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By Phil Plait | September 14, 2008 6:24 pm

The Skeptics Circle — a carnival of skeptic blogging — is up at Bob Carroll’s Skeptic Dictionary site. Bob has decided to shame all other carnival hosts by fitting all the entries into a Nostradamus theme. But then, this was predicted by Nostradamus himself in the fourth quatrain of the sixth volume:

On the lucky anniversary of the fall of the kings,
A doubter will make the false fit true,
Claims against nature exposed to light,
Nostradamus is full of crap.

Hey, it’s as legit as anything else he ever wrote.


Comments (19)

  1. Tommy

    “Nostradamus is full of crap.”

  2. Davidlpf

    Two man on a faraway sphere
    one with a mean left hook
    a fake a lot of people here
    then somebody writs a book.

  3. Davidlpf

    last line was suppose to be
    then somebody writes a book.

  4. To The Seventh Dawn a Man will Move

    And there Seek Out his Fill

    A Live Show he would Host there

    Until his Plate became Too Full

  5. Quiet Desperation

    When the moon is in the Seventh House
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars


    Crap, I’m old… :-(

  6. Davidlpf

    Harmony and understanding
    Sympathy and trust abounding
    No more falsehoods or derisions
    Golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revelation
    And the mind’s true liberation
    Aquarius! Aquarius!
    (yes I copied it from another site.)

  7. Davidlpf

    That reminds me I am due for a shave.

  8. MAC

    There once was a man, Nostradamus
    Whose prophesy skills showed great promise
    But his future road map
    Just turned out to be crap
    With which idiots still like to bomb us.

  9. It’s amazing how his supposed prophecies can be made to fit almost any situation. You do an amazing job of informing people, Phil. I just hope more people hear the message and allow it to sink in.

  10. Davidlpf

    Oh in first on second line

    a fake a lot of people hear
    (just hope the BAs wife not reading)

  11. Davidlpf

    sorry thrid line. I should look int the concept of proof reading.

  12. Tyler Durden

    “On the seventh dawn of the seventh day
    a twice-blessed man will roam the fields
    Doomed to shadow with his bretheren
    Or savior of all he surveys.”

    – First Wave – the prophecy predicting the guy who would repel the alien invasion, Cade Foster.

    That was an interesting show – I’d never seen mysticism and science fiction mixed like that before I saw that series.

  13. Wildride

    In the new city, a giant awakes
    King and pauper alike are in fear
    The world trembles under his footsteps
    Burma Shave!

  14. Naomi

    Oh, you’re gonna love this. Thanks to a website which uses the Bible, the King James Bible Code, Nostradamus AND astrology, I bring you… ‘Did Nostradamus predict the LHC will create a Black Hole?’. They cite the number 666, 2012, if it’s crackpot, it’s there. Just about the only thing I didn’t see was the video claiming that the LHC causes chemtrails and is what destroyed those civilisations on the moon and Mars XD

  15. Wendy

    N.D. can blow me,
    And his vague quatrains can too,
    I like haikus more!

  16. leeobee

    A Frenchman who’s named Nostradamus
    Wrote a load of baloney to alarm us
    He kept it so vague that good health could be plague
    And the naked were covered in garments

  17. ND

    Was he really writing about the future? If you took his quatrains and applied it to history that came before him, I’m sure you’ll find a multitude of matches per quatrain. History repeats like a stuck record.

  18. Gary Ansorge


    Yes and in his time, OBVIOUS criticism of ANY royalty could lead to the chopping block. Nostrodamus was a doctor before he was a “prophet” and from what I’ve read of his life, he did a pretty good job keeping people alive during the Black Death(well, a lot better than his contemporaries) though his expertise didn’t save his own family,,,
    His quatrains were interesting allusions to what had been, which he disguised as “prophecies”. Hey, nobody can get pissy if what you’re talking hasn’t happened yet,,,

    Having said that, I wonder why people are so intent upon elevating his words to gospel, when his “prophecies” were not comprehensible a priori(before the fact) but ignore the accuracy of scientific “predictions” of the outcome of an experiment. One would think the general populace would be all ga-ga over how fruitful and accurate scientific predictions are, but they seem to think, “Aw, that’s just science. It’s not mysterious,,,”

    Maybe L. Ron Hubbard (bless his little avaricious soul) had the right idea. Invent a “scientifically based religion”, collect scads of money from the gullible, then laugh all the way to the bank,,,

    ,,,crud, my cynical side seems to be on the rise. I think it’s all due to the LCP coming on line in this election year (ie, Logically Corrupt Politicians).

    GAry 7

  19. FrankZA

    Nostradamus a crackpot? Surely not! He has predicted so many things after they have happened!


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