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By Phil Plait | September 20, 2008 8:31 am

Why I love George Hrab, by Phil Plait

It’s not his manly bald head, though that helps.

It’s not his weird Clark Kent glasses which fool no one.

It’s not his spectacular six-pack abs which ripple and fold like the Rocky Mountains I see out my west window.

It’s not his mellifluous voice which rides the waves of the Universe’s undertones.

Actually, it is all those things.

George Hrab is hot.But it’s also because of Geologic Podcast #83, where he drops a joke in just for me (go to about 19:45)*.

Also, because he talks up the very capable ARealGirl, too (that starts at 9 minutes in). And when I read her name, it always sounds in my head like "areal girl", like she’s an adjectival phrase for a girl who takes up two-dimensional space.

Maybe that’s just me.

Anyway, I love me that George Hrab.

Edited to add: It occurs to me that a lot of people won’t get the joke George makes to which I refer. This may help, as well as this.

*NSFW language in that podcast, kiddies. Also will probably offend those who are faint of heart. And those who are easily offended.


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  1. Derek Bliss

    Even with all the NSFW language I found him (George Hrab, not the “light” him or the “word” him) to be quite entertaining. Also from the picture you provided, I can understand why he doesn’t have hair or wear a hat; I imagine all that fire spewing from the back of his head makes it quite difficult.

  2. Phil, you are friggin’ hilarious.
    And so is George.
    Match made in heaven? ūüėÄ

  3. Bwahaha!! Phil, he looks like your brother from another mother… ūüėČ

    And anybody who uses Stan Freberg is aces in my book! (Although, I have to ask if he got permission?)

    Liveblogging the podcast:

    Oh man, this ranting guy-thingie HAS traveled through too many airports!

    Intro: a peek into madness to come?

    Cool restaurants in Philly… oh yeah… will have to check this place out when we’re there next.

    Oh my gawd… a ***** mojito?!!

    Can you morally precede the Book of John with a drink like that?

    ah, I guess we’ll have to put injokes for Phil in our blogs now? It will keep him soooo busy searching that he won’t have time to …

    what??? butterfly sweat? where did THAT come from?

    So, what if they have a funeral on Thursday? will it be TER?

    And bats play congas?

    Do they sue God? Or is that Sue God?

    I think I studied under one of Prof Handzy’s cousins once…

    Next time I use my GPS (in Colorado, soonish)… I’ll think it’s all relative, that’s for sure! Ze time is actually slowing down… oh noes!!!!!!

    Love the political comparisons… we should send this to everybody we know!

    Thank you for sharing that, Phil! Definitely going on my weekly listening log.

  4. Plus he has fire coming out of his head!

  5. Adrian Lopez

    I’m glad you explained the meaning of “<3", otherwise I would have thought you meant "I mooned George Hrab".

  6. Holli

    I find “NSFW” to be condescending. Sexist, derogatory comments have existed as long as humans have, and this bizarre new trend of labeling it just implies women can’t handle it. We’ve been handling it for millennia.
    Also, labeling it in “warning” ahead of going ahead and actually saying the sexist, offensive or derogatory thing doesn’t make it ok. It’s like saying “I’m not racist but…”
    I wouldn’t normally complain, because I’ve been seeing this “NSFW” all over the place recently and usually just roll my eyes at it and go on about my business. I just had come to really respect you from reading your blog the last few weeks, so I was really taken by surprise!

  7. Um, Holli, just what do you think “NSFW” means? Because it means “Not Safe For Work”. Like, don’t be caught looking, listening, or watching it at work.

  8. Gary

    According to http://www.acronymfinder.com/NSFW.html it could mean a number of things including “Not Suitable for Women”, although that’s rare. Sometimes it’s safer to spell it out…

  9. Fauxnetikz

    I think she thought it meant “Not Safe For Women.” Which is actually kind of hilarious.

  10. @Fauxnetikz

    The first result on Google for NSFW: “Not Safe For Work” :)

  11. GAH! I read this AS I was listening to THAT EXACT PODCAST and I’m at about 10 mins in….
    I have to wait 9 minutes now.


  12. Andrew

    Black blood of the earth.

  13. Holli,

    NSFW usually means “not safe for work.” Since many people consume their media at work, say during lunch or when they are slacking off, that label can be extremely useful, especially with regards to imagery.

    Me, I’ve got headphones and consume podcasts pretty much all day while doing data entry, so NSFW isn’t important to me on an audio file, but it is really nice on a video file or even on a blog that tends to use swear words or writes about “mature content” (whatever that means).

    I have not seen a usage meaning “Not safe for women.” However, the state in which I live used to have a law on the books that made using “indecent, immoral, obscene, vulgar or insulting language in the presence or hearing of any woman or child” a misdemeanor.

    When I say used to, I don’t mean 100 years ago, I mean less than 10 years ago. I loved this case because it meant that anytime a woman swore it meant she was de facto breaking the law. As a woman who has been known to let fly a string of curses on occasion, I found this highly amusing.

    Law has been overturned by the courts, but the provision for kids still stands. Joy.

  14. ipgrunt

    I’m trying to understand why you would use “<3" to represent love?

    It can't be "less-than 3" because there's no space between the characters, and I'm assuming this to be some kind of emoticon with which I am not familar (in other words, the set of all emoticons, excluding those 5 or 6 with which I _am_ familiar).

    Looking starboard, I see a parachute, or maybe an ice cream cone (two scoops!) To port, who knows — perhaps a dunce cap (size xxxxxx-large; think Rick Moranis' character in Space Balls–Big Helmet) worn by a topless woman?


    Perhaps I should sign this one, ;#)

  15. Holli

    My apologies. The only times I’ve seen it used was on massively misogynistic jokes. It never occured to me otherwise. My mistake!!

  16. Buzz Parsec

    ip –

    It’s a sideways heart, as in all the bumper stickers that say “I (picture of as heart, Valentine’s day style, not an organic pump) my Labrador Retriever” or whatever.

    Took me 2 0r 3 of them before I cottoned on, too. ūüėČ

  17. Holli: Ah, that makes sense. Of course, sexist jokes (or pr0n or the like) would be labeled NSFW, so the association is (now) understandable to me. I was really baffled by your comment before, though!

  18. Sandra

    OMG, that was the WEIRDEST thing i have listened to in a looooooooooooooong time. Very entertaining!(and i thought I could come up with some weird stuff to spout off!)


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