Want! Cylon edition

By Phil Plait | September 4, 2008 3:55 pm

Mooeypoo let me in on a little contest: ThinkGeek is giving away a one-of-a-kind replica of a Cylon raider.

ThinkGeek’s Cylon Raider giveaway


I won’t apply, because it wants my info, and I prefer to keep my online presence minimal. But sign up! Your odds of winning are incredibly low, but they’re zero if you don’t try.


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  1. Bigfoot

    I’m not a big sci-fi fan, so I won’t apply. But I am curious about your comment “I prefer to keep my online presence minimal”. As an online personality, it is surprising to read this on your blog, although I understand it from a personal perspective, and I note you make us reveal no more than an e-mail address to allow us to comment on your blog.

    Do you minnmize on-line purchases for the same reason as well? I’m curious to hear your thoughts on this, although I wish you no ill will if you choose not to share them. I have conducted many, many purchases on the internet for bargains or hard-to-find items (with very few regrets) and I wonder if I should reconsider using such a wide variety of vendors …

  2. MattGS

    I second Bigfoot’s question. I understand wanting to keep your online presence minimal on a personal level – but, damn, you have a blog online. You’re Dr. Phil Plait, famously Bad Astronomer, president of the JREF. What exactly are you trying to keep minimized? I’m afraid you’re already a person of “public interest”, as they say. Which I, for one, am glad of.

  3. Personal info such as address and telephone number, I’m sure, because you DO have such an online presence.

    But damn! I had already entered, and the more publicity is gets makes my already tiny chance eeeeeven tinier. 😛

  4. gopher65

    Not one of a kind, 1 of 500. They’re only giving away one though;).

  5. Miranda

    Get in line, Plait. I’ve already asked God to pick me as the winner.

  6. Hugo

    Sarcasm? On this blog? Never!

  7. Don’t worry about your personal information, Google already has all of it. Who the hell are you hiding from? A you a terrorist?

    I know the type, eh? I think this mail to the authorities of the US may be well put. Better mark it urgent. Damn postal cost for sending mails to the US from Denmark.

  8. Personally not a BSG fan, myself. If I win it, you can have it Phil. We can call it even for all the knowledge you’ve shared.

  9. Don’t be fooled! It’s a ploy by the Cylons to woo your vote.

    Remember, a vote for anyone other than Tigh is a vote for a Cylon. Um. Oh. Wait.

    http://www.TighRoslin.com – Tigh/Roslin 2008!

  10. Dagger

    *sigh* Only for U.S. citizens, dang it.

  11. MattGS

    Nope. That link doesn’t help.

  12. kurt_eh

    Dagger, there’s room on the info for Country and province. Don’t let that small problem stop you. 😉

  13. Lawrence

    Darn-it! I was going to say “one of five hundred!!!”

    Still, would love to have it in my library – next to the Lego Jedi Skyfighter.

    Total NERD!!! and proud of it.

    Choose Evility!!!!

  14. Neil Vickers

    OK, I’ve done some background research on the competition and it turns out that you all have absolutely no chance of winning it as it’s all a scam. This means that there’s no reason for you to fill out the entry forms, as all it’s going to do is use up bytes that could otherwise have been used for highly important pornog^H^H^H^H^H^Hinformation. Information that could save lives!

    So save a life and don’t fill in the entry form. If not for me, then for the bytes!

    That is all.

  15. So, you were being sarcastic?

    I entered. That puppy is mine.

  16. Bigfoot
  17. Darth Robo

    Nah, I prefer the original Cylon Raider better. None of this fancy sleek stuff, gimme the more clunky dirty used looking stuff. Had more character.

  18. Edward

    Why do most of the aliens have names ending in “on”?
    Klingon, Cylon, Vogon, etal.

  19. Bob Portnell

    I haven’t followed the new BSG — I rented the movie, and it was just too grim for me. So this is the first look I’ve had at the new Cylon Raider.

    Dangnation. That is a SCARY machine. It looks to me very much like an intelligent, malevolent spacecraft should.

  20. Darth: Actually, I thought the original series raiders looked more sleek than the new series, not to mention more practical (aside from needing a three-borg crew).

  21. Dunc

    Your odds of winning are incredibly low, but they’re zero if you don’t try.

    Isn’t that what they say about lottery scratchcards?

  22. I rented the movie, and it was just too grim for me.

    Good thing you didn’t watch the series, then. The premiere movie was downright lighthearted in comparison.

  23. Charles

    I would hate for a diehard Dr. Who fan to get this…. 😉

  24. Rachel D.

    keep your “online presence minimal”? Google “Phil Plait” and you get 142,000 hits. You have a WIKIPEDIA entry, for Pete’s sake.

    Way to keep that online presence minimal. Sorry bub, you’re an online personality. Enjoy it – you rock.

  25. LaCreption

    Ah, Battlestar Galactica. No not the modern version, it’s way too ordinary SF. Give me the old one please. I still long for a private fighter to explore space and a personal harmless Cylon (a real one with 70’s vocoder sound!) to carry my books. A computer watch with access to text libraries would be nice too but that isn’t really necessary anymore.

    The first series may be a bit dull and overdue nowadays, but the second series is still interesting to watch. The BSG arrived near earth and all kind of missions take place. Incognito. I especially like the episode with crashed cylons in New York at Halloween. Featuring Wolfman Jack and the St Elsewhere actor who voiced KITT.

  26. ThinkGeek already has my info as I order from them on occasion, so I signed up when I got their email announcement. I don’t actually watch BSG – I couldn’t even make it through the mini-series I was so bored (please don’t shoot me!), so if I win it some lucky astronomer might just get his wish.


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