Doctor Who Series 4 soundtrack coming in November!

By Phil Plait | September 19, 2008 12:20 pm

Doctor Who Series 4 soundtrack coverAs I sit here listening to the Doctor Who Series/Seasons 1 and 2 soundtrack (and having just listened to the Torchwood soundtrack for the nth time), I’m squeeing to hear that the Series 4 soundtrack will come out in November!

I really love the music coming from Murray Gold, who has created sweeping and majestic themes for my favorite show. Back in the 80s the incidental music was (let’s face it) cheesy, but now it’s so much broader, so much better, so much more cinematic, as befits the nature of the grand adventures of the Doctor.


Tip o’ the sonic screwdriver to Outpost Gallifrey.


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  1. The classic Dr Who theme still resonates with me on a very deep level. As a young child growing up in Sweden, the BBC was my best opportunity for learning English. So being permanently imprinted with Dr Who and Monty Python, I am now widely regarded as a bit of a loon. Not that I mind! :)

  2. Oh no, I really much prefer the bleep-bloop stuff from the 70′s and 80′s. In fact I was listening to Orbital’s version of the electronic theme (‘Doctor?’ from the album The Altogether – some good videos on YouTube) The background music for the new series has been overpowering IMHO. It’s almost as if they feel the viewer can’t figure out what they should be feeling without blaring string-laden hints at them.

  3. RL

    Murray Golds work is tremendous in my opinion. Much of it, especially “Doomsday” and “Our Home, Galifrey” are beautiful and stands by itself. In fact, I had heard this music before I actually saw the episodes (I was late in becoming a fan) and I have to admit that I thought that the episodes themselves did not live up to the music and the imaginations they stirred before I saw them (don’t get me wrong – I liked the episodes, its just that the music was so much more powerful). Now I know what to ask for this Christmas (iTunes gift cards!)

  4. I agree the Murray Gold has written some wonderful stuff for Doctor Who, I must remind you that not all of the 70s and 80s stuff was “cheesy”. They had Delia Derbishire making a few really fabulous tracks.

  5. “Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home” is nothing short of magnificent. I think it won some sort of award as well, and I’m not surprised. It’s incredible.

  6. RL

    Ah! Phil, you’re right. I botched the title. (oops). I should know it since I listen to it at work all of the time. Thanks by the way for turning me onto the new Dr Who.

  7. Naomi

    Oh, the Gallifrey track is AMAZING. I would have bought the s29 soundtrack for that one alone, even if it WASN’T packed with gorgeous audio bits all through it! (For some reason, most of my favourites are from that final three-parter – Martha’s Quest, The Master Vainglorious, the aforementioned Gallifrey track), YANA (Excerpt), Martha Triumphant… it’s all good!)

    The rest is pretty damn good, too – I really love All The Strange, Strange Creatures (the trailer music), The Carrionites Swarm, Only Martha Knows, The Dream Of A Normal Death, The Doctor Forever, and Blink (Suite), even if it makes me want to hide under the bed XD

    By the way, you’re BOTH wrong, it’s, ‘This is Gallifrey – Our Childhood, Our Home’. Which always makes me want to make Sparta jokes, and I didn’t even see 300. (“This! Is! GALLIFREEEEEY!” Seriously, can’t you just picture the Tenth Doctor doing that? XD)

    Any track list available yet for this one?

  8. Davidlpf

    Well if you want to hear the Doctor who theme song a little different look for “Doctorin the Tardis” it came out I think 80′s or 90′s, how can you beat rappin Daleks.
    (sorry no link I am at work and have limited access to the tubes)

  9. Matthew J.

    ‘This Is Gallifrey: Our Childhood, Our Home’ is one of the most moving pieces of music I’ve ever heard. A special mention must also go out to ‘Doomsday’ from season two.

    ‘Doctorin’ the Tardis’ by The Timelords aka The JAMMs aka The KLF. 1988. Based on Gary Glitter’s ‘Rock n Roll’ and featuring cardboard Daleks.

  11. I love ‘Doctorin’ the Tardis’. The video and the song. Freaks out my cat a bit though. Pity about the connection to creepy Gary Glitter. And speaking of 80s and 90s pop The KLF rocked as did this band who have a strangelet connection to physics…

  12. David

    I love Murray’s music. He and Ben Foster have created a great sound and with the inclusion of the vocals from Melanie Pappenheim, the music has more staying power than any other music from the show’s other eras.

    Did any other composer have their work showcased at the Proms??

  13. KC

    Eh, I love Dr. Who, and the background music is all great, but i can’t imagine sitting around listening to it…

  14. Fizzle

    You should try listening to some of the 60s Who music. In particular the soundtracks for The Dalek Invasion of Earth and Tomb of the Cybermen. Those were some of the best for the classic series.

  15. Come on! The music on modern Dr Who is awful. It sounds like bad electronic music performed (weirdly) by orchestral samples. And it’s FAR TOO LOUD and there’s far too much of it. Having said that, it matches the tone of the program well…

    Come back peter howells, all is forgiven.

  16. Maura

    My favorite Doctor Who music is from the Series 2 episode The Satan Pit. The really spare, melancholy violin track. Murray Gold is amazing, but I do wish there were more understated music like that on the show.

  17. Steven C

    I love dr who its BRILLIANT i have all series dvds cant wait for series 4 to come out, i love the music i cant pick a favorite cos its all good but if i had to pick it would be between any dalek music and U.N.I.T DOCOTOR WHO FOREVER!!!!!

  18. CEL

    Is that release date set for the U.K. only?
    Do you know when it’ll be out in the US?

  19. Greg in Austin


    Its December 4th, and I can’t find the Season 4 Soundtrack to buy/download anywhere. I listen to Doctor Who while I run, and I’ve got a half-marathon on Sunday. Anybody have a link? I bought The Season 1&2 and Season 3 Soundtracks from Amazon, but they don’t have Season 4.

    Please Help!


  20. I agree with Steven Cook. The music is overpowering and too loud and too cheezy. I liked it better in season one of the new Who when they used more contemporary variety. It’s just way to John Williamsy for my taste now.


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