The White House is mine!

By Phil Plait | August 12, 2008 2:00 pm

Yau-Man Chan sent me this link. It’s a bit of a surprise; I wasn’t even aware I was running for President! After all, being El Presidente of the JREF is enough to keep me busy…

… but then I realized it must be a joke. They keep saying I’m virtually unknown, when everyone knows I’m an internationally beloved blogger!


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  1. Andy

    That’s the most ingenious thing I’ve seen on the net this week! And, other than the Google Maps XKCD, the funniest.

  2. TSFrost

    That was quite clever. Too bad they have no way for any of the interviewees to actually say your name.

    Oh and of course I’d vote for you, Phil, as I’m liking Obama less and less.

  3. Todd W.

    Hillarious! Unfortunately, you won’t have my vote. I mean…if you’re President, who’s going to run the JREF and regale us with witty puns in astronomy posts?

  4. billsmithaz

    President Plait? I’m all for it.

    We can go from ‘making the pie higher’ to ‘click the pie to embiggen’.

  5. That is awesome! It actually had me fooled for a second. Well, actually until it said it was a joke! LOL

  6. Bigfoot

    I’m not buying this — it is clear that this video was an elaborate hoax obviously staged in a secret location in the Nevada desert.

  7. Tarrkid

    The billboard even rhymes – “Phil Plait Oh-Eight!”

  8. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    Sorry, Phil, but you don’t lie to me near enough to gain my vote.

  9. Sam

    In case someone didn’t know, the site dynamically puts in your friend’s name into the video.

  10. dusty59

    It took a few seconds to figure out, but is really great!

  11. mn_monkey

    My wife got hit with this a couple weeks ago – scared the skittles out of her for about 15 minutes.

  12. That was really funny!

    But something about the way the text were displayed caused the videos to show tell-tale signs that they were faked. The text seemed to vibrate strangely on the moving bus scene. Sigh. At least it was a good joke.

  13. Noam Zur

    That’s hilarious!
    I’m not American, so I couldn’t vote anyway, but I enjoyed the laugh nonetheless. If you were ever to run in Europe, though, hmm…. I guess you’d have at least one vote at the ready. And I’m glad I saw this with your name and not with PZ for the first time 😀

  14. Apart from the candidate being Phil Plait (seriously… who’d vote for THAT guy? :D), the only place where it’s pretty obvious that the thing is automatic is in the bus ad. The name does not shift exactly as it should if it was really on the bus.

  15. It was good, but totally unbelievable when they said that you’d have a chance of stealing votes from McBush. XD Very cute, though.

    “What started out as an internet prank on Phil ‘the Bad Astronomer’ Plait has turned into a real push to elect him President!”


    I was going to say that you aren’t old enough to be PotUS, but… (Dang, you look young for your age. Like Shatner!) ~_^

  16. The logical next step is the bit in Fahrenheit 451 where Guy Montag’s wife is watching a TV show and the TV inserts her name when the host pauses.

  17. Fritriac

    Wow! That’s real great!
    Now I know what to do tomorrow if I’m bored @work :)

  18. DrNecropolis

    Ha! you can’t fool me, the end part was a clever ruse to pretend like it was all a joke when it actually isn’t. I’ll be writing you in on the ballot anyway! Hahaha, Plait & Savage ’08

  19. Ha! I was really puzzled at first, but then I noticed that the name on the bus moved relative to the bus.

  20. Davidlpf

    There is on reason Phil won’t for president is that Mrs BA would not allow another mover after just moving to Boulder.

  21. themadlolscientist

    Just don’t let Mrs. BA find out who your campaign manager is……

  22. Davidlpf

    And if are eleceted do not tell her you have interns.

  23. Viewer 3

    Picard/Riker ’08

  24. Davidlpf

    the only logical choice is Kirk/Spock ’08.

  25. Dave Hall

    When you take over and are recruiting minions, just remember all of us who supported you.

  26. stopgap

    Randy/Phil 08!!

    Time to make some bumper stickers.

  27. Jose

    Well, I had a more severe reaction to your name on the bus than Freiddie. In the future, you may want to stick to ads that don’t subliminally induce vomiting and make heads explode. An exploded head can sometimes be fatal, and that’s one less vote.

  28. hahah – excellent! What are your colours?

  29. Blu-Ray-Ven

    i dont know who this phil plait is but hes got my vote

  30. Robert Krendik

    LOL, I wonder if you won, finally a scientific president that bases things on science and not religion!

  31. Davidlpf

    Phil the decider, has a nice ring.

  32. Don Snow

    Our country is not ready for a skeptic President…GOP

    Skeptics have rights, we’ll fight for skeptic rights…Democratic party

    I’ll have to Goolgle his voting history…Independent voter

    Can a guy be president of two different things at the same time?…me

  33. I’ve always said we need more third party candidates. I personally think Phil has it sewn up.

  34. silence

    The cryptozoologist types are promising that they’ve really found bigfoot this time:

  35. Zombywolf

    Additionally…Phil…if this isn’t a rediculous hoax…Go for it mate. You could make a better President than has been seen for many a year. :)
    And it’s not like it would be difficult. For every problem, hire an aid 😛

  36. madge

    LOL! If I had a vote in the American elections it would be yours :)

  37. madge

    Completely OT but have any of you seen the i-madge-s Cassini has sent back from the Enceladus flyby? Look no further.

    Awesome! :)

  38. Rebel

    I am impressed, you even have old ladies getting inked for your.

    I will have to send this to some of my friends over the next few days, get their reaction.

  39. madge
  40. Kevin

    Wow – most of you BAbloggers,including Phil, don’t get much “stupid email” that gets read! I got that spoof 2 months ago – it was cute then, and it’s cute now.

    Notice how the “reporter” NEVER mentions specifics? The text is simply generic. I wondered, for a moment, how it was done when I first saw it myself.

    Ain’t technology grand!

  41. Goodcarver

    YEAH!!!! Plait for president!!!! You have my vote…if I still lived in Chicago, You’d have all twenty of my votes.

  42. glued

    Looks ‘shopped to me.. Teh caek is a lie!!

  43. Ohhh…. what you all don’t know is that all of this is a conspiracy…. Phil wants first the presidency of JREF, then the presidency of the US, then the emperorship of the planet and then he will become ruler of the whole galaxy! That was his plan from the beggining! All hail galaxy ruler Phil Plait!

  44. Quiet Desperation
  45. Chris

    Too bad it ain’t real. You’d have my vote.

  46. hambr

    A lot of people recognized it as a joke when they saw the text not looking right on the bus. I knew it was a joke when I heard something about a maxim model. Although, I agree with DrNecropolis and would vote for the Plait & Savage ‘08 ticket.

  47. hambr

    come on Adam, I know you read this. Lets see the Plait & Savage ‘08 — or– Savage & Plait ’08 sticker on the show.

  48. jimmiraybob

    …I’m an internationally beloved blogger.

    You go PZ! Uhm….oh, some other guy. Never mind.

  49. Gary Ansorge

    Hah,Hah! A skeptic for president. We’ll get THAT right after the Rapture,,,

    Hey, maybe God is a skeptic??? I mean, for Him, there’s no faith required, because He has been around long enough to KNOW IT ALL.

    Dad gum Elitist!!!

    GAry 7

  50. How about Fraiser Cain as the VP?

    We ought to do one with Paris Hilton, although I understand she has made her own campaign video.

    But then, Paris Hilton described as unknown, what a cute fantasy, that nobody had ever heard of her that is

    Oh how cruel



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