified Klingons.


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