Comic Con, Day 1: Doctor Who panel

By Phil Plait | July 24, 2008 3:00 pm

Another day, another fab time with my fellow 105 geeks.

I had breakfast with a few of the Hive Overmind folks from Discover — which was very cool, they are uber-fans themselves — we headed over to the con. We got in a few minutes at a Battlestar panel but had to leave early to get in a vast line for the Doctor Who/Torchwood panel. The line was so long I noticed that the end of it was redshifted.

The DW panel was lots of fun. Steven Moffat and Julie Gardner were obviously having a blast, talking about the show, its past and future, much like the interview posse I was in yesterday. But this time they questions from the audience, and clearly they were enjoying themselves.

Steven’s favorite answer: "I’m not telling you." This worked for questions about David Tennant’s return in Series 5, if River Song is really the Doctor’s wife, if they’d follow up with Rose and the faux Doctor, and so on. He really won’t tell us anything about the series coming up.

Grrrr. But you can’t blame him. At least he was utterly charming while saying it!

And let me profess that Ms. Gardner is now on my (long, long) list of crushes. She is really wonderful, and gave Moffat a lot of teasing grief over his comments, which was great. It’s really nice to see people who work together on such a wonderful show get along so well. It makes me happy to know, because I’m Machiavellian: a happy crew is a happy show.


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