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By Phil Plait | August 26, 2008 1:18 pm

I am so self-serving. You may doubt this. You may have skepticism, you may not believe me, you may not have faith in me. To that, all I have to say is…


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  1. Robert Krendik

    XD, is that gum!? Or candy? I’m hungry now…

  2. Sui Generis

    Don’t forget about Mythbusters special episode this week on moon landing denialism.

  3. Chris CII

    I didn’t understand because I didn’t know the O RLY? owl, for me Orly is one of the two international airports of Paris, situated in a town of the same name.

  4. LOL! I can tell you’ve been flipping through your cruise pics a lot lately.

  5. Thomas Siefert

    Orly orly orly / orly orly orly
    feeling hot hot hot….

  6. All we need now is for ceiling cat to pounce on the orly owl…

  7. Kevin S.

    ORLY?? Why I ‘ardly know her!

  8. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    “Orally” is what I saw. Does that make me old, or just tired?

  9. Fritriac

    Strawberry rly? Now i feel like to nibble something.

    10:30 pm at my place – not the best time to do such without gaining weight :-(

  10. Naked Bunny with a Whip, “Orly” is webspeak for “Oh, really?”.

    I once saw the following online conversation…thought it was funny.

    Person 1 – Jamie Lynn Spears is pregnant.
    Person 2 – Orly?
    Person 1 – Vaginally, I assume.

  11. DrFlimmer

    I guess we might see this pic more often than we think now ūüėČ Just like the “doom-cat” ūüėČ

  12. JackC

    And on another subject, would that be a Tilly on your topside?


  13. ioresult

    Like Chris here. I took the plane in Orly a couple of times when I lived in Paris.

  14. ioresult

    JackC: doesn’t look like a Tilley hat to me.

  15. @JackC: Looks more like a Barmah hat to me.

    Nice hat, regardless.

    And that oRly… “Sweeeeeeet” ūüėČ


  16. Oh, and @AaronSTL…. ROFLMAOSTC

    Oh, and regarding the hat… again…


    I’m the guy on the left, that hat in my right hand looks mighty familiar. Oh, and those four folks to my left are familiar, too…


  17. saganite

    My panda avatar agrees with you, Phil!

  18. As Cthulu said: “Oh, R’lyeh?”

  19. “Ia! R’lyeh!”

  20. Breaking news!

    I’m not Murrikan, but I’ll vote for Phil! :-)

  21. Autumn

    As a crossword devotee, I, also only thought of the airport.
    Regarding annoying acronymisation in general, I once waded through a page of comments wondering why the commenters were so excited, in a rather dry discussion of a legal question, to announce their fondness for a particular sexual act.

    I honestly thought it was some sort of IMSPARTACUS in support of someone, for a reason I couldn’t fathom.
    This makes me officially old.

  22. nashira

    I’m from Ecuador and yes, we eat that ORLY chocolate bar, but even better than that is the Cafeteria sign behind Phil, please note the SANDUCHES item. That’ll be sandwiches, for us locals. Ain’t that sweet.

  23. Quiet Desperation

    Am I elite enough to comment on this?

  24. Deepsix


    (Phil, I don’t think everyone “gets it”)



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